Kunoichi's life

Summary: Naruto wanted to show the newest technique he invented but everything went wrong. That gave Kakashi-sensei a big headache and Sakura a heart attack and Sasuke... *evil grin* Read to find out!

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Chapter 1: The mistake

It was such a hot and boring day for everyone. Well, except for Naruto. The boy grinned widely, looking at the work he had just done. "Perfect." He whistled, wiping the sweat from his forehead. "Gotta show everyone!"

He headed straight to the ramen booth, hoping to find them there and he could have some free miso ramen for lunch. He smiled when he thought of what the others reaction might be. The smile widened at the thought of Sasuke cowering before him, saying: "Naruto, you win. You're the best. I cannot beat you." Or something else along the line. And even wider at the thought of Sakura-chan being so impressed and couldn't stop praising him.

As expected, they were all at the same ramen's booth. Naruto quickly flopped down on a seat next to Kakashi. "Yo! everybody, I've got something to show you." Kakashi raised an eyebrow, interested. "Hmm? I wonder what it would be."

"Better not be something silly. You're wasting our precious time," said Sakura. (Her precious time to be with Sasuke, in fact)

"If I show you then can you treat me the lunch?" Naruto asked, rubbing his hands together.

"You're the one announcing to show it!" Sakura exclaimed, hitting him on the head. Kakashi sweatdropped. Sasuke just shook his head slightly and continued with his ramen.

"Fine! I'm showing it anyway." He looked around, searching for an object to test on. He then noticed that Sasuke wasn't paying attention. He scowled. "If you're not paying attention, you'll be really really sorry, Sasuke!" And wasting not any time, Naruto began his ritual, aiming for Sasuke's ramen bowl. But thing didn't always go the way he expected it to be...

Sasuke, feeling a little bit interested by Naruto's words, decided to take a look at what the blond boy so wanted to show them. He shoved the bowl to the side and replaced it with his elbow, leaning on it as he whirled around for a better sight. That was a big mistake.

The raven haired-boy could felt Naruto's chakra seep into every bit of his pale skin and before he could do anything it...kind of exploded to Kakashi and Sakura's horror. The ramen booth was blown out with the explosion, sending all of them away in different directions. Fortunately, the explosion's effect wasn't fatal but sure would give them a great deal of cleaning up the mess.

"NARUTOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Sakura screamed--her hair messy and her butt sore from landing so hard. She looked so scary that even a crying baby would stopped crying. Oh, poor Naruto.

He laughed dryly, scratching the back of his head but when he saw the look on Sakura's face, he freaked out and ran to hid behind Kakashi, who didn't look pleased either. The silver haired-man grabbed him by the collar of his orange jumper before he could get away. "Look at what you did."

"W-where is Sasuke-kun? Is he alright?" Sakura blurted out suddenly, noticing that her crush was still nowhere in sight. "If he is badly injured, I'll kill you, Naruto!" She threatened.

"Damnit, Naruto. I'm really gonna kick your ass!" An angry voice yelled from behind what seemed like a curtain of smoke. Yet the voice sounded strange as if it wasn't Sasuke's.

"Sasuke-kun, you alright?" asked Sakura, feeling a little relieved. Yet when the smoke was cleared, there was no sight of the handsome uchiha boy. Instead, before them stood a beaufiful but pissed looking raven haired-girl who wore the clothes exactly like Sasuke's.

Naruto's eyes bulged, gaping in shock while Kakashi just stared at the girl, muttering something under his breath. Both of them were too shock to notice that Sakura had already fainted.


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