Title: Cherry Suckin'

Disclaimer: These guys don't belong to me.

Author's Note: My favorite man loves Renaissance Festivals. He has thigh high leather boots, a sword and a 'beer receptacle' made out of a steer horn. It's hysterical! I love it! Anyway, I can picture Greg getting into the scene too, and maybe dragging Archie along. There is a small Renaissance Festival in Vegas in mid-October so I figured it could be a family outing including Grissom, Catherine, Lindsey and Catherine's sister and family.

Summary: Sara unwittingly discovers some pictures in Catherine's desk. It leads to some GC tales as told by David and Archie.

Rating: PG – 13

Spoiler(s): None, although it takes place before Catherine got the check in Season 4!

"Shit." Sara exclaimed as she raced from the Ladies Room to her locker and rummaged about.

"What is it?" Nick inquired from his seat on the bench where he was putting a final polish on his dress shoes.

"I've got a run in my hose. I don't have another pair here. Damn, I need some nail polish or something."

"Fresh out." Nick smirked.

"I bet Catherine has some in her desk." Sara, oblivious to his attempted humor, rushed out of the locker room and down the hall.

"Hey, we got court in half an hour. You better hurry!" Nick called after her scurrying form.

Sara sat down at Catherine's desk and began searching the drawers. She couldn't believe there was no nail polish to be found. "Last one." She thought desperately. She opened the bottom right drawer. A card flipped out and the note inside flew under the desk. "Shit." She exclaimed as she grabbed the card and scrounged under the desk until she got hold of the note. She laid them on the desk and began quickly searching the drawer. She knocked the top off of a box, finally pulled the box completely out of the drawer, and rummaged frantically. "Ah ha, nail polish. Geez, it's bright pink! Oh, well, desperate times call for desperate measures!" She thought to herself as she hiked up her skirt to apply the polish to the run. Once she was satisfied that the dreadful run was subdued, she replaced the polish, box and put the top back in place. She looked at the card as she began to replace the note. It was an anniversary card. The inscription inside read "I keep hoping you two will make it legal someday. Love, Nancy." Sara knew Nancy was Catherine's sister. "Make it legal?" She wondered what that meant. Curiosity got the better of her and she unfolded the note. It read.


When I got the pictures back from the Renaissance Festival, I couldn't help but think of all the times I've taken pictures of Gil with his cap turned around backward and how adorable you think he is when he does that. I went through my old photos and found these selections. I thought they would make a good "anniversary" gift. Anyway, maybe you can put them at your desks or something. Yeah, I know, wistful thinking! I figured the ones of Gil and Linds should be for you and the ones of you two together should be for Gil.


Sara was shocked. She peered at the box in the drawer, removed the lid, and the top layer of tissue paper. A beautiful wooden frame held photos of Gil, with his cap turned backward in each of them, and Lindsey. In the first one, top left, Lindsey was a baby and a much younger looking Gil Grissom was holding her, smiling at the camera. In the second, top right, Lindsey was a toddler, Gil was crouched down, holding her on his knee, and helping her feed a baby goat. They both looked very serious. He had a beard. In the third, bottom left, they were on horseback with Lindsey perched in front of him. Sara thought she must have been about 4 or 5. The last one was obviously recent because Grissom had the beard again. He was sitting on the end of a bench and Lindsey, in full princess costume, was leaning back against him. He had his arms wrapped around her, looking over her shoulder, and they were both grinning.

Sara lifted the frame out of the box, with a growing dread in the pit of her stomach, and gazed at the second frame. It matched the other frame and the photos must have been taken at the same time. The first photo was of Catherine holding baby Lindsey. Grissom was leaned over her peering at the baby who was clutching his finger in her tiny fist. "God, they look like a little family. Where the hell was Eddie?" Sara thought. The second photo was of Gil, with the beard, and Catherine seated at a picnic table. He had his arm wrapped loosely around her waist and was smiling over her shoulder at the camera. The third was of the two of them seated on some rocks by a river. He had on jeans and boots. Sara couldn't believe he had on boots. She had never seen him wear boots! He had his arm around Catherine and his hand was resting somewhat intimately on her thigh. In the last photo, Grissom was seated on the same bench as in the photo with Lindsey. However, in this one, Catherine was sitting on his lap. They were laughing and gazing into one another's eyes.

She dropped the first frame back in the box as if she had been burned, grabbed the card, stuffed the note inside, and tossed it on top of the frames. She stuffed the tissue paper back in place, hurriedly put the lid back on the box, and slammed the drawer shut. As she was getting up from Catherine's chair to leave, Nick poked his head in the door.

"You ready yet?" He asked.

"Yeah. I got the run fixed."

"Thank the Gods." Nick threw up his hands in mock relief. Sara still wasn't amused. "I'll drive." He added. If she hadn't fixed the run to her satisfaction, she would've demanded that they stop along the way. She would've made him go in and purchase new hose for her. In his opinion, purchasing panty hose was slightly lower on the male humiliation list of being sent to fetch any number of other personal items a woman might need. Number One was, of course, tampons! But then again, he considered; she might have changed in the car.

"Fine." Sara tersely replied.

Nick watched Sara as he drove them to the courthouse. His mind was still revolving around her changing her hose in the car and, of what, he might have gotten a peak. He thought she was unusually quiet. She stared out the window, lost in her own thoughts.

She was thinking that anniversary implied at least a year, probably more from the 'someday' in the card. Besides, no one would get an anniversary card for two people who had only been involved for a year or so. "Nope, you'd only do that if it had been more like four or five." She thought logically.

Nick jolted her out of her thoughts with a perky "We're here!"

"Great." Sara responded without enthusiasm.

They made their way into the courtroom and found seats. Sara's mind was busily back on Grissom and Catherine. "No wonder he wouldn't go out with me. I mean he's basically taken. Why didn't he just say so? Why do they hide that they're involved? Geez, I feel like a fool."

Yet, somehow, she didn't think she was nearly as upset as she ought to be. In fact, she was downright intrigued. It just hadn't occurred to her that Catherine would want Grissom and she knew that whatever Catherine wanted, she could get from any man. Then another realization hit her; he would have rejected anyone, so it wasn't just her he had turned down. That made her feel better than she had in a while. That was why she wasn't very upset. Of course, she wouldn't have had to deal with feeling rejected at all if they hadn't been so secretive. She began to jiggle her foot angrily, squirmed in her seat, nibbled at one of her nails, and thought indignantly. "They're having a secret affair, and I'm the one who got hurt. That's just not fair! I don't understand! Neither of them is married. Who is really gonna give a shit if they are sleeping together? It's not like there's some sort of policy against coworkers commingling or anything. Okay, so there'd be a little gossip, but it'd go away." She had taken all of that into consideration before she asked Grissom out. She really wanted to know why they kept it so quiet. So how was she going to find out the answer to that one….