Chapter1: It Begins

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Setting: On Planet Tameran. Several years before Starfire was born.

"She has Eranian Measles!" a group of Tameranian children cried and ran away from a little dark brown haired girl who had large looking pimples protruding from all over.

"Dark Water!" an older girl cried angrily when she saw the little girl, "mother said home was the place to stay until you are well," she chastised as she walked towards the little girl in the park, "catchy is what Eranian Measles are," she continued, "you really should listen to mother and not let illness catch other children," she said as she carefully placed a hand on the girl's shoulder, "you are lucky big sister told untruth that sleeping was my little sister," she said, a slight twinkle in her eye when she saw her sister's face brighten.

"Mother does not know?" Dark Water asked cheerily as her light purple eyes filled with tears of relief and happiness, "but why sister?" she asked her rather puzzled, "you uphold rules and laws with umm such heavy ongoing extremity," the six year old (earth years) said.

"Oh yes?" her older sister asked with great pride but with a hint of suspicion, "where did you learn a word of such advancement from little sister?" she asked sweetly as she bent to her sister's face.

"Robert!" Dark Water cried and laughed and her older sister jumped to her full height, her eyes filled with tears and her face filled with unhappy shock.

"What's wrong Pure Water?" Dark Water asked her pre-teen sister worriedly.

[Pure Water's POV]

I just stood there. I couldn't believe that Robert had said that about me. I remembered when my best friend Blue Sky got a step- father one year ago. He was from earth and it was rather unusual that he decided to give up everything there and come to live on Tameran. Every time a female Tameranian married an earth male, she'd leave our planet because he was too selfish to leave his own planet to come to hers. Such married couples would come to visit sometimes but the earth male was usually in such a hurry to leave, that the visit was rather unmemorable for Tameranian family and friends. My mother had always told me that Earthlings were violent, savage, mean and selfish. I always believed what she said, despite my father who when he was alive always tried to convince her and I that earthlings were kind, intelligent and loving people. He died along with Blue Sky's father in a bombing of their place of work in the heart of the city. I was seven then. I would never forget Daddy and was excited at Mother's decision to never remarry. But Blue Sky's mother had a different agenda; she was a bit less dreamy and cherry than my mother, but a whole lot more eccentric. She always traveled to research the behaviour of aliens and to collect books and mementos. She worked as a self-employed researcher, because her eccentricity sometimes lead her to other planets beside the one's that she was paid to research on (and she had to give those people their money back). Little did any Tameranian know, that one of her mementos would not only be a step-father who she married three weeks after meeting him on Earth, of all places. But also a bitter stepson who really disliked the idea of being taken from his home planet to one foreign to him. When I first saw him I thought he was elegant and beautiful. Too bad he thought the opposite of me. He was embittered by the fact that he had to move here and also thought that my strong upholding of the righteous unquestionable (that's how she feels about all rules) laws and rules of our country was obsessive and extremely Puritan (he was shocked that she didn't have a problem with the last one). I always really liked him; his behaviour and our common love for reading and researching what he called 'Psychology', only made me like him more. Last month we could have conversations alone together (and peacefully). So I was surprised that he still made negative comments about me. Especially with her sister within his presence, this was really upsetting and embarrassing.

"Pure Water?" Dark Water asked her voice sounding scared as she tugged on my dress.

I looked down at my little sister. Her eyes were swimming with tears and filled with worry. She was wearing her flowing white frilly nightgown that Blue Sky had made for her Arrival On Tameran Day (Birthday) and was without proper footwear. I on the other hand had on my light green ankle length dress with a collar that had yellow trimmings on it. Yellow trimmings were also on the sleeves, waist of the dress and on the skirts hem. I was also wearing what Robert hat called big metal bangles, one on each hand and they were the colour the sun back on Earth. Our light source (sun) was a beautiful white glow of purity that sometimes remained for 5 straight earth months without leaving us. When it did, it was for 5 long earth hours, and we were stuck unhappily with darkness that we had to carry an Ennion Litee Tegras around with us to see our way around. This special animal lit up in different colours and was the size of my palm. I always kept mine in a pouch attached to my waist. My own was a green Litee, so it glowed a green light. I could speak Ennion, so I could ask it to light anytime I wanted. Robert claimed that it looked like a mini plump anteater that was purple and had circular green stripes. Ennion was Bug in Tameran, and Tegras was where we got them from when we traded Suffledirtrisses (mini elephant looking animals that sucked up dirt and debris. They could grow to the size of a Dover Man, but fatter) with the Tegra Nines for them. Robert complained that our night was too dark and short, but it was not our fault that we needed only three and half hours sleep, 4 hours the maximum (anyone who slept more than that was either detrimentally ill, or extremely lazy). Mother had told me that there were Tameranian females especially, who after staying on earth would eventually get into the habit of needing at least six hours of sleep, eight the normal maximum. I personally found that lazy and atrocious, but Blue Sky told me that it was just that earthlings had a different sleeping pattern from us.

"Let us return to the place where we reside," I said kindly to Dark Water as we turned around and headed home.

When I saw our residence, I quickly snuck in the back way with Dark Water and we want to our teleporter circle and I typed in the code for the Collection Room (Attic). When we reached the room, I opened the door and we quickly hurried in and went through another door and closed it behind us. We were now in the side room that had a place of sleep (bed), sitting (chair) and enjoyable items to look at (books and pictures\portraits). I made Dark Water lie down and rest as I went for a book to read.

I picked, 'Fauna of Tameran' and sat down and began to read. I suddenly felt a severe pain in my forehead and blacked out.

I woke up later to hear Dark Water's quite snoozing soundly on the bed. I got up and rubbed my aching head. Then I stopped. I felt something strange sticking out of my forehead. I got up and went towards the imageniser (mirror) and looked closely at myself. I had to cover my mouth to not allow the sound from seeing horror (s) to escape (a scream). My baby blue eyes became enlargened with great fright.

Sticking out of my head were two antennae.

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