Title: Sebastian (subject to change)

Author: F.H. Groves

Rating: PG-13 (subject to change)

Author Note: the most common pairing for Lilly Evans other than Lily/James is Lily/Severus


Lily and Lucius sat together in the middle of a large fielding in late September. Lily was re-packing the picnic basket, while Lucius watched her with a smile.

He and Lily had been dating for years, and he had never been happier than when he was with her. He couldn't imagine being without her. He knew his father would probably disown him when he finally got up the courage to ask for her hand in marriage. To say he didn't care about his father's approval would be a lie that was why it was taking him so long for him to ask. For him to marry Lily he would destroy thirty two generations of breeding. And no matter what he said or did it couldn't change Lily's parentage.

"Lucius look at me," Lily said to capture his attention.

Lucius smiled when she threw a leaf in his face, "What is it Love?"

"Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have kids?"

"Well, yeah, I have. Why do you ask?" "Oh, no reason," she looked away. "Have you ever thought about having kids with me?"

Lucius gaped at her, "I don't know why it matters, but yes I have."

She looked at him and smiled, "then you do want to marry me?"

"Of course I do what kind of question is that?"

She looked away again, "Well, we've been dating for three years now and you still haven't asked."

Lucius cupped her chin and made her look him in the eyes, "Just because I haven't asked doesn't mean I won't. You know how my father is. I just can't go against the old man. I love you Lily and when the time is right I'll ask you to marry me. Then we'll have kids and watch them grow, and then we'll grow old together. Just you and me."

"I love you," she said brushing the tears from her eyes. "Promise me you won't go back on that. I don't think I could live with out you."

"I promise," then he leaned forward and kissed her.

_-*- _-*-_-*-_-*-_

But things don't always turn out like they should. Some things can't be changed. No matter how much pain they cause.

-Late December, just after the Malfoy annual Christmas gala where Lucius announced his engagement to Narcissa Black.-

"James, do you think it's true?" Remus Lupin asked his best friend, James Potter.

He sighed, "Yeah, Sirius just confirmed it. Lil is gonna be heart broken."

"How could he do this, to her? How could he just accept it, and marry Narcissa, after he promised her that he would marry her?"

James looked at him sadly, "I don't think you can fully understand. I know he loves her but his family won't accept her. Most families don't care but you have to understand that the Malfoy's are to oldest pure blood family to date that haven't been 'tainted' by muggle blood.

"I hate him fore doing this to her. There is nothing that I wouldn't do for her." James said despairingly, "God I love her, but she loves Malfoy."

_-*- _-*-_-*-_-*-_

Lily Evans walked threw the snow towards the only person's house she had enough faith in, to him to tell her the truth. When she reached the door she hesitated before she knocked.

"James," she called, "its Lily please let me in."

After a moment the door opened and she was ushered in side by her best friend.

When to door was closed she threw herself in to his arms and started to cry, "James, he promised. He pro . . . promised."

James just let her cry.

"He said we would get married. He said we would ha . . . have kids. He said we'd grow old together." She looked up in to her friend's eyes, "Was I a fool to believe him? Was I?"

"No," James answered her, "lying, I guess, came naturally to him. After all he was a Slytherin."

Lily held back a sob as he said the words that she herself had been saying to herself all night, he was a Slytherin. She knew that Slytherins didn't marry Gryffindors. Purebloods didn't marry muggle-borns.

"Lily is there anything I can do to make it better?" James asked her gently.

She was then struck with an idea, "You love me right?"

He was taken aback "of course I do you're my. . ."

She cut him off, "you love me like a man loves a woman, not like a brother loves his sister. Right?"

"Lily, what does this have to do with anything?"

"Answer me James!"

"Yes I love you like a man loves a woman and I always have, but what does that have to do with anything?"

"Marry me James. Make me your wife."

James was silent.

"James, marry me I've loved you ever since I was eleven when you helped me on to your boat. Please James marry me."

He spoke quietly, "Are you sure this is what you want? Are you sure that you want to marry me?"

She took a deep breath, "I'm sure. I . . . I love you."

The smile on James' face was huge,"I Love you too, let's get over to the ministry."

_-*- _-*-_-*-_-*-_

-The morning after-

Lucius Malfoy had accepted it. Accept that he could never marry the one he love he only hoped that she would forgive him, because he could never forgive himself.

He walked down the stairs of the main staircase of his manor and across the hall to pick up the newspaper.

When he read the headline his heart stopped.

James Potter Snags a Lily for a Wife

Last night James Potter and Lily Evans got married. Its true Ladies, England's most eligible bachelor had been taken off the market by a fiery red head named Lily. When asked where they first met James said, "On are trip across the lake as first years at Hogwarts." When asked about their courtship it was Lily who answered, "Well, we had always been best friends and it wasn't until recently that my feelings for James came to light."

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Lucius couldn't read it anymore, he threw the paper at one of the house elves that was walking by, ("Dobby is sorry for anything that he has done master Lucius sir!") and fled up the stairs and headed to his room.

When the door was closed and silencing charms put in place he screamed, "DAMN YOU LILY!!!!! Why?! Why? You didn't even let me have a say." He sank to his knees tears streaming down his face, "I loved you. I had no choice. I loved you."

_-*- _-*-_-*-_-*-_

-August 30th 1980. Lucius and Narcissa have been married since February 1st and Narcissa is almost eight months pregnant.-

Lucius was sitting in his favorite chair reading a book and playing with his wedding band. (A habit he had picked up just after his father's death back in March) Life had been boring for him and rather upsetting also. Every day he woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast with Narcissa, and went to work. If it was a weekend he did the same thing accept went to the weekly death eater meeting, and read a book during the day. There was hardly any conversation in the house and he liked it that way.

Lucius looked at his wife and smiled. She was knitting a blue baby blanket. She was more of a friend, than a wife. They were both happy to hear that she was pregnant. That meant that they could go on with life with out having to worry about producing an heir.

A house elf appeared with a letter in its hand, "A letter has just arrived by owl sir. It is addressed to you sir."

Lucius took the letter and sent the house elf on its way. After looking at the wax seal he knew who it was from. It was from Lily.

Quickly he ripped it open and started reading.


As you have probably heard or read in the papers, I had a child on the 31st. What you didn't hear is that the child is yours. James has accepted him as his own and I cast charms to make all of you features in Harry now appear to be James'.

I didn't want to tell you but James convinced me that you wouldn't come after my boy if you were told.

His full name was Sebastian Octavian Malfoy. It is now Harry James Potter and this is your only warning. I didn't want to tell you but James convinced me that you wouldn't come after my boy if you were told. I don't want you near my son. I even have a restraining order on you to prevent you getting any ideas of seeking visitation or custody. We will tell Harry of his heritage on his eighteenth birthday. Until then he will be Harry Potter son of Lily and James Potter.

I hope you have a wonderful life with Narcissa.

Sincerely, Lily Potter

Lucius stood to exit the room.

"What's wrong Lucius?" Narcissa asked.

He handed her the letter and exited the room.

Lucius walked to the garden silently grieving. He had lost not only lily that day but he had also lost his son. His heir.

Silently he mused over what his life could have been if his father had died sooner. But he was interrupted by a house elf running up to him from nowhere.

"Master Lucius. Mistress Narcissa is having her child, you is needing to come."

_-*- _-*-_-*-_-*-_

-10:48 later that night-

Lucius held his tiny son in his arms. Draco Lucius Malfoy was premature by five weeks but perfectly healthy. Both parents were happy to have the boy, and they loved him greatly but Lucius had his other son weighing on his heart. It was like having twins and the elder dying. He wanted to hold both of his boys. He wanted them to grow up together side by side. He didn't want James Potter raising his oldest son, and what a Malfoy wanted a Malfoy got.

Lucius handed Draco to the house elf that standing by, "take him back to his mother"

"Yes sir."

Lucius stayed until the elf was out of sight then ran down the stairs and out the front gate. And with a loud pop he was gone.

_-*- _-*-_-*-_-*-_

-A large mansion in northern Scotland-

Lucius appeared in front of death eater headquarters. What he was about to do was ludicrous. To ask the dark lord for something has in the past been a dangerous undertaking. He was certain that he would be able to pull it off he would have to make a deal. A deal that he hoped he could break even with.

He made his way into the abandoned manor and when he entered he was greeted by the customary house elf, "hello sir, what can Bimmby dos for yous sir?"

"Take me to the Dark Lord I must speak with him, tell him that it is Lucius Malfoy and it's important."

"Right this way sir."

He followed the elf up to the thrown room and was quickly given permission to enter. When he saw his master he walked briskly forward and knelt down kissing his master's robs. "My Lord," he said as protocol for all death eaters said.

"Lucius stand and tell me why you came to me this evening." Lord Voldemort said.

Head still bowed, "My lord, I've come to make a proposition."

Voldemort eyes flared from their natural blue to bright red, "and what is that?"

Lucius took a deep breath, "My lord, as you know last year I courted a muggle-born witch named Lily Evans. She was very powerful and you even tried to recruit her yourself this past year. Well last month she had a child, MY child. I propose that we kill two birds with one stone sir."

Voldemort smiled, "what do you mean two birds? I gather that you want to get your son but what is the other bird?"

"James Potter my lord."

"Is that so?"

"Yes my lord, Evans married Potter just after my engagement to Narcissa."

The dark lord smiled he really did want to off that stupid man, "You seem to have this all planned. Tell me, after you have your son how do you plan to keep him as a legitimate son. I believe that everyone would notice if you have a son that just appeared out of nowhere."

Lucius smiled, the man was actually considering it, "well my lord, my wife just had a child and I could easily pass them off as twins."

"And who would you make your heir?"

"Well," Lucius quickly made a decision, "I would wait until they were older and see which one is most worthy to carry on the Malfoy line."

Voldemort laughed, "Good answer, good answer. I'll let you have your son on one condition."

Lucius had felt this coming, there was always a catch.

"I want your' to promise me that when your son turns eleven he will come to the new school that is starting, Lestrange Magical Institute for Wizards. If I like him and he proves worthy he's mine. But if he doesn't prove himself I'll have him killed is that clear."

Lucius swallowed, that was a big deal. He would get his son just to have him taken away when he was eleven. Still that was eleven years, and he couldn't back out now, "you have my word, my lord."

"Good give me your hand we'll go together."

_-*- _-*-_-*-_-*-_

-Godric's Hallow August 30th 11:24 PM-

James and Lily Potter were sitting on their sofa in front of the fire reading different books. James loved his life he loved his wife and her son as if he was his own. Harry and Lily were the light of his life and he would die for any of them.

Lily sighed and started to close her book when Harry started crying in the next room. James kissed his wife on the forehead and said, "My turn. Be back in a sec."

James stood and walked across the hall to where the small baby lay screaming. He walked over to the white crib and picked up the one month old. "Hey baby, what's the matter? Are you wet?"

James rocked the boy as he walked over to the changing table and place the small babe on the white surface.

Just as he finished the chore and buttoned up the bottom of the green pajamas Harry was wearing, there was a knock at the front door.

"I'll get it!" Lily called form the other room.

James looked at his adopted son who had a goofy grin on his face, "what did you just do?" then he smelled it, "oh Harry, dang. Mummy gave you the carrots again, didn't she?"

James placed him back in the crib and pulled the yellow baby blanket up on to Harry's belly, "Now sleep."

The dark haired man walked out of the room and closed the door, "Lily, he just needed a change!"


"Lily?!" James called out.


He walked in to the front lobby and that was where he saw her, his wife lying dead on the floor. He ran to her side. He tried helplessly to try and wake her.

Someone laughed. "Look at you crying over a woman that didn't even love you."

James jerked his head toward the voice; Voldemort was standing across the room blocking the hallway that led to Harry's room.

"What do you want you Bastard?" James said fumbling for his wand with tears streaming down his face.

"What I want is your wife's son." Voldemort seamed to laugh at James' futile attempts.

"Over my dead body you'll have him. Expelliar . . ."

"Avada Kedavra!!"

The body fell to the floor.

"You really shouldn't have given me the idea James my boy, Lucius have you got the boy?" Voldemort called

"Yes my lord, I've got him. I was just reversing the spells they had on him."

Voldemort looked at the small boy sleeping in his servant's arms. He was beautiful. No would ever know but he had always wanted a son. The only problem was that he wouldn't allow himself to bring a child of his own it to the world that hurt him so badly.

"Lucius go home. You presence isn't required at tonight meeting. Raise him well."

"Yes sir and thank you." Lucius left with tears of joy and despair on his face. He had his son but at the price of taking the life of the only woman he had ever loved. He also knew that he had his son with strings attached; he only had him for Eleven years. Eleven years and then Sebastian would be taken away. He was going to value every second.

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