Title: Cherry Suckin' – Chapter 5

Author's Note: See previous chapter for disclaimers and stuff.

Summary: Catherine convinces Sara to attend the Renaissance festival.

Rating: PG-13

Several months later……………………

"Catherine, you gotta help me!" Nick Stokes desperately pled as he entered the break room.

"What's the matter?" Catherine asked after swallowing a spoonful of yogurt.

"Sara says she won't go to the Renaissance festival much less get a costume! I've worked on my costume all month and I really want her to go."

"It's two days away, Nick!" Catherine exclaimed. She pitched the last of her yogurt in the trash and glared at him. "You said you had it under control and she'd go. What happened?"

"I screwed it up. I wanted her to wear one of those sexy outfits, you know, like a wench thing." Nick unconsciously cupped his hands before his chest and sort of bounced them up and down.

"Men and breasts!" Catherine thought. "They just can't help themselves – it's all they think about." She realized Nick had continued his anguished ramble while pacing the break room.

"She hated it – didn't like having her breasts showing. I didn't like anything she picked – too prudish. Not to mention – hot! As in temperature, I mean, this is a desert, you know. Man, it was such a disaster!" Nick finally slumped into the chair beside her.

"First fight, huh?" Catherine had suspected something was going on between the two of them ever since The Great Goat Caper.

"Yeah," Nick sheepishly admitted then earnestly asked. "So, can you do something?"

"I'll try." Catherine chewed on a fingernail. They had ten minutes before assignments and there were no new cases. She went to Grissom's office. He was scouring the Fishboard files, trying to decide which cold cases they might work on since it had been a decidedly slow week and they were caught up for a change.

"Hey! Anything come in?" Catherine asked, sauntering in and leaning over his desk to allow him a generous view of cleavage.

"No, what's up?" Grissom glanced up, concentration furrowing his features until he discovered he was at direct eye level with Catherine's finest accoutrements.

"Nick and I need a favor." She purred, noting that her ploy was working quite well. She quickly filled him on the problem.

"Well, we're not really busy," he began. Catherine straightened up and he found he could finally tear his eyes away from her.

"I promise it won't take all that long."

Catherine located the phone book and looked up the number of her favorite costume rental store. After a quick call, to find out they were open until midnight, she explained her plan. Grissom reluctantly agreed.

A few minutes later…………..

"Catherine and Sara, you have a 'disturbance' at 128 Wilcox. The rest of us are going to the Fishboard." He quickly assigned Nick and Warrick cases, told them what he had chosen and fled the room before Sara could object.

"A 'disturbance'?" Sara asked, perplexed. She glanced around the room to see if any one else found that term disconcerting. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Who cares? Let's just get going. I've looked at enough old cases this week." Catherine replied.


"Hmm, 'The Costume Emporium'" Sara mused. "Wonder what this is about? I sure don't see any signs of a disturbance."

"Well, let's go in and ask." Catherine jumped out of the Denali.

"Ms Willows, what a pleasure!" Donald Johnson, the dapper proprietor of The Costume Emporium greeted. "How may I help you this fine evening?"

"We had a call that there was a 'disturbance' here." Sara interjected with a suspicious frown.

"Disturbance?" Mr. Johnson questioned. "Oh, Dear, I don't believe so."

"Well, that's interesting." Catherine winked at Johnson before turning to her companion. "So Sara, what are you wearing to the Renaissance festival?"

"I don't have anything. I don't think I'm going." Sara stammered, taken by surprise. "Besides, if there isn't a case here, we ought to get back."

"Oh, come on, you've got to go." Catherine insisted. "Everybody is going and Ronnie has the whole lab abuzz with the hints about his costume." Catherine leaned over and conspiratorially whispered in Sara's ear. "Claims it gets him laid every year! Don't you want to see it?"

"I'm just not comfortable wearing anything from back then," Sara hesitantly began. She would rather walk on burning coals than tell Catherine that she didn't like having her boobs hanging out there for every man around to ogle.

"Well, since we're already here, let's just take a look." Catherine linked her arm through Sara's and urged her deeper into the store. "You know, I think you would look great in something like the Princess wore in Braveheart."

"We have something very similar." Mr. Johnson offered stepping forward to take both Sara's hands in his. He looked her over with a discerning eye and exclaimed. "Yes, you would most certainly look magnificent!" He hurried off to locate the costume calling back over his shoulder. "It's just over here!"

"Catherine," Sara began.

"What's it going to hurt?" Catherine asked then cajoled. "Didn't you ever go to the mall with some friends and try on clothes you never intended to purchase?"


"Just try it on!" Catherine demanded.

"Oh, all right." Sara acquiesced.

A few minutes later Sara crept out of the dressing room. The gown of flowing material was off-white with velvet lilac inserts accentuating her figure.

"A vision!" Mr. Johnson clapped his hands in appreciation. "If you'll just allow me, I'll adjust your belt." Before she could protest, he stepped forward, loosened several of the links of the gold metal belt and draped it to follow her natural waistline then reattached them to the disc in the front.

"Won't it fall off?" Sara asked.

"No, no." Mr. Johnson assured. "The disc is just heavy enough to place tension on the links and hold it in place without causing the wearer any discomfort."

"Sara, you look great!" Catherine complemented.

"Really? I feel kinda stupid."

"I believe, this would be the appropriate headdress for the time period." Mr. Johnson offered a tiara with a veil attached and wilted under Sara's glare. "You just wrap it so." He explained, while he indicated wrapping the ends around her neck and draping them down her back. Sara stared at him as if he'd grown a second head.

"I don't think so." Catherine stated and shook her head at him. "I think a single braid would do nicely."

"Oh, of course," Mr. Johnson swiftly agreed then added. "You might interweave some ribbon – that would be a lovely effect."

"Yeah," Catherine dubiously answered then brightly asked Sara. "So, what do you think?"

"Well, it is nice," Sara stared at her reflection in the mirror.

"Nick will love it." Catherine coaxed.

"Okay," Sara consented. "But, you have to help me get this right when we go."

"She'll take it!" Catherine dazzled Mr. Johnson with her best smile.