We'll Be Back

Disclaimer: None of this is mine, thanks to JKR.

Chapter 1: Leaving

The Burrow was quiet at three in the morning. A lonely figure made its way down the stairs dragging something heavy behind it. It quietly made its way towards the door. A pair of brown eyes traced its every move. The hand of the figure was on the handle of the door, when the owner of the brown eyes spoke up


Harry froze and slowly, and guiltily, turned around to face the person.

"Where are you going?"

"You're not asleep Ginny?" asked Harry.

"You didn't answer me Harry."

"I am going away. I can't stay here anymore Ginny. I am sure you can understand. All this bloodshed, this mayhem, this is too much. I can't take this anymore. Tomorrow people will be flocking this place to see the 'Great Harry Potter'. I am not sure I can handle all that. I am leaving the magical world." Harry answered bitterly.

**It was true. Voldemort was gone. So were Malfoy, Macnair and all the Death Eaters. It had been a very bloody battle, the last battle, a battle to end all battles. But the war had been won. The light side had come out victorious. But at very heavy costs. Dumbledore was gone, so was McGonagall, Remus Lupin, Hagrid and many others. The only consolation, if it can be called that, was that all the Weasleys had emerged unscathed. Charlie had lost a leg, Bill had serious injuries to the spine and Fred & George had become more serious. The rest were all okay with minor bruises and cuts. Ron and Hermione had escaped with a few scratches here and there. **

"Alright I understand all that but what about us, Harry? Do you know what will happen to us if you just upped and left?" asked Ginny calmly.

"What is going to happen? You guys have each other to take care of. You guys are better off without me here. All I will do is mope around. You deserve more than that. You have enough reason to celebrate. I will only dampen the high spirit everyone will be in if I stay here. And I don't want to do that."

"What about me Harry? What will I do without you?"

Harry walked a few steps towards her and held her in his arms, "Ginny you deserve someone better than me. I …."

Ginny hugged him fiercely, "No Harry, there cannot be me without you. I will come with you wherever you go. Harry, you need to be taken care of too. I love you and I will take care of you come what may. Please Harry, please let me come with you. I promise I will not be a burden on you in whatever you do. Please let me go with you."

"Ginny don't speak like that. You are not a burden on anyone. You are a caring, compassionate, kind human being. You can never be a burden even if you want to. Any person will be lucky to have you."

"Then let me go with you Harry."

"Ginny my life will be very hard from now on. I most probably will live as a muggle. I don't want to subject you to such a hard life Ginny. You deserve more than that. Much more than that."

"You think I will let you suffer alone? Think again Harry. As I said before I love you and I will stand by you through thick and thin. And don't say I deserve more. You are all that I wanted and more. How can you even think that? I won't stop you from going Harry, I understand why you want to leave but I will come with you too. I cannot live without you Harry" she pleaded with tears in her eyes.

Harry looked into her eyes and saw the determination and the love, aimed at him. He considered himself lucky that he had such a faithful girlfriend. It was then that he realized he was nothing without her. That, in fact, it was she who had kept him going these past few years. He hugged her to him tightly and kissed the top of her head, lost in thought. She always made him see the light when he was being dim, as he was being now. Yes, he thought, he was empty without her in his life. He needed her with him to help him with his life. He had made his decision.

"Yes Ginny, I need you to be with me in my life. I was foolish to think otherwise. I am sorry. But I promise you this will never happen again. I love you so much. And to think, I was about to leave my love behind. God, I'm awful. I'm so sorry …."

Ginny placed a finger on his lips. "It's okay Harry. I know you are dense and didn't think this through. Now I am convinced I need to go with you. If only to make sure you don't commit any more blunders." she teased.

"Why, Miss Weasley? Are you teasing me? 'Cos that is a very big mistake." He said.

"Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it?"

He grinned wickedly and proceeded to tickle her mercilessly. He then kissed her passionately and she kissed back just as eagerly. When he let go he said "Get your things. I want to leave before anyone wakes up."

She gave him a bright smile, collected her trunk from behind the couch. He could only smile and shake his head in amazement. She understood him perfectly well. He opened the door to let her out. They both stopped at the threshold to take a last look at the place they had considered home most of their lives. With heavy hearts they stepped out to a new life with each other, a new beginning.