Needed some Fresley. Here it is. This is for Imzadi, cause Curveballs is gonna be Frikeful. *g*


He seems to spend his thoughtful moments wondering about what could be.

He'll find excuses to drop by the lab, and play his favorite game to pass the time. It's called Glare At The Back Of Knox's Head, And Then Look Away With A Blankly Innocent Expression When He Feels Your Eyeballs Drilling Holes Through His Skull.

It's high-end entertainment. And if Knox ever inquires as to what he's doing in the lab, after the fourteenth episode of this game, he'll assume his best smartass Watcher accent and say "Something classified" dismissively. He knows it irritates the hell out of the young scientist, and it's fun to see how many ways Knox can conceal his aggravation.

Besides, if he's annoying Knox, Knox isn't breathing down Fred's neck like he usually is. Ridiculous habit, but the eager youngster is a little too obvious about it. Hers is the first opinion he wants to get on anything, and her word is the final word for him. Like a little puppy dog tagging along with its tongue hanging out and looking adoringly up at its master, it seemed.

Worst of all, Fred never even seems to notice. For a girl who spent five years just watching people, even demons, she is remarkably clueless about people's body language and general behaviour. Somebody has to tell her outright what they're feeling if she's to clue in. She is ever the scientist - no solid proof, no belief. But he always holds that hope that the mystical - his personal domain - hasn't been lost to her, that she could take something on faith and believe it because she knew it was true.

He hopes Fred will believe in him someday.