Kim Possible: One Year War

BY Dragonfang33

Synapes: a kim possible/Mobile Suit Gundam (Federation vs. Zeon aka One Year War) crossover, the Middleton Cheer Squad (Stoppable inculded) are cought in a time warp that lands them in the middle of the war between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon, part I of a three part Fanfic series


Kim and Lt. Jack Wolf/Char Aznable (aka the Red Comet)

Ron/Alexia Drakken (aka the Green Demon)

Cast of Characters

Earth Federation

Lt. Jack Wolf- one of the EFF's top Mobile Suit Pilots, and commander of the EFFS Intrepid, 01 MS Team, and the 15th Autonamus Corps, nicknamed the Black Dragon by Zeon Pilots

Principality of Zeon

Captain Char Aznable- one of Zeon's top MS pilots, famous as the Red Comet, and for his victory over 5 Federation Megellian Class Battleships at the Battle of Ruum

LtJG. Alexia Drakken- Great Granddaughter of Shego and Drew Drakken, Zeon's 3rd top ace next only to the Johnny "The Crimmson Lightning" Ryden and Char "the Red Comet" Aznable, nicknamed the Green Demon among the Federal Forces

Middleton Cheer Squad

Kimberly "Kim" Ann Possible- ex Teen Hero turned Federation Mobile Suit Pilot, eventually nicknamed the Red Death by Zeon Pilots

Ronald "Ron" Stoppable- Kim's sidekick, and fellow MS pilot, nicknamed the White Tornado by Zeon pilots

Steven Barken- former US Army marine, and teacher at Middleton High School, now serving as commander of the Earth Federation's 102nd Infentry squad based on the Intrepid

Chapter One

Time Gate

Location: School Bus, outside Middleton California.

"Go Mad Dogs GO GO MAD DOGS," the same cheer echoed through out the bus, as the local High School Cheer Squad prepared for its upcoming cheer contest.

"Boy KP are we going to rock," the blonde haired boy shouted, as he put on a foam bull dog head.

"Ron I don't think you have to worry about losing," the red haird girl next to ron replied.

"Oh really Kim," Ron replied, "and I suppose Bonnie bragging about how she'll lead us to victory is no cause for worry," Kim looked over at her "swarn enemy" Bonnie Rockwiller, the most stuck up, girl on the entrie cheer squad, as she continued bragging about how she'd lead them to victory, after all she was the one who was meant to be on top of the piramid.

"OHHHH!" Kim said, as she clentched her fists, "that Bonnie is such a a a!" a small Naked Mole Rat emerged from Ron's pocket and patted Kim on the hand, and was able to calm her down.

"Thanks Rufus," Kim said, "I needed that," Kim looked out the window, "hay is it just me or has the weather taken a turn for the worst."

"Yeah your right KP," Ron replied, outside the once blue sky had turned a combination of jet black and bright green, almost as if a Tornado was expected. Suddenly the bus stopped, and the large man who was driving stood up.

"Listen up ladies," Barken said, "and Stoppable, we're expecting some turbulance, so untill the storm passes we'll be hanging out right here." Suddenly the bus began to shake violently, tossing everyone and every thing around, and when Barken slammed into the window, what he saw horrified him.

"Cheese and Crackers," he yelled, "we're being pulled into some kind of strange vortex." Indeed, a strange green hole had opened up in the sky above the bus, and was slowly drawing the bus toward it, and in a matter of seconds the bus vanished, taking the group with it.

Coming Soon

Chapter Two: Zeon Attack

Well here's chapter I of a new fanfic, I'll post chapter II after I get two reviews on this one