Dragon Child: starry eyed

Kageka: What's her problem?

Saiyan Jedi: she's still happy that she got to do the chess game last chapter.

Kageka: oh. I wasn't like that when I got to kill off Bakura.

Saiyan Jedi: Yeah, well, you should be in hiding. My reviewers wanted to kill you.

Kageka: Well, the other darks didn't.

Saiyan Jedi: they don't have their own names … wait, he does … oh never mind!

Kageka: afraid of coming into a battle of wits unarmed?

Saiyan Jedi: tries her hardest not to strangle Kageka. Her attempts are in vain as she gives in and starts chasing Kageka around the room, which happens to be a small bedroom, where the party is located as well. Minds out of the gutter, people.

Party guests (remember, from chapter five): --;

Kazuma Torisuna (one of the guests. Guess from which anime/manga, no prize, though): Kageka conned me into doing the disclaimer. SJ, Dragon Child, and Kageka own nothing. Remember what Kageka's hikari said last time? You sue and you get the wraith of the anime characters they invited to their party. I'm one of them. And I will hurt you if you sue.

Dragon Child: snaps out of chess-induced stupor I have a name, it's Dragon Child, USE IT!

Kazuma: No.

Dragon Child: whispering to Saiyan Jedi, who has called a temporary truce with Kageka What's his problem?

Saiyan Jedi: He found out that Kageka can kick his sorry butt and is currently infatuated with her. Totally not in character for him, but he makes a good bodyguard. Does whatever Kageka wants him to.

Dragon Child: then how'd she con him into doing the disclaimer?

Kageka: I told him I'd kiss him. I added, while he was eager to do my bidding, that only near Christmas and only under mistletoe.

Saiyan Jedi: we never get mistletoe.

Kageka: exactly. He'll make a good muse, hopefully.

Saiyan Jedi: Ok, the chapter is extra long this time. Hope you enjoy!

hikari to yami

yami to hikari


As the doctor finished, Yami's eyes narrowed, looking as if he were about ready to hurt the doctor.

"Thank you for telling us, now if you could tell us where Seto Kaiba's room is, we would appreciate it." Malik said to the doctor, but hissed to Marik, Get Yami under control or something! He looks more bloodthirsty than you EVER have!

Make me.

Do you really think if he looses his cool, you'll be excluded from his wraith? Without Yugi here, you, I , and Kaiba may just be likely targets.

Now that you put it that way, alright.

While Malik and the doctor had a small conversation on where Seto's room was located, Marik took Yami's elbow and led him off a ways.

"Pharaoh, do you know just how out of control you look?" Marik asked, trying to be slightly subtle.

"Why?" Yami snapped.

"Ok, new question. How would your hikari react if he saw you enjoying killing Necare and shooting death glares at a doctor who did absolutely nothing wrong to you?"

"I did not enjoy killing that man."

"You did. I can see it in your eyes. I don't think most would be able to see it, but I know what that expression looks like. I see it in the mirror every day."

Yami sighed. "You're right… though I never thought I'd see the day when I said that. I did enjoy it to some extent, but I wouldn't have if that man hadn't killed the tomb robber."

"I know what you mean. That feeling is called revenge. However slight it may be, and however much I hate to say it, this situation seems to have made you, the tomb robber, Kaiba, and I hesitant friends. That, however, does not mean that my hikari or I will 'hang out' with you and your hikari's friends."

"I think the term 'friendly rival' will appeal to you more than simply friend."

"Sounds better. I think my hikari got the directions to Kaiba's room." The two of them walked back over to Malik, who seemed to be waiting for them. He nodded when he saw Yami, who was a lot calmer looking.

You must've said something nice for him to react so much in such a short amount of time.

I said what I needed to so that he wouldn't go over the edge and stat destroying everything in sight to get his precious hikari back.


They arrived at Seto's room to find a nurse running out of the room in absolute hysterics.

"Yes, he is most definitely back to normal." Yami said, something of a half grimace half smile on his face.

As they walked in, they heard Seto snap, "If you say I'm not allowed to see my brother one more time, I'll have the staff of this entire wing fired!"

"Kaiba, it's us." Yami said, trying to sound soothing.

"Oh. Where have you been? They said that Ryou fainted and the rest of you had disappeared somewhere." Seto demanded. Malik and Marik sat down in chairs and Yami stared out the window. It was getting on morning and the first rays of light were trying to peek over the horizon.

"We were trying to follow the only semi-solid lead we have." Marik said. Seto raised an eyebrow and Marik added, "I know it sounds like a stupid thing to do, but it was the only productive thing we could do." Seto nodded and Malik relayed everything, giving Seto the piece of paper that he'd written the notation down on. Seto studied the paper, then had Malik get Seto's laptop out of the pile of possessions that the Kaibas had had with them in the car accident. Somehow, the laptop had remained perfectly unharmed. Seto then used a computer program on the computer to replay the game, commenting on how well Yami played. He also asked to look at the queen, which Yami had pocketed.

"There is still one thing I don't get about the match. Apparently this Necare was skilled, and seemed confident when Yami challenged him, right?" Seto paused, idly turning over the chess piece in his hand and when Malik nodded, he continued. "From what else you've said about him, he should have been a tougher opponent. So why did Necare play such a bad game?"

"The shadow game. It brought out his true nature. He only played a bad game after castling, before castling he was playing a set opening – one that you don't need to think to play. I had a hunch that he was the kind of person who was so used to taking orders that his nature is to only make big decisions after being ordered to do so. He couldn't make the right kind of decision, so he lost horridly." Yami said, still staring out the window.

Seto scowled, but said nothing. That was not the kind of answer he was looking for. He wasn't sure what kind of answer he wanted, though.

Over the next two days they waited and researched, trying to get information on their enemy. Ryou had woken up and been released the day after he fainted, though he was being quieter than normal. Mokuba had surprised many and seemed to be making a full recovery.

On the third day they released Seto from the hospital and moved Mokuba to a regular room. Before he left the hospital, Seto insisted on visiting his brother.

Seto, Yami, Malik, Ryou, and Marik walked into the room, all of them solemn. In their research they had found nothing. But what they saw was a welcome surprise. Mokuba was sitting up in bed, smiling brightly at them, "Hi, big brother." He said and Seto quite literally ran to Mokuba's side and hugged him.

"I thought I'd lost you." Seto muttered, tears in his eyes. The others walked into the room, glad to see the Kaiba brothers reunited, but not wanting to intrude on their moment. Eventually Seto let go of Mokuba, though he didn't leave the boy's side for the rest of the visit.

Yugi's POV

"I can't believe that incompetent fool killed Necare" Ebony shouted and I winced. When she was angry, it was not good for me. She'd been sulking about Yami beating her second-in-command for three days, and I was actually getting rather sick of it. So, I decided that today would be different.

"Well, that's what happens when you send an idiot to do your dirty work." I said. I know it wasn't something I'd normally say, but days of this imprisonment had left me snappish.

"Don't you dare insult Necare!" Ebony snapped, coming over and backhanding me in the face, sending me reeling onto my bed.

"Then don't insult my yami!" I retorted.

"I think I'll have some fun with you, send a warning to your yami." she sneered, almost gently placing a hand on my chest. I was shocked, I had expected that she'd shove me onto one of the electrified tiles. What actually came was much, much worse, though. Pain shot through her hand to me, filling my entire body. I screamed, I'm sure of it, but I don't really remember yelling. All I remember is the pain, and trying to reach Yami through that haze of pain. I felt his warm, comforting presence just out of my reach, and I knew he felt some of my pain. I wished I could die, so that the pain would just end, but I didn't and the pain went on and on. Finally it ended, I collapsed onto my bed, weeping.

Yami flinched. "Excuse me." he muttered and walked off into the bathroom in Mokuba's hospital room. As soon as the door was locked, he doubled over in pain and tried not to yell. He knew it was simply shadow pain, only a portion of the pain Yugi was feeling at that instant, but that didn't make it any less real. "Mou hitori no boku, what is she doing to you?" He mumbled through gritted teeth. All of a sudden, he felt Yugi's presence, just out of his mental reach. In his mind he reached out to Yugi, but then, all of a sudden, the pain was gone. So was Yugi's presence. Yugi was still alive, but that almost-closeness was gone. To Yami, it felt like an eternity had passed, but a quick glance at his watch showed that it had been only three minutes. To keep up a normal appearance around Mokuba, he flushed the toilet and ran the water, sticking his hands briefly under the faucet before turning it off so that his hands would at least look wet. With that he unlocked the door and returned to his friends.

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Kazuma: Death Bullet of …

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Kazuma: LOVE!

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Bakura: hey! No rough handling the dead guy!

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Dragon Child: and tourneys are awesome. I'm not as an avid chess player as most there, but I've got the autographs of two grandmasters that played a blindfolded game against each other. I also got a book of games that I should have been studying, but haven't. I always loose, because everyone's so much better than me, but in fall I'm going to join our high school chess team. Maybe I'll be better. I took a chess class once and beat, by some stroke of luck, the best kid in the class. I was the worst. And the tournament (two years in a row I went to the same tournament) I was at was for pre-schoolers through high school seniors there was a woman who carved chess pieces out of cheese and let the kids eat the extra cheese, which I pigged out on, and they had a giant chess set, the king (always the tallest piece) was at least three or four feet tall! The tournament was held at one of the clubhouses in the Paul Brown stadium and it was sponsored by the Bengals and I met some of them the first year! And the simuls were awesome! A simul in chess is where a chess master, or grandmaster, goes around and plays like forty people at once. There were somewhere around five simuls going on, and each one had forty or so kids and all of them were full!

Kageka: you know, I told my anime club friends about you. I said that you seemed like you loved my stuff and you're a college student and they all laughed with one of those "you-like-him-or-he-likes-you" laughs. I was insulted. We think it's a compliment, though, that you said this fic was getting creepy. Though this chapter is pretty much dead boring. About Bakura fighting, I've actually never really seen a fic with fight scenes where he doesn't know how to fight. He kicks butt!

Saiyan Jedi: yeah, I'm writing a fic about Kageka's Egyptian past (dude, why has no one ever done this?! It's such a good idea!) since, of course, she was the head of the ancient Egyptian armed forces she got in more than one little tussle with Bakrua and respects him as a fighter. She hates him as a person though.

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