Back into the shadows, back to where the future was, back to where mysteries were kept.


The Aurors, everyone, watched as the Dark Lord emerged from the flutter of black cloaks and fought his enemy on the stone benches, wavering close to the dais.

"Stupefy!" he yelled.

The red light hit the floor. Blonde hair flew back at the force as Katrina Potter rolled out of the way in the Department of Mysteries.

And no one could stop the fight that was taking place.

She yelled at the top of her lungs, "Expelliarmus!" and the spell was blocked by a shield Voldemort had set up. Both sides were strong.

At the same moment, the Dark Lord shouted, "Crucio!" and she barked, "Expelliarmus!"

The spells merged, exploding at impact, and threw them back.

Voldemort landed safely on the stone benches and Katrina flew back through the Veil and into darkness.

Everything was gray. She couldn't feel anything but someone's presence was beside her.

The air around her crackled with something powerful and a voice told her gently, "You're not dead. Get up and fight."

She felt the cold ground and murmured, "I can't. I'll lose."

"Listen, I can't hold the barrier much longer. You have to go. I know you can do this, kiddo."

Something warm touched her arm and she jerked her head up to absolute darkness.


Katrina sat on her knees, holding out her hands and felt a wall just a few inches away. Feeling around, there was a few stones going up. She could climb. Katrina shakily took hold and scaled up the wall very slowly, every now and then, that warmness would go up her arm. She was almost there. She could hear screaming. Katrina gripped the dusty covering of the veil and yanked it away, coming into view.

Everyone gave her stares like when she was five and Harry Potter had come back seven years after disappearing.

Voldemort looked as if he couldn't believe his eyes.

A fierce whisper escaped her lips, "Avada Kedavra." Bright green light rushed from her wand in her hand and hit him.

A high-pitched screaming echoed the room. She backed away as the noise overtook her...


Eyes so wide opened to the starry Hogwarts sky.

Night had fallen and Katrina pushed away her memory of earlier that evening. How she got there, what was going on, all really couldn't be explained. She found herself in battle because she was summoned there, of all places, and in a battle for her life. Conscience, surely not.

As of course, the wizarding world had finally celebrated the death of Lord Voldemort.

The Deatheaters were still be caught but a vast majority were captured that evening. Hogwarts threw her a huge party in Katrina's honor. Million of witches and wizards came up to thank her endlessly. But what she really wanted was to be left alone for a little while to collect her thoughts.

So there she was, sitting alone just outside the Quiddich pitch, watching the stars above her head.

A shadow appeared beside her. Johan and his broomstick.

He smiled at her quietly, "Deep thoughts?"

She whispered, "Nope. Just sweet silent nothing."

His dark brown eyes twinkled. "Are you happy?" Katrina looked away.

"I guess I should be. I saved everyone. I killed Voldemort but I feel the same somehow. I don't feel...heroic."

He brought his arms round her neck and murmured, "You have always been a hero in my eyes." She felt a swell of pride and fondness rise in her throat when Katrina looked back at him. "If I had been through what you had, I wouldn't have been able to survive. You lost someone. That you could have crushed you. But it didn't. This is the strongest I've ever seen you. Not only because you defended the Dark Lord but because you were able to let go of your past and focus on what was important now."

She smirked. "Do you love me?"

He shook his head, telling her matter-of-factly, "I always have. Where have you been?" Katrina let out a laugh and Johan took her hand, "Want to go for a ride?" She nodded and sat up front.

"Hang on, Joey."

He wrapped his arms around her waist apprehensively as Katrina chuckled, racing through the night air.


Draco Malfoy watched them from out his apartment window in Hogwarts.

He said aloud, "I wish you could see your daughter now, Harry. How beautiful and brave she's become."

A voice, barely heard, materialized, "I have."

He turned around quickly to a tall figure shrouded away. The image of Harry Potter stood in front of him. Harry smiled that shy smile, "Hey, Draco."

The blond reached out, touching ebony locks, "Are you real?"

Harry looked amused by the question and grinned.

"You git, of course I am. You have been doing a brilliant job of taking care of Wes and Katrina. I wouldn't ask anyone else."

Draco let out a shaky sob, "You can't be here. You can't be. You've been dead for six years." Harry pulled him into his arms, kissing him softly. He sure as hell felt real.

Draco returned it desperately, feeling all the same emotions that were lost many years ago.

Harry breathed in his ear, "I can't stay. You have to let me go."


The brunet frowned sternly, "No, really, let me go."

Draco blushed, pulling away. Harry smiled at him warmly, tilting his head to the side, "You have been such a good person to me and I love you very much. I would have liked to have grown old with you and seen my grandchildren. To have died in a safe warm bed beside you. I don't regret fighting Voldemort. What I do regret is that I'll never get to walk our kiddo down the aisle on her wedding day. The position is open to you now."

Several tears slipped down the blond's face and Harry beamed, "Ron and Hermione has grown up so much over time, and you have too. I don't see an ignorant selfish prat in front of me. I see a loving father and husband. Don't let my memory keep you back from living. Please...grow up. Grow old. Die happy." Harry turned serious, brows puckering, "But if I see you anytime soon, there is going to be hell to pay on your behalf."

"Go talk to your daughter."

Draco felt him leave and followed his orders, wiping away the moisture on his cheeks.

He found Katrina sitting in the Quiddich stands, alone this time. She looked to him as if she knew that he was coming. He sat down beside her, "Nice night, isn't it?"

She interrupted., "Were you at a party?"

Draco shook his head, "No. I was...talking to an old friend."

Katrina stretched out her arms. "Is life going to be different now...that I killed Voldemort?"

"I say it would. You did good."

She raised her pale eyebrows. "That's it? Just a 'You did good?'"


Katrina grinned, "Thanks, Dad."

A little surprised, he watched as she laid her head on his shoulder. He didn't know why but she had a special gleam in her eyes all night, as if she knew something.


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