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 All her life she'd been an outcast. She'd been rejected by all. No one ever befriended her. They never talked to her. Except for the insults. Insults. That was one thing she heard all the time. At school, at the mall, anywhere. People constantly were bugging her and calling her names.

  Kagome had never had friends at all. When she was young, her mom got a job as a computer programmer that constantly was moving. And ever since then, the longest she'd ever stayed at one school was a month or two.

  Her brother was just the opposite. Even though he was 4 years older* (see A/N at bottom) than her, he was always the popular kid. He always had all the cool clothes, the coolest CD's, the coolest everything. Kagome never got it. She was the younger one, wasn't the younger one supposed to be the best? The first kid was supposed to be the "experiment" of the family. The younger one usually got spoiled. No. Not Kagome. Not the reject….and at home…it was just as bad. He was the favorite. He got all the new clothes, whereas Kagome got hand-me-downs. Sota got the bigger and better rooms, when Kagome got the small closet-like room at the end of the hall.

  Moving was like a living nightmare. She dreaded the thought of all the new encounters…the new insults…even a lot of old ones. She never even got the chance to get to know anyone because no one gave her a chance. She tried…hard. She did everything in her power to fit in on the first day. She did what all the other kids did, the followed whatever they did, but no one ever got to know her. Eventually, she was the class nerd.

  Kagome was smart. She was lucky for that. She'd had brains from the day she was born. Her brother didn't. Sure he was popular and all, but his grades always hurt him and didn't let him play lots of sports. And he was good. Sota was star player at all the sports. Basketball, football, soccer, you name it and he can do it with perfection. But his grades kept him from playing on school teams. Kagome never worried about grades. But she wasn't athletic like her perfect brother.

  And now was another one of those times when Kagome wanted to curl up and die…they were moving again. This time, to a whole nother state (again, see A/N). Maybe she could start fresh here. Maybe things wouldn't be so bad. Maybe…

  So we begin at 9:00. School. Kagome's worst nightmare. But she had hopes this wouldn't be the next school to be so bad.

 She walked in with her school uniform given to her by the Principal of the school a few days ago when he'd come to see her about classes. It was definitely one of the most revealing she'd ever had. It was a short green skirt with a white long sleeve shirt. Yea, the long socks were a bit…much, Kagome thought when she'd first put them on, but she couldn't object to the dress-code. In fact, it quite reminded her of a sailor's uniform! She gave a little laugh out of that. Laughing, another thing Kagome rarely did. And when she did, it usually was by herself and no one ever heard it.

 But she walked in with confidence, confidence that she'd get a fresh slate, a new start.

 Kids were crowded in the halls hurrying to their class. Kagome looked down at her first class, Algebra, one of her worse. But still, she maintained an A average. Finding her locker, 256, it was by the History room. She put everything she didn't need into her locker. That included all of her other books, notebooks, pencils, pens…that sort of stuff.

 Walking through the halls as fast as she could to find her class, she saw lots of different interaction between students. Immediately she could pick out the popular from the unpopular. She was good at that. Finding the people to avoid right away, so she could do the same.

 Eventually she found her room. Upon entering, she was greeted by a paper airplane. Quickly bending down to pick it up, she was pushed over by a person walking in.

 "Move it." Came a harsh voice.

 "Sorry, I'll be more careful next time," Kagome apologized without even looking at the person, more exactly, the girl. She grabbed the paper and headed to a desk in the back of the room away from her nightmare. She sat in the far right corner from the teachers desk. Silently she opened her book to the assigned page. She'd gotten a paper with the assignment the classes had gotten previously the week so she could get a little caught up.

 Looking up, she saw a tall boy walk in with short black hair. Definitely the popular type…Kagome thought. She sighed and watched a few more students walk in and take their seats.

 A little later a girl about Kagome's height walked in. She had medium-long black hair flowing down her back. Her pink eye shadow brought a lot of attention to her beautiful eyes. She had perfect complextion. Another popular one… Kagome sighed again.

 But as she sat down, the teacher walked in behind her. "Good morning class. How are we all today?" The man greeted. All he got as a response was a few groans and moans. "As much as I figured… Anyway. We are glad to have a new student with us today. Ms. Kagome Higurashi. Would you please stand Ms. Higurashi?" The teacher asked pushing his glasses up on his nose a bit farther.

 Kagome rose slowly. She had a small smile on her face, trying to keep her profile low. "Hi." She squeaked out. Several classmates snickered. Kagome slid back down in her chair.

 "Thank you. And as many of you know, well, I hope you know, that I am Mr. Keemitsoshi (Key-meet-so-she, hey, I made it up!). Let's get started shall we?" Mr. Keemitsoshi said turning towards his desk and grabbing the book.

 Kagome did the same. She looked down at her book. But she'd mastered this several weeks ago. So she decided to get a head start on the next lesson. But her attention was averted towards that paper airplane she'd been hit with before. There was writing on it. Kagome looked at the teacher, but he was busy writing a problem on the board, so she opened it carefully and read what it said:

            Hey loser!

            Don't mess with me! Or I'll kill you…I mean it.

            Yours "truly",

 But Kagome couldn't read the signature. It was scribbled out and totally unreadable. It looks like a guy had written it, but that doesn't mean that a girl could have really sloppy handwriting.

 She folded the note back up and slipped it in the back of her book. She turned her attention back to the book and started on the next days work…

 Kagome was at her locker getting her books for the next subject, which was History, when a group of boys surrounded her. "Hey, new girl, did you get my note?" A cold voice hissed.

 "Leave me alone." Kagome said trying to defend her self. She tried pushing her way through the wall of 4 people, but nothing worked. They were too strong for her.

 "Do you know what we do to the new kids?" Another taunted.

 "Just leave me alone." Kagome spoke trying again to get through.

 "B****. Listen to me!" The apparent leader said slapping her across the cheek…really hard. She fell to the ground against the hard lockers. "Just don't mess with us…and remember…you do…you die…"

 Kagome stood up and picked up her books. She couldn't let the tears in her face show now. She'd show weakness. So she kept a serious face on and just walked into her class.

 "Hey, I'm not done!" The leader said again, grabbing her wrist and spinning her back around.

 Kagome, now panicking, slapped a hand as hard as she could at the guy that had a hold of her. He stumbled back in shock.

 "Why you…no new kid ever did that…You're gunna pay!" He said launching a fist for Kagome. She closed her eyes tight and prayed it didn't hurt too hard. Seconds ticked by…but nothing happened. She opened one eye and saw the guy that had been threatening her on the ground with a quickly appearing black eye. Another was getting beaten up as she stood there.

 A boy with long silver-white hair was giving the guy a punch of his lifetime. The other two quickly retreated, leaving behind their boss and comrade. "You got it comin' now, freak…" Their leader threatened getting up and quickly leaving.

 The boy that had just saved Kagome turned around. But he wasn't normal. Instead of what would be brown, green or blue eyes, were amber-gold ones. And instead of two human ears were two triangular dog ears on his head. Kagome just stared in awe as this boy turned around. "You okay?" He asked, but not exactly in the most comforting way.

 "Uh huh…" Kagome replied. "Thanks."

 "Yea, whatever. I only did it so they'd get taught a lesson. It's not going to happen again. So don't get used to it." He said picking up his books off the ground that were scattered everywhere. He started walking in to the room right behind her.

 Kagome came to her senses and shook her head. "Wait! Who were those guys?" She asked walking beside him.

 "That's Naraku and  his little gang. Just stay away from them and you'll be fine… Now, if you'll excuse me…" He said taking his seat right up front.

 Kagome continued on to the back of the room. She sat down and looked around the room. There were several of the same people from her previous class in her, and many new ones. I'm amazed no one saw that fight… Even the teacher…wait…where is the teacher? Kagome wondered looking around the room, but found no sight of him or her. About 5 minutes later, the teacher came huffing and puffing in.

 "Sorry class, I was delayed in the teachers' lounge with some important business…anyway. Let classed begin by taking out our books and turning to page 321 and begin reading on your own for a few minutes while I get prepared." The woman turned quickly to her desk that was scattered with papers and lots of other things. It was so cluttered, it wasn't even funny. Kagome looked down at her book and what they were somewhat talking about, World War I. Guess I'll take notes… She thought getting out her pen and notebook and began jotting down notes.


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