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When I woke up this morning Yami wasn't there. Since he got his own body, we've been alternating sleeping in the bed and in the chair at my desk and he had slept at the desk the night before. But when I got up he wasn't there. Not that that's weird or anything, but then I heard someone in the bathroom. I got dressed and went to the bathroom and the door was open. So I looked in and the only sign that anyone had been in there was a dent in the wall. The wall is tile. Anyone who could make a dent that big would have to have bloody knuckles. So I went downstairs.

Downstairs, Yami was at the breakfast table, eating some toast. His knuckles looked normal. I looked at Grandpa, who was standing next to the coffee machine. No bloody knuckles there either. I glanced at my own knuckles, afraid that I'd sleepwalked. They were normal too. Weird, eh?

Anyways, I grabbed some food and went to walk to school with Joey, Ryou, Tea, and Tristan and Yami stopped me.

"I'll walk today, too." he said and grabbed our backpacks and handed mine to me and we walked out the door. Usually he rode the bus because under normal circumstances he wasn't awake enough to walk. But I guess today was different.

"Good morning, guys." Tea said to us when we met her outside the shop.

"Morning." Yami grunted.

"Good morning, Tea." I said cheerily.

"Hey, Yugi! You awake for once, Yami?" Joey called to us, running down the street, late as usual.

"Good morning, Joey." I said with a smile. Yami glared at Joey slightly before rolling his eyes. Tristan crossed the street to join us and merely nodded to us and we started walking. A few blocks down, we met Ryou near his house.

"Good morning." He said. Everyone nodded or greeted him, except Yami. He just looked around and then nodded in greeting to Ryou.

"Where's Bakura?" Joey asked. Bakura usually followed us to school, even though he didn't go to school like Yami. I think Bakura is always just looking to pick a fight with Yami.

"He got home late last night and wouldn't tell me where he had been or anything and he left before I got up." Ryou shrugged.

"When we start seeing "wanted" posters in the post office with his picture, we'll worry. Until then…" Tristan shrugged. Everyone laughed, including Yami. But I thought a second. Yami hadn't gotten home until late as well… it was probably just a coincidence, but I couldn't help but wonder.

At school, when I saw him, Yami seemed a little out of it. I wasn't quite sure why, but I resolved to find out after school.

But I couldn't find him after school. I searched all over the school until Joey, Tea, Tristan, and Ryou threatened to walk home without me. I finally agreed, figuring that Yami had ridden the bus home.

But he wasn't there either. It was beginning to worry me, so I called Ryou.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Ryou, this is Yugi. Is Bakura there? Don't give him the phone or anything, I just want to know if he's home." I said.

"No. Why?"

"Yami isn't home either, and I can't tell if he's been home at all or not since school. I'm thinking maybe they're up to something." I shrugged, even though I knew Ryou wouldn't see the shrug.

"I was thinking the same thing. Should we do something about it when they get home?"

"I was going to ask Yami, and I suggest you ask Bakura as well. We can compare their stories and-" the doorbell rang. "Hold on a sec. I've got to answer the door." I set the phone on the counter and went to answer the door. I gasped at what I saw. Yami and Bakura were there. They looked terrible, both were beaten and bloody and Yami was unconscious. Bakura looked as if he was half dragging Yami. I couldn't say anything. I just moved out of the doorway and let Bakura pull Yami inside and set him on the couch. I grabbed the phone and said into it, "You'd better get over here."

"Why? You sound like you've seen a ghost."

"You'll know when you get here. See you in a few minutes." I hung up the phone and put it back. I stared at Bakura until I found my voice. "What… what happened to you two?" Then I noticed Bakura's bloody and partially scabbed knuckles.

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