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"Will you… Kagome Higurashi… marry me?"

Those were the best words anyone had EVER said to her. It was exciting and deathly scary at the same time. But how can you say "No" to someone whom you'd love to live your life out with? To die at your side with you? To have children with? Of course, it was an automatic "YES!"

That brings us to now, the wedding day. The day their life would change forever. For Kagome, it would be the complete opposite of her past. For Inuyasha, only things could go better.


"Okay, Kagome, are you ready? It's almost your turn!"

People shuffled around in the back of the church to make sure everything was perfect. Kagome's dress of course looked wonderful, making her look like a princess. The gold trim around the edge combined perfectly with the cream colored silk of the dress. This is it… she thought. The day I've been waiting for… With a final sigh, the doors opened.

The smaller crowd of family and friends didn't bother her. Kagome didn't even notice them. All she saw was him…waiting there. The man of her dreams standing boldly and confidently at the front to finally be put in a relationship with the person of his life.

As Pachebell's (spelling???) Canon in D played, Kagome took the steps she'd rehearsed. After the seemingly long isle was cleared, she was hand in hand with Inuyasha walking to the altar.

Neither one really paid attention to what went on around them. The "I do" was the only thing either one really remember. Except the kiss. Who doesn't remember their first kiss as husband and wife? I WOULDN'T!! (even though im not married…)

Even now, as they drive on to their honeymoon, they don't remember anything. "Well, it's done!" Kagome said leaning over to kiss her husband. "It's official!"

Inuyasha smiled. "You don't know how long I waited for this day," he said pulling the girl into his embrace.

"Oh yes I do! I had to wait just as long, you idiot!" Kagome said poking him in the chest. "But who cares… we don't have to wait anymore. We can be together… forever…" she leaned up and kissed him once again.

"Will you two quit being all mushy mushy back there? It's embarrassing!" Sango said from the passenger seat.

"Well, well, well. Our driver decided to bring along the family after all. What strange plans ya got for us this time, Miroku?" Inuyasha asked crossing his arms after Kagome left his hold.

"We'll save that for later, right now, we have other business to attend to…" he said pointing ahead.

"That reminds me… where's Shippo at?" Kagome asked looking around.

Sango and Miroku both glanced at each other and laughed.


"No! I'm too young to be cuddly and soft! NO! INUYASHA! KAGOME!"

"Oh, it's okay! You're so soft to play with! You can join Jaken for the tea party this afternoon!" Rin currently had the poor kid strapped to a chair. "He ALWAYS loves to have company!" The girl left with a skip and a hop, leaving her "party guests" on their own.

"Well, what do we do now?" Shippo asked while struggling to get out.

"Don't ask me, you're the one she wants now. It's your problem stupid fox kid." The toad said as he smoothened out his frilly pink dress.

Shippo's light bulb suddenly flashed on. "Hey, have you ever seen that movie Toy Story…"


"Poor kid! He's probably got lipstick all over his face!" Kagome said laughing. "Since when did Sesshomaru take in orphaned girls?"

"Oh, she was near dead on the streets after being hit by a car. The person didn't even stop to see if she was alright, just kept on a going," Miroku replied. "Poor guy, he's such a softie now because of her…"


The honeymoon went great! In fact… a little too great… Seeing as one night was… "successful" shall we say…which brings us to square two of life… baby number 1…


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