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It covered the huge sky, save for the billions of glittering stars up there. They shone like billions of fireflies, like magic. Peaceful, comforting, and amazing.

But none of them came even close to having the same brightness as their leader, the moon. It shone like a king, amongst all other stars, completely dwarfing them. It gleamed like the sun, except the harshness of the sunlight was not present. The moon was calmer, and more gentle, allowing people to gaze into it, and admire its beauty.

People like Ray Kon.

Ray stared up at the enchanted sphere, from his dark, quiet village. He sat upon the straw roof of a sturdy hut, admiring the sky's beauty. His amber golden eyes gleamed in fascination, and wonder. His ponytail whipped around behind him, the wind catching it in its strong gust. His raven hair also danced around his absent expressioned face.

He breathed in the wind, and closed his eyes. He loved the night. It was the time where he usually felt stronger, yet more at peace, away from the disturbing and alert brightness of day. He stared back up at the stars.

The eyes of his mother and father.

Ray sighed. When they were dying, they promised Ray they'd always be watching him, up in the stars. Ray, even though he knew it was a fantasy like thought, still believed that. He would look up at the four brightest stars in the sky and know that they were still there-watching over him. Looking after him.

"Ray!" Mariah's loud voice snapped him back to reality, disturbing his peace. He groaned a little, but he turned his amber eyes onto the pink haired girl. She stood below, and wore a brown cloak, which had fallen into the flow of the wind. "It's getting late!"

Ray blinked. "What time is it?" He yelled back.

"It's almost midnight! You'll catch a cold if you don't come in soon!"

Ray's eyes widened, surprised.

'How long was I up here?!'

He sighed again and replied. "I'll be down soon, Mariah! Don't worry!"

"Fine, Ray!" The pink haired blader spun on her heel, and walked away, a little concerned at Ray's decision.

Ray stared back up at the never ending skies, and once again, began to fall into the trance of just staring up at them, absorbing their beauty.

He was so deep under their hypnotising spell, that he didn't notice a cloaked figure, shrouded in darkness, making its way up to him. It walked slowly, but long strides sped up the pace. It finally stopped beside Ray's hut, where the neko jin was still staring upwards, full of wonder.

Slowly, it started to chant softly towards him. It worked ancient Chinese magic into the unaware teenager's body. An ancient curse. So ancient, that it had been forgotten by the villagers. So ancient, that its cause was unknown.

So ancient, that it was deadly.

Ray suddenly started to feel dizzy, as the ancient spell started to have effect on his body. The spell was draining him of his energy, of his own free will.

He finally had to break eye contact with the stars, and grip the straw hut with what was left of his rapidly disappearing strength, to stop himself from sliding off.

His breathing became laboured. Sweat rolled down his forehead. He increased his grip onto the straw hut.

'What's happening to me?'

He looked up at the moon again. He wanted it to comfort him again. To lessen the suffering he was slowly and mysteriously going through.

But it seemed to suddenly do the exact opposite.

Ray's eyes widened as it suddenly began to turn scarlet. At first it was just a tinge, but it turned deeper. More bloodred.

Ray stared in both fascination, and fear.

Suddenly, pain exploded in his head. He let out a scream, and gripped it, curling into a ball, trying to lessen the pain swimming inside. His head felt like it was on fire, spreading throughout his whole body.

He looked desperately back up at the moon, which was now glowing completely red. Ray's pupils had the same colour, swirling around their amber depths.

He himself startled to glow red. His pupils were flooded and glowing with scarlet. They thinned into slits.

His mind went completely blank.........


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