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Eowyn sobbed to herself. "I have nothing." She said to herself. She knew that she had to move on in memory of her uncle. But it was so hard after the loss of Aragorn. "I loved him." She cried. But she knew in her heart that he had never cared for her in the same way. She had just tried to tell herself that he had because she wanted him too so badly.

A knight knocked and came in and touched her shoulder. "Miss there is a man waiting for you." Eowyn wiped her eyes and walked downstairs. A handsome man waited there. "Miss Eowyn?" He asked. "Please call me Eowyn as I have told you before." She answered. "Then you must call me Faramir." He said smiling at her. She nodded at him. They had met in Gondor and Faramir seemed to have developed a crush on her. But he told himself that he just couldn't help it. She was so beautiful and he wanted to help her get over Aragorn.

"Lord Aragorn sent me to talk to you. He said you were very upset." It was the truth but Faramir had quickly agreed. The tears began to fall again from Eowyn's face. "You could not understand but I loved him. More then anything. And to know that he will never care, well I just can't move on." Faramir looked at her with a caring look in his eye. "I have just met you but I know that you can move on." Eowyn looked into his eyes and knew that he cared and that he was right.

"I know." She answered. And the next thing she knew she was in his arms. He leaned down and gently kissed her. The knight came down right then and said, "Lady Eowyn?" When he saw them kissing. He turned around and walked back upstairs trying to be as quiet as possible so now to disturb him. He was glad that the lady had gotten over Aragorn so quickly.

3 months later at the day of the crowning of the King, Faramir had a beautiful ring in his hand. He rode his horse to where Eowyn was living and knocked on her door. "Eowyn?" He called. "Faramir!" She cried running to the door. She was over Aragorn now and Faramir had a special place in her heart. They had managed to see each other constantly over the last few months and they had come to love each other in time.

Suddenly Faramir got down on one knee. "I know that we haven't known each other for very long Eowyn." He began. "But I feel like I have known you for almost my whole life. So I ask you now if you will become my wife." A tear fell down Eowyn's face and she said, "Yes. Of course I would!" Faramir stood up and put the ring on her finger and kissed her. And then he helped her on his horse and they rode to Minas Tirith together. (I hope that's spelled right!)

After Aragorn had been crowned he came down the stairs. Suddenly a group of Elves came forward with the leader of them smiling at the king. And suddenly a beautiful Elf came forward. Eowyn knew instantly that it was the girl that Aragorn had chosen over her. Aragorn ran to her and kissed her deeply.

Faramir squeezed her hand as they smiled at each other. Eowyn knew that it held a promise, Of the life that they were going to live together. As she watched Aragorn and the girl Arwen she believed that she was called, She felt no consent towards her. She knew that maybe they would become friends even though that had once shared a common interest. The love of a ranger.

Suddenly Eowyn realized that everyone was bowing to the hobbits and she quickly went down on a knee for she knew that if it weren't for them, then this new world would not exist. And she let one last tear fall down in memory of all that had died for her. For the world. And she knew that she would never forget them. And she smiled up at Faramir.

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