Chapter 5: The Red Head

(Many Years Later on a far off planet)

Dark Water walked around quietly. She hadn't had a decent meal in weeks. She had heard that thanks to years of wars that Tameran was now mostly a wasteland compared to its former days of fauna glory. The planet still prospered in it's own way though and as far as she was concerned she'd be glad the day all Tameranians and that planet all died out.

She then noticed a red haired girl who looked sad and depressed with what seemed to be physical defects on her body. She smiled. She recognized a Tameranian girl who would be turning into a chrysalis eater anywhere. Wasn't she after all a chrysalis eater? One of the most feared monsters of Tameranians. She would have great pleasure luring the girl with her innocent looking white frame (body) until she was able to trap her and turn into a chrysalis monster so that she could feast upon her (the red head) the moment she became a chrysalis).

I shall have a feast like always (Dark Water's thoughts)

End Chapter 5

Reggae: The story is now complete. If anyone saw the episode which Starfire went through changes which led to her being able to shoot lasers from her eyes, they'll understand this chapter. I had written this story guessing what the monster might've been before it met Starfire. Since she was so sophisticated she had to have been a part of a civil society at some point. So I made up the theory of her being a Tameranian girl before transforming into the white skinned female who transforms into the chrysalis eater. Hope you enjoyed it and found my version of it interesting at least. Please Review.