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The cold wind whipped Ray's wounded body as he fell. Down, down into the chasm below. He barely heard the waterfall crashing nearby. He barely felt the pain in his body. He was barely awake at all.

Barely any thoughts raced throughout his blank mind. He was almost lifeless. The Yin was taking over him. His life. It had drained all his energy, all Driger's energy. He felt so weak. He couldn't see anything but a blur. The blurred terrain of rocks, rushing upwards before his dull amber eyes.

His raven hair had fallen into flow of the wind, rushing upwards. It danced along his scarred body as he plummeted, down towards the misty, cold lake below.

He didn't brace himself for the impact. Nor did he scream. He couldn't. He was far too weak to even move.

Finally, after seemingly hours of falling, after complete numbness in his body, Ray hit the water with a huge splash.

Freezing water consumed his body as he sank. Down, deep into the depths of the darkened lake. Shafts of light shone down through the lake as Ray's blurred eyes closed. With the remnants of the strength left in his mind, he thought back. When he first met the Bladebreakers. When Lee was completely bent on revenge when Ray left the White Tigers. When he'd travelled around the world, far from the boundaries of his village.

Tears, invisible from the naked eye, drifted upwards as he continued to sink. He knew they were times he would be unlikely to witness ever again.


He just continued sinking down, through the darkened depths. He felt no need to breathe at all. His eyes remained closed. Yang....light, all life, was leaving the boy.

A thought managed to slip through his mind as he sank.

'Kevin.....I'm....I'm sorry.....'

'Ray! Please, wake up!'

Suddenly, something warm touched his slashed arm. He barely felt it, but it was there. He could just feel it. Just.

His eyes were only just managing to open. It was hard, just to do that small, simple action. But his eyelids seemed about as heavy as weights. No matter how hard he tried, they just simple refused to open up completely.

But he refused to give up.

Slowly, they just managed to open, but were suddenly stung by the harsh saltwater that met them. They were forced shut again.

But then, he reopened them. It was easier now, but it wasn't as simple as it used to be, either. He blinked a few times. He could make out a blurred figure, seemingly floating in front of him.

He was unsure how he had the strength to keep going. How he could see. His heart was still beating. Still going on, yet he was unable to breathe.

He blinked a couple more times, before his eyes finally came into focus.

He stared, as the sight met his eyes. He refused to believe what he saw. But at the same time, joy was rising in his shattered, downfallen heart.

'You......it can't be.....'

His dull, blank eyes regained a spark of life.


The small blader was floating in front of him, slightly transparent. His violet eyes weren't full of mischief or annoyance like they usually were. Total seriousness was gleaming in his violet eyes. Something he had barely seen in them when....

When he was alive.

Ray's eyes closed again, the guilt starting to rise inside his heart again.

'Ray! It wasn't your fault, okay?! You can't keep blaming yourself for what you weren't completely responsible for!'

Ray's eyes snapped open, invisible tears starting to flood them once again.


Kevin's eyes snapped shut firmly in frustration, and he, too began shedding tears. He shook his head.

'You can't blame yourself, Ray. You just can't.....'

His eyes reopened.

'And you can't die, either....'

Ray stared at Kevin. He was shaking. He was still under enormous disbelief that he was talking to his friend. A friend that he, under the spell of the moon, had destroyed.

It wasn't like he was dead. It was as if he was here. Alive. Like always.

'Get up, Ray. Go back. You can't die, yet. You can't join me. You need to fix what you unconsciously did and find out who did this to you! You have to go back, Ray! You just have to!'

Ray suddenly looked up towards the surface. There was a small object sinking downwards, towards him. It was seemingly blocking the sun, yet the rays managed to extend behind it. It was small, and....familiar. He's seen it before. The jagged edges protruding from its sides, the greyish colour.....

His hand extended upwards to grab the object. As his scarred fingers touched it, it emitted a soft, green glow which brightened as his fingers closed around it.


How the beyblade had managed to reach him was a complete mystery to the neko jin. But he didn't care. He didn't care at all. He was surprised, yet overjoyed. Driger was here.

By his side. Like he'd always been.

Suddenly, a rush of bubbles erupted from him mouth, as he began to regain the need to breathe. His body was surrounded by a soft, green aura, as he began kicking upwards. As he began to regain his strength.

The light was shining through the layers of water as Ray continued to kick. Driger was firmly clutched in his scarred hand

Another rush of bubbles erupted from his lips. He needed air. He needed to hurry. He'd sunk so far under the surface. He needed to lose the distance he'd gained.

Ray's raven coloured hair was streaming out behind him as he swam upwards. His eyes held sharpness and determination. He was starting to tire, but he was also starting to collect his inner strength. His Yang. His Chi.

He was kicking faster, now. His lungs were bursting for air. He was starting to fear he would pass out before he made it to the surface. He was desperate. Desperate to try and reach the surface.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, Ray burst through the surface with a gasp. Oxygen, blessed oxygen, filled his airless lungs once more as he clumsily paddled there, trying to catch his breath. He kept gasping, trying to completely fill his lungs with air. But he was having trouble doing so. He was exhausted.

He felt the drops of water tickle his scarred face as he slowly, yet with effort, started to paddle towards shore. Only one arm was actually paddling, while the other had Driger firmly encased in its grasp as it, too, tried in vain to support the other arm.

Ray's breathing was growing softer, yet more laboured as he neared the shore. His scarred legs were barely of any use to him, but he needed all the help he could get, especially in this situation.

Thoughts raced through his mind, as his once dull, pale amber eyes regained their sharpness, gleaming with determination. The old Ray....had returned.

Finally, he felt the soggy shore beneath his blistered feet. His white, yet bloodstained Chinese warrior outfit was torn around his chest and sides. His pants were slashed along his upper thigh and lower shin. His Yin Yang bandanna was slightly torn around the edges, and both his shoes had been blown off after the plummet into the waterfall.

He staggered through the rushing water as he approached the dry ground. He felt like collapsing at any moment. But he needed to keep going. He wouldn't give up. He just couldn't......

His feet dragged through the muddy shore, as he walked clumsily. His raven coloured hair flapped around his shoulders as his last burst of determination gave him the strength to keep going. His amber eyes gleamed with exhaustion, but he still kept going.

After a few final shaky steps, Ray fell forward onto dry land with a huge sigh of relief.

His eyelids were extremely heavy, now. He felt his consciousness start slipping away as his vision began to blur. He was tired.

So tired....

His blurred gaze was drawn towards his scarred hand. Driger was still clutched in its grasp, and glowing a soft green.

A warm smile played on the neko jin's lips as his golden eyes gave one last gleam, before finally closing.

"Driger.....Kevin......Th....Thank you...." He whispered, softly.

He blacked out.

He never saw the black, cloaked figure step forward from the bushes, the hood fluttering in the morning breeze, yet never revealing the face underneath. He never saw it kneel down and place its black gloved hand upon his upper right back.

He only cringed unconsciously as the hand somehow drained red energy from his body. Surprisingly, he didn't regain consciousness as the cloaked figure formed the red energy into a ball.

The figure whispered something. Something long forgotten. Something extremely ancient......

As it spoke, the ball of red energy paled, until its colour became no more than white. Pure white.

The cloaked figure bent over the young, unconscious neko jin, and slowly began to push the ball back into his upper shoulder. This time, Ray let out a small moan as it disappeared beneath his skin.

The figure stood up, as it heard yelling from the cliff top above, only just heard over the roar of crashing water. It stared back down upon the wounded neko jin, who had a small smile on his lips.

"Farewell, my nephew....."

It exploded into black particles, drifting away and leaving behind the unconscious boy, who was unaware of the new power swimming around inside him....


Master Ray.......

Ray stirred.

Awaken, young one. You can succeed.

Once again, the boy stirred, although more fitfully. His eyes tried to open, but he failed to do so on his first attempt. He ceased all movement and lay still. The sheets tangled with his legs made the obvious thought that he was no longer in the wilderness.

Ray.....The curse is gone.

Slowly, Ray's amber eyes managed to open. His gaze was only met with a blur. Everything was out of focus.

Blinking a few times to regain his sharp eyesight, Ray only just managed to make out a ceiling up above. But it wasn't one of a straw hut in the White Tiger village like he was used to. It was a white, hospital ceiling.

Slowly, he sat up, but with effort. A quick glance at his body revealed his wounds were firmly bandaged. His long hair was now extremely tangled, and looked more like a blanket than hair. He cringed as he tried to run his partly-bandaged fingers through the knotted, raven strands. Brushing those out would be extremely painful.

He chuckled a little from the thought, though.

He also caught sight of an IV line connected to his arm. He probably hadn't regained consciousness in a while, now.

His tired, yet relieved amber eyes were drawn towards the window by a bright gleam. The moon, glowing its usual pearly white, was there, surrounded by thousands of glittering stars. Four stars were gleaming even brighter than the others. They seemed to be staring down. Down upon Ray. Watching him.

The eyes of his mother and father.

Ray's eyes glittered in wonder, in joyful realization. It was night. Yet he was human.

He stared at his partly bandaged fingers, clenching and unclenching them.

He was no longer cursed. He was alive.

A smile appeared on his lips, as he closed his eyes, exhaling softly in relief and disbelief. His eyes reopened as he fixed his gaze back onto the glittering stars. They seemed to sparkle like the stars up above. So brightly.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps approach his bedside. He spun around to see his team mates, including Kenny, standing there. They had looks of shock on their faces. Even Kai looked surprised.

"You're awake..." He whispered, a hint of excitement in his voice.

Ray nodded, smiling. "Guess I am..."

No sooner had Ray spoken, that Tyson and Max had suddenly rushed forth and started hugging their team mate, and yelling things like, "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING?!" Or, "IF YOU DO THAT AGAIN, I SWEAR I'LL KILL YOU!"

Ray started gasping, and sweatdropped.

"Guys? IV line....can't breathe...need space...."

Tyson and Max realized how red their team mate looked without any oxygen and released their grip at once, leaving the poor neko jin trying to catch his breath.

As soon as he'd recovered, he glared up at his energetic and sheepish team mates, who mumbled an apology, and were seemingly guilty looking. This only made the boy chuckle a little and grin at them, as if to forgive their briefly thought act. They smiled back.

Kai was smiling softly too, much to the team's surprise. "You were asleep for about a week, you know that?"

"No wonder I feel so hungry..." Ray muttered softly, raising an eyebrow. "You've got competition, Tyson." He added, with a small smirk towards the always-hungry blader.

"A challenge, huh? It's on, Ray! Meet you at that Thai restaurant across the road!" Tyson yelled, clearly annoyed. This only made the other four laugh as the Dragon Blader kept glaring at him.

"Hey, Ray....I've noticed something." Max said, glancing towards the window. "You haven't really been becoming the tiger, really, haven't you? I mean, after one week, you weren't really transforming anymore...."

Ray suddenly froze, and his gaze snapped to Kenny, who bit his lip. The boy's gaze travelled back to his other team mates.

"Does he know?" He asked, softly, a sinking feeling down in his gut.

"Actually, Ray....." Tyson said, a little discomfort in his tone, "The...."

He sighed. "Everyone knows, Ray. Lee ratted out to his grandfather...."

The look in the young neko jin's amber eyes was one of pure horror, and disappointment. His head hung down in shock, eyes shadowed.

"I.....I don't believe it....." He whispered, silently. "Everybody?"

"The White Tiger Villagers, the Majestics, the All Stars.....Everybody, Ray. I'm sorry, we tried to keep it a secret. But Lee had to speak. He wasn't too enthusiastic about telling, but......" Max sighed.

Ray's eyes were full of heavy disappointment. He couldn't believe it at all. His secret was out. What would everybody say? Especially the Elder?

"Hey, Ray." A voice drew the boy's gaze towards the door. Ray's eyes widened as he identified the two people walking forward from the door.


"Hey Ray." The neko jin whispered. Mariah didn't say anything. She was staring at Ray, a look of joy brewing in her watery amber eyes. She rushed forth and enveloped the neko jin in a huge, unexpected, hug.

Ray was stunned about this action. But, with a smile, he too, hugged her back. Tightly.

The two stayed in that position for a few seconds before Tyson cleared his throat. The two released their embrace on each other, blushing bright red.

Lee grinned at the two. Then, his expression become tense as boy looked at him. "Ray."

He cleared his throat, nervously. "Listen....I'm sorry about...."

His gaze strayed towards a bandaged wound on Ray's left arm. Lots of blood had seeped through the bandage, staining it red. Ray's eyes fixed upon the wound. He knew which one it was. He knew.

It was the gunshot wound Lee had given him.

"No, Lee." He whispered softly. "This....It wasn't your fault, okay? It wasn't!"

His eyes gleamed, agitation brewing inside the amber orbs. He didn't want Lee to blame himself for something he didn't mean to do.

Lee stared over at his friend, surprise growing in his eyes. He didn't expect Ray to react like this. He was even more surprised when the neko jin looked down, eyes shadowed.

"It's my fault." He said, softly. "I should have told you. I should have told all of you, before it got serious...."

Everyone stared at him. They all knew he was going hard on himself for not a good enough reason. He couldn't keep hitting himself. He had to stop.

Suddenly, a hard look crossed Kai's face. A death glare. Something that hadn't been there in a while. He suddenly walked straight towards Ray's bedside.

The boy looked up, only to be greeted by a hard, unexpected punch from his team captain.

"KAI!" Everyone cried out. Ray put his hand to his cheek, shock mixing in with his expression as he looked up at the angered Phoenix blader, glaring down at him, fire in his crimson-brown eyes.

"Listen, Ray." He hissed, a dangerous tone in his voice, "You've got to STOP hurting yourself! Everybody knows what you did, and I know it wasn't anything to be proud of, but you've got to quit acting sorry for yourself! You can't go on like this, Ray!"

Dead silence filled the room, as everyone let Kai's words sink in. Nobody even moved or spoke. Ray was still in shock.

Finally, Tyson broke the silence.

"Kai, that's more than you've ever said this week."

The team captain sighed in annoyance of Tyson's comment. But when he looked back at Ray, his expression had slightly softened.

"Look. I know what happened in your past was harsh, but get over it. You can't keep living on it forever. Don't cling onto the past, but don't go rushing into the future, either."

Ray sighed. Then he looked towards the door as he heard footsteps approaching, echoing around the hallway. Lee spun around, a pale look on his face.


Mariah tensed, and faced the doorway, as the old man stepped through, a solemn yet firm expression on his face. He passed his grandson, with a quick glance of sadness, yet obscurity.

"I am going to need some time alone with Ray." The Elder announced quietly to the room.

Mariah opened her mouth to protest, but was pushed out towards the door by Lee and Tyson. Kai, Max and Kenny trailed after, with fleeing glances. Lee mouthed a "good luck" to Ray as he exited.

The Elder refused to speak or move, until the footsteps and mumbling of the retreating teenagers had faded into nothingness. Total silence filled the room, as the Elder fixed his gaze upon the only remaining person in the room.

Ray swallowed, tense, as the old man started to speak.

"I am afraid....I cannot forgive you entirely for what you did to Kevin, along with several other villagers. And Mrs Judy Tate. Max was quite devastated."

The neko jin sighed, softly. "I'm sorry, Elder, but...." He hung his head. "I couldn't control myself. I didn't really know what I was doing....."

"I know, young Ray. But I do not think this can go unpunished. As you know, as Elder...I am a strict believer in our religion and village laws."

Ray looked up at the old man, wide-eyed.

"Elder, no!" He whispered, fear in his tone. Anything, but this. Absolutely ANYTHING but this! He started shaking. He couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe it at all!

"I apologize dearly, young Ray. I....never thought it would have to come to this...."

The Elder's eyes stared deep into the amber, fear filled ones of the younger neko-jin. The seemed to pierce through them. As if he had some sort of hidden power within them.

Finally, he spoke. The last sentence Ray ever wanted to hear in his life.

"Raymond Kon, you are banished from the village of the White Tigers, upon pain of death."

The words struck Ray like a blow in the gut. His head faced downwards. His eyes were shadowed. He was still shaking. He couldn't believe it.

"I am sorry, young Ray. I know it is where you feel you truly belong. I know it is where your closest friends are. I know it is where you were born and raised. But I apologize. My decision is final."

The boy's heart sank. He stared up at the Elder, and the old man could see that the amber eyes were clearly brimming with tears. He felt pity upon the boy. He never wanted to do this to him. Especially after all the honour he had given to them.

"C-Can't.....can't I visit my parent's graves?" Ray asked, softly, though there was no trace of hope in his tone.

"No, Ray."

The boy's heart sank even further as his gaze came to rest on his sheets. The tears were starting to spill over. He could still barely accept this. He could barely accept he was banished from the only place he truly called home.

"However," The Elder continued, "The courage you displayed by saving my grandchildren, was something I had barely seen in any of the villagers over the years, apart from your father and mother."

Ray slowly looked up, to see the old man smiling down at him.

"You showed such strength. Lee told me all about it, Ray. I am impressed for some of your selfless, brave actions.

This is why, I've decided to entrust Driger to you, permanently."

Shock reappeared over the sorrow in Ray's eyes.

"It is the symbol of the White Tigers. Yet Driger seems to have a bond closer to you than I. I cannot destroy friendships. You can't access the village, but that never meant you'd never see your friends again."

The Elder looked down at Ray, warmly. "Do you understand?"

Sniffing, the boy wiped a few tears from his eyes. "Yes, Elder." He whispered, shakily.

"There is an upside to all this Ray. Look at it this way. Think of it not as an exile, but a chance to go beyond our village laws.

With that, Raymond Kon, I leave you. Farewell, and I bid you luck."

Ray nodded his head in respect as the Elder left the room. He gave a huge, shaky, sigh. He suddenly drew his gaze towards his bedside table, when he caught sight of a small green flash of light.


'Yes, Master Ray. I overheard your conversation with the Elder. Consider his words. Rethink them. It is for a good cause.'

The boy reached over and let his fingers close over the grey beyblade. He clenched it, tightly.

'Driger, I.....I'd like to thank you. You've guided me through I lot of things, that....I don't think I could've done alone....'

'......You're welcome, Master Ray.'

Driger's voice faded out of his mind, as Ray suddenly heard fast approaching footsteps coming from the door. Ray's gaze shot up, only to see a sobbing Mariah once again envelope him in a large hug. This time, however, it was not one of joy.

"Mariah!" He gasped.

There was no reply, as the girl kept sobbing and hugging the neko jin, who was in a state of shock.

His eyes grew watery, once again, but they softened. He hugged her back, as Lee, and the BladeBreakers came running in. Lee seemed panicked, but the others had confused expressions on their faces.

"What's the big deal, Lee?" Tyson asked the shaken neko jin. "All the Elder said was...I dunno...."Liu fang" or something."

"Liu fang. It's a Cantonese phrase." Kai interrupted softly.

"Yeah, but, what does it mean?" Max asked.

Lee stared at his former team mate across the room. His eyes were closed, but nobody could come even close to how much sorrow and disbelief behind those eyelids. Not even his best friend could.

Then, he looked over at Tyson, Max, Kai and Kenny, who were surprised to see his eyes brimming with tears.

"Exile. Banishment. Ray's banished from the White Tiger Village." Lee said, shakily.

Dead silence filled the room, apart from Mariah's sobbing. The BladeBreakers were shocked. Even Kai looked upset.

"Banished?! B-But....it wasn't Ray's fault!" Tyson yelled, anger starting to crowd his tone and brew in his dark blue eyes. "He didn't mean to - "

"I know, Tyson." Lee said, firmly. "Even the Elder didn't want to do it. He had to think it over a long time before he could confirm it entirely...."

Ray was managing to hear this conversation, despite the sobbing Mariah and his own sorrow whirling around his mind. But.....he needed to stay strong. Like he'd always been. He needed to let it go.

"It's okay, Mariah." He whispered, gently prying the sobbing teen off. Mariah's eyes were full of tears. "It's okay."

He smiled, softly, despite his own tears.

"It doesn't mean I'll never see you again."

With a small smile, the girl wiped the tears from her eyes and sniffled.



The plane sped faster and faster along the highway of the Chinese airport. It roared along the road, before rearing upwards and losing all contact with it, soaring up into the sky.

Ray gave a soft sigh, as he stared out the window. At the rapidly shrinking country known as China. At his home.


The lights go out and I can't be saved

Tides that I tried to swim against

Have brought me down upon my knees

Oh I beg, I beg and plead, singing....


His gaze was torn from the window and onto his lap. He shut his eyes. He could still barely accept this. Accept he was banished.

'There are many things in life, that just happen. Whether you like it or not. I guess it's a part of living. Nobody says it'll be fair, but nobody says it'll be full of sorrow, either.

I learned that. Lee, Mariah, Kevin and Gary learned that. We all had hard times, but we always had a positive thought to back it up. I won't be seeing them for probably a long time....though Kevin I doubt I'll be seeing ever again.'


Come out of things unsaid

Shoot an apple off my head and a

Trouble that can't be named

Tigers waiting to be tamed, singing....


Ray suddenly heard soft snoring coming from his left. Max had fallen asleep. In fact, everyone had fallen asleep. It was around midnight whenever they had taken off. There was no surprise to their slumber.

Everyone but Ray. He still had a troubled mind, but he softened as he saw the sleeping Max. He had M&M's spread out everywhere on his seat. (The packet lay on the floor, forgotten.)

The neko jin smiled.

'But the people I've met outside the boundaries of my village....are just as special to me. Sure, they're not the best in the world, but I really couldn't ask for more if I wanted to.'


You, are

You, are


He heard loud snoring from the seat in front of him. He grinned, recognising it as Tyson. Slowly, he peeked through the two seats to see the navy haired Dragon blader with several food trays, forgotten by the airhostess.

His grin ceased into a soft smile.

'They've supported me. Even before the tiger incident, they've helped me all the way. They never left my side. Not once. And I greatly respect that.'


Confusion never stops

Closing walls and ticking clocks

Gonna come back and take you home

I could not stop that you now know, singing....


His gaze shifted across the seats to Kenny, who had fallen asleep on Dizzi's keyboard. Even the laptop was making an audible, computerized snoring sound.

The boy chucked softly.

'They've given me help and friendship when I've needed it most. They've helped me through the toughest times. When I lost Driger, when I faced off against Bryan, and now. When I was cursed'


Come out upon my seas,

Cursed missed opportunities

Am I a part of the cure

Or am I part of the disease, singing....


He then looked across the aisle. Kai was sleeping, his arms crossed and his head down. Ray grinned. Man, that guy could keep his dignity, even when he was asleep! He chuckled again.

'They never left me. They're the best friends I've ever had....'


You, are

You, are

You, are

You, are


He slowly stared back out the window. The stars were glittering, like billions of fireflies off in the distance. The moon was shining brightly. White. Pure white. And that was all Ray wanted to see. His gaze shifted over to his beyblade, gripped in his hand.

'And Driger. He helped me through this curse. He guided me. He saved me. I can't thank him enough. He gave me strength, when I lacked it. Like everyone else. He stood by my side.'


You, are

You, are

And nothing else compares....

And nothing else compares....

And nothing else compares....


His gaze returned to the window, as his eyelids started to grow heavy. He was finally relaxing. He was finally regaining his true self.

Exhaustion started to take over his body.

'I know that....wherever I am....my parents and Kevin will help me. They, too will guide me. I've got everybody. And that's all I need.'


You, are

You, are


He slowly gave another look into the dark, navy blue sky, the billions of stars decorating it. The four brightest stars in the sky staring down at him. The gentle giant of the sky gleaming peacefully through the night.


Home, home where I wanted to go

Home, home where I wanted to go

Home, home where I wanted to go

Home, home where I wanted to go


The neko jin gave one final look at the fading country below. Then, finally, he closed his eyes peacefully as the land of China vanished beneath him.....


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( "KAI!" Ray cried, as he say the team captain collapse onto his knees. His eyes were wide with shock. He was breathing hard.

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Red light surrounded him, as he let out a scream....)

Is it Kai's turn to endure the curse?