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What We Make of It

Chapter 50 – Wedding Bells


Closing Bells

Adjusting his collared shirt, Shinji frowned at his reflection in the mirror. A bachelor's party, did he really need to have one? His male friends and family were all about the idea of going out on Morrigan's planned excursion, hell Utena was even looking forward to it. So why was he nervous about it, he trusted Morrigan to not do something to much. At least he had his own plan of attack for his marriage party. Having looked up traditions, he found he had to get something for the members of his half of the party.

It took some finagling for a good majority of them, but Shinji was proud of what he was able to accomplish for his obligations. When he told them he just hoped they took it the way he intended them to. Finishing his hair styling, more combing out the mess Misato beset upon him, he walked out the door to find he was the last member to finish prep work. "Sorry if I kept you all waiting," he apologized.

Pinning a lapel on his collar, Morrigan kissed his cheek playfully. "No worries hun, I was just filling your guests in on how things are going to go today. Oh and don't take that pin off, it's important," Morrigan gestured to the other members of the group. Touji, Kensuke, Utena, Keiichi, and Tenchi all had similar pins on. The small emerald pin's radiated a faint glow that could have been misconstrued as just catching the light, but in the darkened room it was evident they were magic.

Appearing uncomfortable in the semi-formal clothing he was wearing, Touji tugged on his sleeve. "So uh, you never did tell us where we were going. And since a lot of us are under age how much fun can this be if we're going someplace?" he whined. Following behind Shinji and Morrigan, the group headed to the front door of Hild's mansion. "If we stayed here we could have a real kicking party," he sounded as desperate as any teenager wanting to see nubile flesh could.

"You'll never have a girlfriend if you keep coming off like a perv, Suza-chan," Utena joked as she roped Touji's neck with her left arm. Giving Shinji a small boot to the butt, Utena giggled, "Stop dragging your feet brother, we've a party to enjoy and you're the man of the hour. Oh and Anthy said she'd keep an eye on that hellion of yours," a whimsical quality invaded Utena's speech once her lover's name was mentioned.

Grasping the handle of the door, Shinji took a deep breath, whatever was going to happen he'd not be alone for it. "I'll have to thank her for that and the rings when I see her tomorrow," he recounted. They really were the perfect rings for the occasion. Utena and Anthy had overcome so much to form their bond, and their rings symbolized that. It was something Shinji always envied and found beautiful. Now he'd have his own set of rings. "You all ready to go?" he turned back to the group.

On his phone, Kensuke's face paled, "You can't be serious! Have you authenticated the disk? Really? That's…I don't have words for it! We still made a mint but she…that's almost cheating!" Kensuke hung up the phone and gave Shinji a queer glance. "You have some explaining to do, but it can wait. I want to forget what I just heard," Kensuke shoved the tiny plastic device into his pocket furiously.

"Still don't know why we're doing this so early," Tenchi mentioned out of hand. "It's mid morning, not the best time to have a party I'd think," he too appeared uncomfortable in clothing. "But if you're so sure this is the best way to go about it…I'll just have to go with the flow," he shrugged with an easy going smile of acceptance.

Tittering, her head wings flapped happily, Morrigan just sauntered to the door. "Oh trust me, where we're going it's the perfect time for the little bash I set up," she blew a kiss to the older men in the group. Pushing the door open, Morrigan ceremoniously kissed each attendees cheek and pushed them through the door. When it was Keiichi's turn, she just patted him with her fingers, and followed behind. Giggling again at the shock and gasps she heard she informed them of what just happened. "Welcome to Las Vegas my dear party goers, and remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," she bowed quickly.

Stepping out of the alley they teleported into, Shinji gazed up at the now night sky that was perforated with electric lights from the casino's and clubs. "B-but Mo-chan we don't know English!" he slipped with his formalities. Over the weeks he felt the yearning in his heart for his own personal succubus growing and growing, until it overflowed. He called her 'Mo-chan' once two days ago and she almost sucked his tongue out of his mouth as she reciprocated. "I can hardly read…wait…" Shinji gasped as he found he could read the signs clearly and understood them.

"Holy shit! We're really in America and…why is everybody speaking in Japanese?" Touji twirled around like an overwhelmed tourist. Nearly bouncing into a street crier, a very attractive blond, Touji's face burnt a healthy crimson at seeing her amble yet scantly clad bust. "This-this is awesome!" he roared.

Gently, and it is implied hard, Morrigan slapped the back of Touji's head to calm him down. "The gems I insisted you wear are translating things for you, so now you know why you need to keep them on," she informed. Linking her arm with Shinji, she nuzzled against her toy. "No more slip ups from you Shin-baby or I'll break you in, but I promised Hild I wouldn't," she whispered. Turning to the still awestruck group, "Let us go to our club were I've arranged some special entertainment for us all."

Grabbing Shinji's other arm, Utena's expression turned from wonder to defensive. "This place is dangerous for tourist, don't leave our side Shinji," she said with full conviction. Her eyes wandered from caller to caller, a few women handed her a card for 'special services' and her face scrunched up. "Why is everybody being so forthcoming with offering us things we should be to young for? I know a call-girl when I see one, so why did she give me a," she read the card and dropped it as if it were on fire, "ew…free hand job."

His face about to burst into flames, Tenchi caught up to the group, his hand loaded with cards. "This is a little much, these women really like to solicited their clubs," he pocketed the offerings of free booze and chips as mementos. Pointing at the large neon sign of the 'One Night Stand' he gasped, "We're going there? That's a strip club isn't it? They'll never let Shinji and his friends in!"

Scowling a trifle, Morrigan's forehead had a prominent vein protruding. "You think to little of me, humans. The gems make you look like your older selves, and the club has been reserved for me for a hefty price. So all you have to worry about is having fun, and making sure you don't get conned out of a kidney," she eyed Touji and Kensuke specifically. "You two stay with one of us at all times, Shin-baby isn't leaving my sight, but you two could run off and get hurt if not careful," she ran a finger under Kensuke's chin nearly making him collapse.

Walking through the large double doors, a red-head and brunette on either side winked at him as he passed them, Shinji was amazed at the interior. A large bar at the back, a walkway with two offshoot platforms with poles featured dancers that boggled the mind with their skills and figures. It was dark, black-lights were in use, but the music was good, the other thing of notice was that aside the dancers, servers, and the bartender it was empty.

Feeling Morrigan release her hold, and grab his shoulders, Shinji tensed up. "Y-you went overboard on this Morrigan-c…san," he corrected himself at her request. Morrigan, Shinji noticed, was as unfamiliar with genuine affection as he used to be. It melted his heart to see her blush, her outer shell of 'sex personified' melted away to her true personality. Still flirty but toned down and more honest, he alone saw it. His body propelled towards the main stage, Shinji fidgeted a bit more as he was placed at the seat at the head of the platform, "H-here?"

"Where else would the man of the hour sit?" Keiichi chuckled as he took the chair two down from Shinji. A good view of both the main and right platform, Keiichi let out a low whistle as the Brazilian dancer continued to dance suggestively. "I'm glad Bell is off with her sisters and the other girls from Nekomi or I'd be dead right now," he nodded at his own words.

Ah yes the bachelorette parties, how could Shinji forget about those. It was funny how quickly his mind went to fear to the point he forgot that he wasn't alone in the endeavor. Sasami was off with her sister, Ryoko, Mihoshi, Washu, and Tokimi doing god knows what, though he half suspected it'd end up involving whips. Urd had a planned meeting with her sisters, mother, Misato, and the girls they knew from the University. The last group, Shinji wanted to know the least about in fear his brain would melt. Whatever Asuka, Etna, Flonne, Naga, and Anthy were going to do was best left to them.

"What would you like to drink, Shinji-sama?" a timid voice interrupted Shinji's daydream of the girls' parties.

Shaking his head clear, Shinji's jaw dropped as he turned to the question. Clad in a very revealing red leather mini-skirt and tube-top, complete with heart shaped whole to show her cleavage, Aoi stood abashed and unafraid. "A-A-Aoi-chan! What are you…" doing here? Wearing? Thinking? All came to mind as potential questions, yet Shinji couldn't finish his statement. His mind was officially jilted at seeing the traditionally kimono-clad girl in one of the most outrageous costumes ever.

"He'll have a rum and coke, as will the two boys, I'll have a shot of tequila and a Long Island Ice tea and one for Utena-chan here, and get those two whatever they want," Morrigan flicked her wrist at Keiichi and Tenchi whore were engrossed in the show. Manually turning Shinji's head away from the departing Aoi back to her, Morrigan cooed "Like my first little gift for you? Aoi-chan is my star pupil you see, and she so wanted to be part of this little party. Few others that you'll see later on too begged for the chance," she looked down at the radar and her face blanched, "Nothing yet! I'll have to up the odds."

Drinks in hand, Kensuke took a mighty swig, "Wow you can't taste the booze at all in this. American bartenders know how to make a good drink," he said as if he drank a lot. His head spun from platform to platform. The three main platforms each had a very tasty crumpet doing her job very well. "Thank you for bringing me here Shinji, even if you cheated," he said cryptically.

Eyes on the stage, Utena didn't appear to be entertained, though Shinji could tell it was an act and she was very much enjoying things, the duelist sipped her drink. "Don't drink to much, little bro, unless you want to be carried out of here, and maybe find yourself waking up in bed with one of those women," she slapped his back lightly. Her cheeks going flush, "How much alcohol is in this? I don't drink very often."

Taking her shot first, Morrigan's wings extended fully as an afterthought. "Oh more than enough," she answered. Her head bouncing with the music, the succubus just leaned lightly against the male to her side. "Enjoying the evening so far my little puppy?" she whispered as her voice was almost drowned out by the other cheering men. "They are it seems," she appended.

Had he not have had those odd dreams for the last two weeks, Shinji would have likely broke down into a pile of mush. Odd how those dreams of his study group, two dreams apiece, helped acclimate him to things. "I'm happy as long as they're happy," he sipped his drink slowly. "I was so nervous about this, but now I'm having fun," he grinned. It was nice to spend time with 'the guys' on occasion, even if one of the guys was a woman and another a succubus.

It wasn't a lie either, Shinji took a great deal of joy in watching his buddies and soon-to be-family enjoying themselves. Funnier still was how Utena tried to NOT look interested she was enjoying the show far more than he was. For a full hour the group drank heartily, feasted upon delicacies, and enjoyed strangers on stage doing things their trained bodies could only make minds boggle at. As the current act, twin red heads that engaged in a mirror dance, bowed and waved at the group, Shinji cleared his throat to get their attention.

"Wh-while we wait for the next act, I wanted…wanted to give you guys your…gifts now," Shinji slurred as his third rum and coke was plying on his brain. With Utena's arm around his waist steadying him, he knew where to start. "I-I'll start with my dear sister, not bound by blood, but I love you more than if we were truly siblings," he smiled at her as she teared up herself. "It bothered me…that the g-government wouldn't let you and Anthy get married so…I had Misaki apply pressure. Same sex marriage will be legalized in under a week or the Jurain embassy will be moved to Germany," he was proud of that one.

Whatever Shinji was expecting as Utena's reaction, it was likely far from reality. The pink haired warrior got to her feet, literally picked Shinji out of his seat, and hugged the shit out of him. Swaying back and fourth, his legs nearly hitting Morrigan and Kensuke as she gyrated, she spun around in a circle of pure delight. "I can't thank you enough, brother, neither can countless other couples," she gushed as she finally set him down. Wobbling on unsteady legs, she crashed into her seat and followed it up by finishing her mason jar of booze.

Feeling the urge to vomit come and go, Shinji's vision swam. But he had things to do, as the more he drank the more tired he became, he had to act fast or he might miss his chance to get what he wanted accomplished. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out two watch like devices, "Keiichi, Tenchi I asked Washu to make these for you. T-teleporters to a sub-dimension that has a bed, television, and other amenities so you can have some p-private time without being bothered," he extended the devices to the two males.

Each grabbed them instantaneously and slapped them on without a second thought. "Finally I can sleep again/Finally some peace and quiet!" they chorused and hugged each other. "Love them, but some times…" the started crying in between drinks.

Handing Kensuke a slip of paper, Shinji had to admit the bespeckled boy was the hardest to get something for. "Misato authorized you access to the Magi, here are the pass-codes, and Touji…" Shinji burped. "Tsunami-chan has healed everything with Mari-chan and Nerv took care of the back-bills," Shinji confessed sheepishly. Sure Mari hadn't been hurt bad, but Tsunami found several key genetic defects that could have lead to a very short life…and fixed them

"Thanks Shin-man, thanks" Kensuke would have said more, but he fell out of his chair unconscious.

Taking Shinji's hand, Touji gave it three mighty shakes before breaking down and hugging the boy. "Dude, you…you do get what you deserve, you better get what you deserve in life or…" he blubbered. Taking his seat again, a dopy smile on his face, Touji rearranged Kensuke so the geek wouldn't have any stiff joints come morning.

"Now that that is out of the way, are we ready for the main attraction?" Morrigan tickled Shinji under his chin to get his attention. Gesturing to the stage as three spot lights turned on to each platform, "May I present a lot of word on my part, "Never Expect Radiant Visions."

The lights dimmed and three women stepped out from behind their respective curtains. Utena was instantly focused on the center stage, and Shinji was as well. Face covered with a purple satin cloth, the woman was the most clothed of the three, but her movements were poetry in motion. Even her walking was almost a dance, as she strolled to her pole and performed. To Shinji's right, a block with a blue cloth covering her face, moved with an elegance and poise that struck a cord. The final woman had on a red cloth and torn overalls.

For thirty minutes the trio moved in suggestive and alluring ways, nothing dirty but very stimulating. The woman on the front stage, however…she was obviously focused on Shinji. Beckoning to him, she'd crawl to the edge of the stage, her foot pressed against Shinji's chest then she'd arch her back and sent Touji and Keiichi into fits. If Shinji hadn't had a hand on her arm, Utena might have made a move for the stage.

When it ended…and the masks removed, Shinji was hit with a wanting so profound it almost scared him. "A-Attim," he mouthed as the woman removed her scarf.

Attim, Shion, and Ritsuko bowed and jumped off the stage to judge their results. Utena charged Attim again, only to trip and fall into the woman, head nestled in the uncanny valley, the duelist of the roses found nappy time a good thing to have. "They all worked so hard training for this and their other duties, Shin-baby, make good use of that," Morrigan finally said as the embarrassed women carried Kensuke, Touji, and Utena away to the rented sleeping quarters.

"Not to interrupt, hell TO interrupt, I have my gift for ya my boy," Washu forcibly pushed Morrigan and Shinji apart. "As those unattached are now gone, I think its best you view this now, and don't worry, I'll split it with you," Washu chuckled, looking just as drunk as the rest. Handing Shinji a DVD and a portable player, she smacked Morrigan on the ass, "You're not the only one that knows how to party bat-head!" and with that Washu cackled and teleported away.

Rubbing at his drooping eyes, Keiichi asked, "What is it? All it says is 'Space Adventure' that a movie?" Setting up the player, he took the DVD and set it in.

Letting out a mighty yawn, Tenchi just laughed, "If it came from Washu we can only guess. It could be anything from a horror movie to…well let's just say Washu likes to play jokes." A cold shiver ran down Tenchi's back as memories assaulted him.

Hitting play on the remote, Shinji turned to Morrigan with a quizzical look. "You didn't have anything to do with this?" he didn't like that title. It was the name of the movie that Attim and he watched that that fired off those odd dreams. As the title screen, exactly the same as the movie from before, melted away Shinji spat out his current drink. It was…his dreams…video taped and in full view. Staring down at his crotch, back at the screen, Shinji nearly fainted. It had been real, that's why it felt so real.

Oddly all four of the drunken party goes weren't repulsed, they focused and the two guys turned to Shinji with newfound respect. With each girl popping up and saying how she loved Shinji and agreed to the show as long as Shinji wanted it…well…the lad couldn't fault them. But that meant…he wasn't a…that he had…with all five of them?

And that ladies and gentlemen is where Shinji passed out into Morrigan's arms.

X- So Washu won the bet by staging a good ol' fashion porno –X

So it was finally the day, he was getting married to three…maybe four if she wanted…women today. Not many men, hell hardly any, men could say they were as blessed as he was about to be. So why couldn't Shinji stop worrying. He didn't feel dirty for his new knowledge about himself and his study group that now went beyond simple friends. It was that stupid dream from over a month again.

"Stupid ties, why must you confound me at every turn?" the frazzled boy again tried to tie the stupid cloth correctly. The groomsmen were all ready, he could only assume Utena was fine with the other girls, but he couldn't finish the stupid tie. "Great I'm going to be late for my own wedding because I can't tie this stupid thing!" he took the red silk tie off and chucked it at the door. Sitting on a provided chair, Shinji sulked, then jumped as a clothed hand trailed down his spine.

Moving to the chair across from his, Rei held the tie out for him. "I could affix it for you, if you are having issues," she said in her classic deadpan manner. "If you are wondering, the others are all ready, and the party with Sasami's family went well," a small hint of red adorned the albino's face. "It was my first encounter with male dancers, Ryoko-kun nearly tore his clothing off," Rei tilted her head to the side as she went about fixing Shinji's tie.

His breath stopped as he saw her dress, it was pretty, gorgeous in fact and she in it, but it was the same thing from his dream. "I-I wouldn't have though otherwise for a party with those people at it. I'm surprised Mihoshi-san didn't do something strange," he hadn't spent much time with Sasami's family, but Mihoshi stuck out like a sore thumb. He had to believe some god/goddess of luck followed her wherever she went.

"Aside from eating most of the desserts, Mihoshi-kun did attempt to dance with the men. When one asked for her phone number she laughed, smacked him on the back, and sent the man through a wall," Rei nodded as she finished her task that Shinji couldn't. "I do believe that completes your dressing. Are you ready to head out and begin the ceremony?" she asked getting to her feet. She was stopped from her egress as Shinji grabbed her arm, "I-Ikari-kun?"

"Shinji, Rei-chan, you can still call me Shinji," he corrected the girl. He had feared this, more from Rei than anybody else. So much had happened to this girl since he met her ages ago, that he feared she regress if she feared he was gone. "I…I have another ring…I wanted to ask…do…will you merry me?" he asked getting down on one knee. She had entered his heart before anybody else did, her quirky yet adorable nature won him over. Despite her personality shifting from reading material, he could think of nothing bad of the girl. "I know it's sudden, and you likely wouldn't want to be part of this oddity that's…"

Shutting the foolish boy up with a kiss, Rei pulled back with a small smile on her face. "I promised Sasami-chan that I would wait at least a day, if you were willing to have me," she said softly. Helping Shinji off the ground, Rei hugged his arm as they walked. "Reality, I believe I like it here now," she said to herself but loud enough for Shinji to hear. "I can read whatever I wish now, and remain myself, and I thank you for waiting for me," she slowed her walk, her dress catching on various objects as they walked.

The spare ring felt heavy in his hand, but Shinji found the strength to put it back in his pocket. "I'm proud of you, Rei-chan. It took strength to fight such a thing, and I'm glad I could have been a small part of that," he felt her heat against his side. So many practice rehearsals, rituals, and ceremonies had brought them all to this precipice, and it was time to take the plunge. Goodbye single life and hello tax write offs.

X- Here comes the brides all decked in…a lot of colors –X

It was going like clockwork, no snags at all for the first of three ceremonies. Shinji felt so relived that his fears were a moot point, no gunfire, no explosions. All that was left was for the priest to say the last part, he kiss his first bride, and do it two more times. Sure the honeymoon would be very awkward, his mother has sprung for a Hawaiian resort for the four of them, but he found his initial fear of intimacy gone thanks to Washu's gift.

"I now pronounce you…" Kozo started saying. As the leader of Nerv now, he was fully qualified to oversee the ceremony, and the man had expressed great interest in it. As he opened his mouth to officially welcome the couple into holy 'god why did I every agree to spending the rest of my life with you' all hell broke loose.

Sasami slumped over, complements to a blow to the back of the head from a blackjack shot out of a gun. Walls exploded inward, the carefully constructed chapel breaking apart and upending pews as hunks of plaster fell on them. Gendo had made his entrance, followed by his stolen army of genetically altered dummy plug vessels stolen from Seele. "I object to this farce! And my curse will help me see it through!" the man bellowed as the attack began in earnest.

Legions of modified angelic human hybrids rushed the crowd as a defensive line formed to protect the defenseless. Gendo made his way through the crowd with the modified Tabris's acting as his elite guard, not that he needed it. With the smoke, fire, confusion, and fighting nobody noticed a mere man among monsters walking through the crowds. Finding his way to the alter, gun in hand, he pointed it at his son. "Sold my soul for this, spawn, a curse to costly but secret that it took all I had to give. It was worth it," he smiled and back handed his son to the ground.

His visions came screaming back at him. Shinji knew how this was going to play out, knew that it was his life or Rei's. Spotting the girl moving, Shinji couldn't think of anything else he could do. If he brought attention to Rei, she'd be targeted, if he didn't, she'd still get found as she got closer.

Acting his part, and in accordance to his own desires, Shinji did what he knew he had to. "Man and wife," he finished and kissed Sasami's unconscious lips. Getting to his feet, he took in all the carnage, seared it into his mind and soul. He didn't need to talk to his father, no the crazed look on the man's face and the memories of the dream were enough. Gendo had no sane motive for his actions, and Shinji didn't want to hear it anyway. His loved ones were in danger, some already hurt. Utena was unconscious and bleeding from a head wound a chuck of wall caused.

"No pleading, no begging for you life? And here I had you figured to be pissing your pants and sacrificing all those others for your own good," Gendo giggled and fired his assault rifle over Shinji's shoulder. The gunfire was lost amid the other shots being launched from all around. "Maybe if I pick one off, somebody you care for, I'll get the satisfaction I deserve from this," the man spun on his heels, just like in the dream.

Now or never, her or him…well that was an easy question to ask. Shinji found his body sprinting full on towards the inevitable. But, his mind screamed out, but that doesn't save anybody! It would prolong things yes, but Gendo was still there and his army of freaks! But he had to save Rei, he had to save them all! Somehow this man that used to be his father found a way to strike that could very will succeed. His most powerful allies were crippled due to the presence of frail human life, which prevented them from all out attacking.

The shot, the fall, Shinji's mind his very essence pleaded to stop this madness. Rei's face hovered over his, his hand trailed her crying visage. No! It can't end this way! I can't leave them! NO! His vision darkened, blacker…blacker…blacker…he vaguely heard a horrified scream as Gendo was separated into three sections compliments of Kos-Mos's R-Scythe and Morrigan's blade wings cutting him into top, middle, and lower extremities. But that didn't stop the assault, those poor creatures…blacker…blacker…whiteness.

X- Oh shit son! All hells about to break loose –X

Life, fate, or even existence was just one big terrible bastard in Ayanami Rei's opinion. Finally, after great suffering, trials, and tribulations she had reached the finish line with all its promised glory and awesomeness. Now, after she had just been proposed to by the one man she wanted to be with, she was privy to his execution at the hands of his father. Hell she couldn't even get revenge on the bastard as he had been thirded not twenty seconds after the act!

All around her, Rei could hear struggle, strife, and for a few that saw what happened incalculable grieving. But what could she do or say, nothing would have been enough, so she kept it in. It would have been better if she had remained broken, than suffer this fate. When her mind was filled with holes that only manga and anime could fix, all she would have had to do was read a funny one and Shinji's cooling body would have been a joke.

Katsuragi's shriek overshadowed the noise for a moment, she must have seen the real purpose now, Rei ventured. Holding her love's head, a trickle of blood dribbling down his chin, Rei licked her thumb and cleaned it off. The rest of his body was a bloody mess, thanks to the bullet meant for her that he took. Oh yeah, that's right. Her attempt at saving him actually doomed him didn't it? Another reason her freedom of thought was a curse.

"I hate you…I hate you for leaving me," she cried as she smashed her small fists against his chest. Blood splattered her dress, but hell if she cared she was sitting in it anyway. Collapsing against his body, Rei could still feel the heat from the fluid, "I love you…don't go," she pleaded. Then she heard it…his heart.

It was beating, impossibly so, yet it was beating despite the fact he should be dead.

More sounds of mornings giving up the battle against the angelic threat, what was the point when what you wanted was already gone. Yet still Rei heard that tiny thump, but it wasn't so tiny anymore, it was growing louder, stronger, and without any real reason to, Rei just assumed she was going crazy. Not hard to imagine having been half way there already.

When she felt his arms grasp her small frame, Rei gasped and turned up to see his face. It was not a face she immediately recognized! Those soft blue eyes she found so calming were gone, as were the whites of his eyes. Pure golden light poured out of his eye sockets as the boy smiled at her, yet it was an alien smile, gone was the personality she had come to love. This wasn't the Shinji she knew, yet she felt such warmth and tenderness from him as he gently freed himself from under her.

Rei witness first hand the events as the creature that was Ikari Shinji got to his feet and started floating. "S-Shin-chan?" she called after him but was not heard or not cared for.

Everything seemed to stop in that instant. Both of the Shinji creature's arms extended outward. "This is not to be," the words were filled with power and emanated through the room like a wave. As if it were conducting and orchestra, the being's hands wafted to and fro pointing at man, woman, and beast. Walls mended, wounds were healed, and damage rendered moot. The creatures, all save one that reverted to the body of a fourteen year old male, vanished in puffs of gold smoke. "Tabris is innocent of this crime forced upon him, treat him well," the voice commended as it clicked it's fingers and clothed the boy.

As more people came too, or were freed of their fight, they all still noticed the blood flowing out of the creature bathed in golden light. Washu, Tokimi, and Kanako bowed their heads to the ground and Rei could hear them utter, "Father!"

"Rise my daughters, I was never one to wish for worship. As such I took a human body as three of you have," the creature waved at his children. "My time is short, peace be upon you," and with his statement stated drifting back to the ground. "Young one, know he…I loved you dear," it said as he held out to Rei's face again.

"Loved! You mean you can't…that you won't…after healing all of them what about…yourself?" Rei didn't understand! She had just witnessed a miracle! The creator of the three goddess of creation had righted everything that was wronged, even going so far as the patch Gendo back together, now held down by Misato at gunpoint. "W-what will become of you?" she tugged on the now ruined tuxedo's inner white dress shirt.

X- And we have our climax! –X

"Hm…do I go for the 'reset time' bit and have Shinji back at chapter one coming to town, or do I have him die," the writer asked himself as he typed the final chapter of his oddity of a story. His lazy cat just flicked her tail on the keyboard as he paused to consider how to officially end the story proper.

Leaning back in his chair, he paused to gaze at his myriad of wallscrolls, currently Vandred, Trigun, and Trinity Blood were on the front wall, with Read or Die and Xenosaga at his side. "Never did bring in the paper sisters like I wanted, oh well to many characters made their way into this story anyway," he muttered before putting fingers back to keyboard. "If I kill him people will think it's a real downer, despite all the good and positive character changes that would bring about. Now if I reset things, it'll be called a cop out, but the reset arc is always fun to do," he hummed.

Grabbing at his shaggy brown hair, the writer's frustration grew. "Damn it! I hate endings, I tend to butcher the damn things!" he raged. Stopping his self abuse to pet the aforementioned cat on his desk, he was stopped of future debate by a blinding white pain against the back of his head. Grasping at the sudden abuse, "What the hell was that!" His shriek, often accompanied by a failure at some video game or finding his cat had eaten something she shouldn't have, was met with a smack to the face. "Oh…oh fuck I drank to much last night…having visions!" he boggled.

Arm still extended, Washu had a very cross expression on her crab loving face. "Oh you don't know the half if it, but you will if you don't listen," she admonished and grabbed the writer by his flimsy t-shirt. "You and me…and a whole lot of other people have a problem with this proposed ending of yours," she spat out and threw the writer back into his chair, it spun back around to face the monitor.

"You can't be here! You…you're just a fictional character! I've your DVD's on the wrack over there!" the frantic writer pointed at his DVD's. Sure enough Tenchi Muyo was nestled between Sorcerer Hunters and Slayers. "Dreaming I have to be dreaming, to much pizza and booze last night…I want to wake up…OUCH! Stop hitting me!" he whined as Washu slapped him again.

Hopping up on her invisible cushion, Washu floated at the open side of the desk, at the writers left side. "For somebody that believes all works of 'fiction' are simply visions into some parallel world, you have a hard time accepting your own theories," she said snidely. Stopping to pet the cat that was worshipped as some sort of deity by the writer's friends, Washu shooed the creature out of the room and into the apartment proper to spare it from harm. "Now are you going to continue your little freak out, or can we get to business?" she asked as she dusted off the white hairs the cat's departure left on her.

Blinking fast, the writer just tried not to shit himself or cry. "O-ok, so assuming I'm not crazy and this is really happening. What are you doing here, shouldn't you be doing something…I don't know…more important than bugging a computer programmer that wastes his weekends writing fanfiction?" he questioned the floating creature. "And man…anime hair looks odd in reality," he couldn't help but state.

"You always wanted to make a parody of self-inserts, so I, we, figured this would be the ideal time," Washu popped the Hanyuu plush figure off the wall and squeezed it with a grin. "And I'm here to make sure you don't go for either of those 'bad but good' endings. We DEMAND a good ending for as many of us as possible. Since your beliefs fuel us, many of us are lining up to come over here and beat the ever loving tar out of you if you go ahead with your original 'shock' ending," Washu re-hung the plush.

Mind grasping at straws, the writer tried to think of a way to save his skin, as he didn't enjoy pain much. "I uh…sure, I'll go for a more traditional 'everybody is happy' ending and uh…is that good enough?" he asked as an idea popped into his head. If he did go for a happy yet open ending…yes that might work…assuming the community was open to it.

"Oh, you're not thinking dirty things about me are you Writer-kun? Or is that smile for something other than sneaking a peek at me?" Washu flew closer to the writer and pinched his nose painfully yet jokingly. "Do tell what's going on in that mind of yours, as your future peace of mind is very much at stake," she released her hold.

Turning back to his keyboard the writer started typing. "Well after fifty chapters of this story, I feel I've accomplished all I've wanted with it. But its such a neat idea for a universe…if I go for an open and happy ending I could open this up to other writers…better writers to take over and go wherever they want with it! I've set it up and let them do with it what they will! They'd have just about any character they want to work with…to many characters I'll admit…but that way even though I'm done the story doesn't have to end!" he started typing his ending as Washu chuckled behind him.

Scratching the writer behind the ears, "Good pet. But you know you'll never truly be 'done' with this story. Even now I can see it…OVA's and Movies will be your excuse for random updates. Sure you might be done with it officially, but you'll never leave us alone, you like us to much," Washu patted the writer's cheek. "Nice going with me cheating to win that bet too, money is going to go to good use, now get to work!" she smacked the writer on the back of the head and vanished as quickly as she appeared.

"Yeah! I always did write this as episodes of a show…so if the show is over I can write periodic OVA's and a 'movie' if a good idea ever shows up. Done officially, but not shutting the door forever! Oh and…those have a lot more…" the writer giggled to himself. OVA's and Movies didn't have to adhere to sensors as much, meaning they could be a lot more…

"So let's get on about that honeymoon…"

X- Let's shatter that forth wall shall we? –X

It wasn't to say they were spying on Shinji and his entering of a new stage of his life, that shared with Tenchi and Keiichi, but Misato, Hild, and Washu were worried. Misato was worried he'd want to see how she compared to his four wives…and Aisha. Washu wanted to insure nobody got hurt or broke Shinji, and Hild was concerned as a mother. It wasn't every day you learn your son is the physical reincarnation of the creator of the universe.

"And that makes number four for Sasami, girl can really yowl when she lets loose," Misato daintily cleaned her ear out with her pinky. It really was a shocker for her, not only to see Shinji get shot, but mend himself two days ago, and now here she was listening to him and his wives…and fucking Aisha enjoying the fruits of marital bliss. "And it sounds like Aisha is again throwing Asuka around to get the next go…why DID you do that by the way?" Misato asked Washu who was staring off into space for a moment.

Giving the thumbs up to the window, for who knows what reason, Washu just shrugged. "Thought why the hell not, if Ayanami got that last ring I figured why not spice things up," Washu never did need much more reason than 'I was bored' for her to do things anyway. "I'm just glad I rigged that little bet to get our little hero some much needed practice before the real show started," Washu didn't comment on the literal mountain of money stacked up in the corner.

"And those five girls are already petitioning to be married into this little harem, each in turn of their true home planets," Hild swirled her glass of wine around. "Making this a marriage of political interests under the Jurain tradition is going to be odd. Most of them want him as a man not a leader," Hild took a sip. "But he does his mother proud in breaking them. To think Asuka-chan would be the first to be…" she just tittered.

Feeling more than a little anxious as the yelps and moans continued to echo through the very thick wall, Misato groaned in frustration. "I had no idea he was going to be a natural at this. God, I'll have to drug the mansion to get a turn at this rate, and Attim is likely spying on them right now too…waiting for her chance," Misato just sighed. Shinji was going to be the king of the damn universe once the current king retired. With princesses from numerous outer planets lining up to join the alliance of Heaven, Hell, Jurai, and the solar system it didn't hurt that whispers of Shinji's ascendance weren't totally quelled.

It did Misato's heart good to know Shinji remembered nothing of his spat as the creator of all things, he just woke up with Rei sitting at his side with the fifth ring on her finger. The other weddings went off rapid fire, and without another word, and Gendo was currently being held on Misaki's ship for punishment. What a woman that thought of whips as foreplay would consider punishment, Misato didn't want to know.

"And there goes Aisha again, Ctarl-Ctarl must have a hair trigger," Washu checked another box on her score sheet. "I just hope that once the grandchildren start coming…well that they're as meek and accommodating as their father. Can you imagine a child of that hellspawn with half his power?" Washu shuddered.

Clicking her fingers, Hild frowned as another unexpected voice wafted through the wall. "Damn that Morrigan, I told her to wait till tomorrow, oh well no matter," Hild's frown shifted to a grin. "I'll punish her later, and that is proof that my son can and will make good women out of even the most vile and evil of people," she closed her eyes and reclined back into her chair. "But to keep going at each other for a full two days, his birth mother must have had boundless energy," she quipped.

Tugging at her hair, Misato stood up, "That's it! If Morrigan can just waltz in there…" Misato huffed and headed out of the room as she stripped her clothing. She wasn't going to be the last horse to cross the finish line. She had waited longer than most to know what her lover truly felt like. Rei and Kos-Mos were ahead of her, and Rei was already unconscious from it…well Misato was going to have her turn.

It had been a strange, while, and odd journey to this penthouse suite, but Misato wasn't regretting it. Rapping on the door, Morrigan's howling likely kept anybody from hearing it, Misato just opened the door and let herself it. It had been a perfect storm that aligned this little love fest. It had been close to destruction time and time again, yet held true. It was going to be far from a normal relationship, hell with normalicy though. They loved him, he loved them, and wasn't life what you made of it?

The End

X- Hope they were on birth control for the first few months –X

Authors Notes

Yes that is officially the end of this story. I've been writing it for so many years, that its odd to write those words. Some of the bits and pieces got confused or mixed up over the years, you can thank the fact that its been over five years since I started this, and it being a general hodgepodge of stories.

I loved and hated this story at times. It was so fun to write, but once the character roster got to big it was hard going at times. I tried doing that poll to see who to feature, but people just said 'harem' which didn't help, or said I was using it to inflate my reviews.

As I mentioned in my little 'forth wall' breaking moment, I stand before you all to ask or offer as it is, the reigns of this beast I created. Anybody, everybody that feels they want to continue where I left off, have my blessings to do what they want…aside from killing off the cast thank you. Well if done tastefully you can I guess, who am I to stunt your creativity.

Plus as I did hint at, I might from time to time write a little 'OVA' or 'Movie' for this, but its no longer part of my writing itinerary. It'd take something massive to bring me back, as after five years…I'm ready to let my creation go into the wilds and prosper with other people if that's what fate has in store.

I've ideas for more crossovers…oh how I love those things. Plus more original stories that aren't crossovers. Plus I've started writing a second original horror story, hopefully it'll go over better than the first.

So in conclusion. Thank you for staying with me for fifty crazed installments of this oddity of a story. It wasn't always the easiest to write, or read I'll assume, but I'm glad we both got to experience this.

Thank you all