Author's Notes:- Thanks to Stonedtoad for betaing.

There is spoilers throughout this for There But For The Grace Of God, Politics, Within The Serpent's Grasp and The Serpent's Lair, a lot of the dialogue is taken from Gateworld.


Sha're let out a sigh of relief as SG1's signal came through and Hammond ordered the Iris opened. She felt Hammond touch her shoulder and they headed into the Gateroom together.

Daniel was being helped through the Gate by Jack his shoulder a bloody mess, Sha're stepped forward before any of the infirmary staff could and caught Daniel's face in her hands seeing shock in his eyes.

"Sha're you're here," he whispered resting his head against hers for a second.

Sha're gently stroked his cheek with her uninjured hand, "Of course I am my husband," she could see he was starting to droop so motioned over the doctor who was waiting.

"It is alright Dan'iel," she soothed as he sank into the wheelchair, "I will stay with you."

She was worried as his hand gripped hers tightly he seemed extremely agitated but was completely silent as they made their way to the infirmary. Glancing back she saw Jack, Sam and Teal'c following on all three looked just as worried as she felt.

Finally they made it to the infirmary and once he'd been given some painkillers Daniel explained where he'd disappeared to.


"Beware the destroyers. That's what the message said," Daniel pulled out a yellow piece of paper from his pocket, "These are the coordinates the Goa'uld will attack from. It's a warning."

Teal'c tipped his head, "Or so your vision foretells."

Daniel glared at him, "No, it wasn't a vision, or a dream, or a hallucination; it was..." he winced as the Doctor cleaned his wound, "Real. Now I know this is hard for you guys to believe. But I swear to you the whole time you thought I had disappeared on P3R-233, I was experiencing an alternate reality."

"And you were there, and you were there, and there's no place like home," Jack mocked rolling his eyes.

Daniel turned on him eyes blazing, "As a matter of fact you were there."

"Daniel, it's not that we don't believe you," Sam placated, "It's just…"

"We don't believe you," Jack finished receiving annoyed looks from both Sam and Sha're.

"Dan'iel," Sha're took her husband's hand, "You must understand how strange this is to hear."

"I'm not crazy," Daniel snapped wincing as his wound was covered.

Sha're stroked his forehead smiling as he closed his eyes resting his head against her shoulder for a moment, "I do not believe that my love. However, none of us has ever experienced what you have."

Daniel looked at her his hand gently stroking her cheek, "You weren't there, and I think that scared me most of all."

Sha're kissed him softly looking up as a familiar and unwelcome man arrived.

Sha're sat beside Daniel as they waited for Senator Kinsey to arrive, everyone was on edge because of this man and Daniel even more than the others. Sha're wasn't sure if she believed in the different universe but she believed in Daniel so was ready to support him.

"You seem more apprehensive of this meeting than you are of battle," Teal'c noted to Jack who was sitting doodling on the pad of paper in front of him.

"I prefer battle actually," Jack replied shifting uncomfortably in his dress blues.

Daniel looked over at them, "I'm sure once we tell him Earth's future is at stake…"

"Daniel," Jack snapped before softening his voice, "Let's just keep your alternate reality story as our little ace in the whole, shall we?"

"Why?" Daniel asked confused.

"Just because," Jack replied turning to greet the man who was arriving.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I apologise," a man entered saying, Sha're realised this was Senator Kinsey, "A certain congress man who will go nameless, just does not know how to take no for an answer," he looked around the room, "Ah, so this is the infamous SG-1."

"Infamous," Jack said with what Sha're felt was extremely forced cheerfulness, "Yes sir."

"And this would be?" Kinsey looked at Sha're ignoring Jack.

"Senator, this is Sha're Jackson," Hammond introduced her, "She is Dr Jackson's wife as well as the Abydonian Ambassador to Earth."

Kinsey frowned distastefully at her, "I do not believe she should be here."

"Senator…" Hammond started stopping as Sha're stood.

"General Hammond asked me to be here as I am from a world that was under Goa'uld rule for many years," Sha're stated coldly drawing herself up like the politician she had been raised to be, "I am also here to ensure my husband does not become tired after his recent injury."

She sat back down feeling Daniel squeeze her hand; he leaned over to her whispering in her ear in her native language, "I want you so much right now."

Sha're gave him a smile he knew was a promise.

Kinsey who had been stunned by her speech stared at her for a moment before turning to look through the window to the Stargate ignoring her, "This must be the drain, through which the money flows."


Sha're disliked Kinsey, his smug superior manner set her teeth on edge and the way he spoke not only to her husband but to Hammond and the members of SG1 made her livid. She loved and respected these people greatly, they had quickly become her family.

"And have you ever seen one of these...ships?" Kinsey was asking making Sha're grimace.

"Yes," Sha're snapped before anyone else could, "I have seen the ships more than any in this room with the exception of Teal'c. Ra came to my home at least once a year; he killed many of my people and forced us to worship him."

Kinsey turned to her, "That is not the problem of this world."

"Yet it was the people of this world who stopped Ra," Sha're retorted,

"And the people of your world who gave you away like a piece of meat," Kinsey replied with a sneer, "I have read the complete file from the original Abydos mission Mrs Jackson. I know the details of your…marriage."

"Oh crap," Jack muttered trying to motion Teal'c to grab Sha're back when the time came, he'd get Daniel.

Sha're's eyes narrowed and she rested her hand on Daniel's arm to tell him she wanted to reply to this, "My Father did only what he believed to be correct at that time, a decision I agreed with. Dan'iel and I married by our choice after the death of Ra by which time we knew one another properly."

"After a day?" Kinsey retorted.

Sha're could see Jack's wince and knew he was ready to catch Daniel if he went for Kinsey. Despite her husband's gentle nature Sha're knew that if anyone dared attack her Daniel would tear them to pieces without a thought.

"You have a place here on Earth," Sha're continued, using every lesson her father had ever imparted to remain calm, "I believe it is called Las Vegas. Here people marry after hours of knowing one another, they split within days. My husband and I have been happily married for almost two years now. The files you read do not show everything Senator and I suggest you learn what is appropriate when speaking to me. You are under the impression that I am some backward primitive," she drew herself up to her full height her dark eyes hard and cold, "I am the daughter of the Chief Elder of Abydos, I am the wife of a genius and I have intelligence greater than several people within this room, more than likely including yourself. Do not dare disrespect my husband or my father Senator."

Kinsey was struck dumb as were several of his entourage while Jack, Hammond and Sam all hid smiles, Teal'c was grinning broadly while Daniel was sitting back looking smug. Sha're turned to Daniel and smiled at him before turning to Hammond.

"General, would you excuse me?"

Hammond nodded to her a twinkle in his eye, "Of course Sha're."

As she swept out of the room Jack turned the page over noisily on his copy of the files, "Let's continue."


Sha're looked up from her reading as SG1 trooped into Daniel's office, "What happened?"

Daniel sighed leaning against the desk beside her, "Kinsey shut us down."

The other three members of the team all sank into the spare seats as Sha're stared at them anger filling her eyes. She let loose a stream of Abydonian which had both Daniel and Teal'c staring at her.

"What did she say?" Jack asked intrigued, "And who can teach me it?"

Sha're's anger melted in hopelessness, "This means we can never return home?"

Daniel moved pulling her over to him, "I'm sorry honey."

"But Father…" she trailed off burying her face against Daniel's chest as tears started to slip along her cheeks.

"We're going to go," Sam shoved the men out of the room, "Talk to you later."

"Sha're," Jack called making her turn wiping away her tears quickly.


He grinned at her, "What you said to Kinsey…remind me never to get on your bad side."

Sha're smiled shyly turning back to her husband as the others left the room. Daniel held her for a while before letting her go and pulling the chair so he could sit down.

"I was so proud of you in there," he told her, "Kasuf would be so proud of you. There's still going to be work to do for the next few days to shut this place down. We should go home for tonight."

Sha're nodded, "Silar shall be dropping Cassie off soon. We should be in for her."

"Jack, if we don't go through, what I saw in the other reality could happen here," Daniel reminded him as they stood discussing the closure of the SGC, "This whole planet could be wiped out. Now in the other reality, by the time I left, Sara was dead. Carter your whole family was dead, hell I was dead, everyone was dead!"

Jack winced, "Daniel I got it."

"Okay," Daniel continued passionately, "Well don't you think we should see if we can stop the same slaughter from happening here?" he focussed his crystal blue eyes tightly on his friend holding Jack's attention, "Let me ask you something Jack. If we don't go through now and the Goa'uld do attack are you going to feel?"

Sam frowned, "How are just the four of us going to stop the attack, even if we do go through?"

Daniel turned to her, "Well we would have a lot of a better chance now than we would trying to stop an onslaught later. Trust me, I have seen it."

"If the coordinates are of a Goa'uld world, which is not on the Abydos, cartouche, the Goa'uld will most likely not expect us. I believe a medical attack could be successful," Teal'c weighed in.

"Surgical attack, Teal'c," Jack said groaning, "It's called a surgical attack and I would feel like an idiot."

Sam frowned trying to follow the thought of her CO, "Sir?"

"I was answering Daniel's question," Jack explained to her, "If we don't do something now and they do attack later I would feel like an idiot," he turned to Daniel and nodded, "We go."

Teal'c nodded, "I too will go."

The three men turned to Sam who raised her eyebrows at them.

"It's not an order Captain," Jack reminded her.

"I understand that Colonel thank you," Sam said before her eyes filled with determination, "I'm going."

Jack nodded, "Alright. In eight hours the base is being shut down completely. Six hours from now we're leaving. I suggest you use this time to sort out anything you need to do."

Sam nodded leaving the room Teal'c with her leaving Jack and Daniel alone. Both men stared at the Gate hidden under the grey tarp.

"Are you going to tell her?" Jack asked without turning.

Daniel sighed, "Yeah. Since they've shut us down I can't get her and Cassie somewhere safe. I have to do this."

Jack clapped the younger man on the shoulder, "Go see your wife Danny."

Daniel rolled his eyes at the nickname before disappearing and leaving Jack alone to stare at the Stargate.


Daniel found Sha're in the room they always used when staying on the base. She was sadly packing up the things they had left there over the past year.

"Hey," Daniel slipped up behind her sliding his arms around her waist, "I thought you'd be in the infirmary."

"I was reminded I needed to clear everything before the base is completely shut down," Sha're replied leaning back into his embrace.

"Where's Cassie?" Daniel whispered; his breathing deepening as Sha're's scent invaded his senses.

"She is at the Silar's house," Sha're told him sighing softly as his lips brushed her neck, "I promised we would collect her once we have finished here."

"Good," Daniel spun her to face him pulling her into a deep passionate kiss.

Sha're stumbled a little surprised by the attentions of her husband at this unusual time but she couldn't resist kissing him back. Her arms wrapped around his neck and they fell back onto the bed.


Daniel looked at his wife as she lay across from him, her golden skin glowing after their exertions. He was memorizing her face as she lay, her eyes closed completely relaxed.

"Sha're," Daniel breathed trailing his fingers across her forehead and down her nose to her lips.

"You are going to try and stop the attack," Sha're whispered opening her eyes revealing the sadness and fear there.


Sha're moved slipping her arms around his waist cuddling close to him, "I do not want you to go," she looked up at him before he could speak, "But I know there is no other way."

"I just want you and Cassie to be safe," Daniel breathed holding onto her.

Sha're took a deep breath, "Once you leave this room Dan'iel," she whispered, "I do not want to see you again."

Daniel looked at her confused.

"If we have to say goodbye after this," she continued tears in her eyes, "I will not be able to."

"I love you," Daniel whispered, "I don't know what I'd do without you in my life Sha're. I want you to tell Cassie I'm sorry I couldn't say how much I love her to her but…"

"She will understand Dan'iel," his wife cut him off.


Sha're took a deep breath, "How long do you have?"

Daniel glanced at the clock, "Not long."

She sniffed back tears moving to kiss him, Daniel responded instantly sliding onto his wife settling his body against hers for what he knew could be the very last time. Sha're cried as they made love, she held onto him tightly trying to make sure there was nothing not even air between them for these last few moments together. Daniel held her for several minutes afterwards, as he slipped away from her the chill permeated his entire body. Sha're pulled the covers tightly around her as he dressed the same chill filling her. Daniel finished dressing and crouched beside her his long hair falling in his face, Sha're gently brushed it away tears spilling from her eyes. Daniel gave her one last kiss leaving quickly before he couldn't.

Daniel could hear Jack as he woke up and realised what was going on. His body was numb after everything that had happened. They'd failed, Earth was doomed along with his wife and daughter and there was nothing they could do about it.

His head was aching and Daniel wasn't sure if it was from the thing that had knocked them out or from the hand device. Daniel felt a tear escape his tightly shut eyes as he remembered that Skaara had tried to kill him…no, that wasn't true the Goa'uld Klorel had tried to kill him and to save him Jack had shot Skaara.

Daniel felt guilty as a small part of him was relieved he didn't have to tell Sha're that Skaara was dead.

The guilt disappeared as Bra'tac arrived to help them and Daniel had no time to feel anything as they started the fight to save their world.


Sha're knocked on Hammond's door waiting for him to allow her entrance even though the door was already wide open.

"Are you ready to leave?" he asked motioning her to join him.

"Yes," she whispered shrugging the bag she carried on her shoulder to a more comfortable position, "Cassie is with Janet waiting for me."

"Good," Hammond stood to face her, "It's been an honour to know you Sha're and I hope you realise how grateful we are that your husband has done this."

Sha're managed to swallow the lump in her throat as she thought about Daniel and SG1, "I am extremely proud of him General. Cassie and I know he has done this to protect us." Sha're started to leave before turning back to him, "I wish you were coming with us."

Hammond smiled fondly at her, "My place is here."

"I…" Sha're hesitated, "I feel I should not run away General. We are abandoning you all…"

"Sha're," Hammond cut her off, "When I first met you and Daniel I made him a promise that I would take care of you when he was off world. That's what I'm doing. Now you have to take care of your daughter just like I know you promised Daniel you would."

Sha're nodded hearing the sound of the Gate starting to dial. She moved to Hammond and hugged him tightly.

"It has been an honour to know you also," she whispered before fleeing the room.


The Alpha site was filled with people all busy with some sort of work. Sha're walked slowly through the corridors of the new base her arm wrapped around Cassie's shoulders as Janet walked along beside them. Reaching what was to be the infirmary Janet instantly took charge leaving Sha're and Cassie to head alone to their new home.

"Are you angry at him?" Cassie asked speaking for the first time since they'd arrived through the Gate.

Sha're shook her head, "Of course not," she sighed leaning against the wall, "I know he is doing this to protect us."

Cassie moved beside Sha're and wrapped her arms around her mother's waist, "I just wish I had seen him before…"

Sha're gently kissed the top of Cassie's head, "Once we know for sure what has happened…if Earth is gone then I want to return to Abydos," she told Cassie, "Would you be able to live there?"

Cassie gave her a half-hearted smile, "I don't know but if it's what you want…"

Sha're smiled sadly and they continued to their accommodation.


Sha're was sorting supplies in the new infirmary as Cassie helped Janet organise a cupboard when she felt it. It was like an icy hand had gripped her heart. Sha're gasped shakily as her legs gave way beneath her, she landed on the floor shaking uncontrollably confused as Janet was suddenly at her side and a blanket was wrapped around her shoulders.

"Sha're?" Janet asked checking her, "What happened?"

"I am unsure," Sha're concentrated on taking deep breaths, "I just feel that something terrible has happened."

"When did you last eat something Sha're?" Janet asked.

Sha're lowered her eyes, "I do not remember."

Janet sighed but decided to leave it, instead she gently stroked the younger woman's hair, "I want you to rest for a while and I'll get you something to eat. Okay?"

Sha're nodded, "Do not let Cassie know. Please. It is just…"

Janet helped her to the bed, "I won't. Just relax for a while. I know you're worried Sha're but you need to stay strong for Cassie."

"I'm trying," Sha're whispered, "But Janet I know something has happened to him, I know it."

Not knowing what to say Janet just gently squeezed the other woman's hand before leaving her to get her something to eat.

Ferretti jumped as the Gate started to dial, he aimed at the event horizon aware that the others were all doing the same. He relaxed and smiled as Daniel exited the Stargate.

"Daniel," Ferretti laughed, "You okay?"

Daniel took a deep breath, "Kinda. I have to get back to Earth so I can report to Hammond."

"It's still there?" Ferretti frowned at his own question, "Sorry."

Daniel nodded, "Yeah," he turned and saw his wife and daughter nearby talking with one of the scientists, "I'll be right back," he told Ferretti.

Daniel walked over smiling slightly to see them, "Sha're," he called, "Cassie."

They turned together the astonishment on their faces identical before they moved in unison; Daniel grabbed them in a tight embrace.

"You are safe," Sha're whispered.

"I'm fine," Daniel replied pulling back gently kissing his wife's forehead before crouching down in front of Cassie, "I'm sorry," Cassie hugged him tightly sniffing.

Daniel let her go and stood up again, "I have to tell Hammond everything."

"We are coming with you," Sha're told him.

Daniel opened his mouth to argue and decided not to bother, "Okay. Come on you two we have to go fast."


Jack sat in the transport taking them back to the Cheyenne Mountain thinking about Daniel's last moments. He was dreading seeing Sha're and Cassie, dreading telling them what had happened. Sha're's reaction the last time they had thought Daniel dead floated to Jack and he winced, she'd been practically catatonic for those few days.

"Sir," Sam's voice interrupted his musing, "We'll be there soon."

Jack sighed, "Home sweet home."


"Later Carter," Jack told her, "Let's get through this then we can get through what happened on the ship."

Sam nodded, smiling slightly as Teal'c gripped her shoulder in comfort. They were close to home and as they drew closer they became quieter.

When they arrived at the base Jack took several deep breaths before taking the lead and heading into the base. Bra'tac was following them as they walked to the Gateroom where to Jack's surprise everyone applauded as they entered the room. His eyes searched the room for Sha're and Cassie but there was no sight of them, which Jack decided was completely understandable. He kept his forced 'nothing bothers me' grin on his face as Hammond thanked them then talked to Bra'tac for a while.

"SG1," Hammond made Jack focus on him again, "There's someone who wishes to see you."

Jack frowned as Hammond moved out of the way and the men standing parted revealing three people.

"Daniel?" Sam gasped as their archaeologist walked forward one arm around his wife the other around his daughter.

Daniel gave them a small smile shocked as Jack grabbed him in a tight hug.

"Spacemonkey," Jack muttered with no idea where it came from.

Daniel laughed as Jack let him go hugging Sam as Jack moved to Sha're and Cassie. The room was filled with the sounds of celebration as the family of SG1 reunited.