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Once everyone had eaten their fill, and the dishes had been cleared, the boys all gathered around Teal'c and Daniel, who were going to be taking them on their nature walk. Gary Hines had come by while they were eating and had checked on Jack, giving him the same look that everyone else had when they saw his face. A look Jack was heartily tired of.

"You're not going on the walk, right, Jack? The nurse says you're to relax the rest of the day?"

O'Neill nodded. "I'll be sticking around here. Daniel and Murray will be taking the kids, though, and they'll be fine."

"Even if we're attacked by a wild bear," Andrew piped up.

"You shouldn't see any bears," Gary said, smiling at the boy, and handing Daniel and Teal'c each a copy of a map. "Just keep within the boundaries of the camp and you'll be fine. If you do get lost, walk due south until you hit the road, then follow it back in."

"We will not get lost," Teal'c said with certainty, taking the map and looking at it with interest.

"Good." He gave Jack's face another sympathetic look, then left them to go check on the Switzerland girls, who were looking far too guilty for his own comfort.

"Are you sure you don't want me to stay, Jack?" Shawn asked, putting his hand on the Colonel's arm.

Jack smiled, and shook his head slightly. "As much as I'd love the company, I think you should go with the others. It should be a lot more fun than hanging out here and taking care of me."

"Yeah, probably." Shawn agreed. "What are you going to do while we're gone?"

"You can read my comic books, Jack!" Simon told him.

"You could write a letter to my mom."

"You could remake my bed so it's as nice as yours."

"You probably shouldn't go sailing."

"Have another cookie! And save one for me!"

"Me too!"

Jack grinned, and held up his hands for silence, which the boys gave him almost immediately. "Just make sure you guys have fun, okay? Don't worry about me, I'll find something to do."

They all took off, then, giving Jack waves of farewells, and Andrew even gave him a hug. Jack watched them follow Teal'c and Daniel out the door, and could hear them shouting and yelling for a few moments longer.

"Going to do a little fishing, Sir?" Sam asked, coming up to stand next to the chair he was still sitting in.

"Nah, I thought about it, but I really don't feel like it right now."

Sam frowned in mock disbelief and put her hand on his forehead, as though checking for a fever. "Are you sure that thing didn't knock something loose? I don't think I've ever heard you say that before."

He just smiled, and asked her what she and her girls were scheduled to do that afternoon. Before she could answer, though, one of her girls came running up and grabbed her in a hug, looking at Jack with that same look of sympathy. He wondered if he should take a glance in the mirror and see just how bad his face looked to be getting him all the looks.

"We're horseback riding, Jack," Sam said. "Want to come watch?"

"So tempting, Carter," he told her in a voice that was oozing sarcasm, although his smile was sincere, as was the twinkle of good humor in the eye that wasn't bruised and swollen. "You gals go on without me. I think I'll go read a comic book up in China."

He watched them leave, and stood up, wincing as he did so. His head was still sore, even though the throbbing had pretty much subsided. He stopped at the nurse's office and mooched a few more aspirin off her, told her was fine, then went up to his cabin. He wasn't actually planning on reading the comic book, but he did notice it sitting on Simon's bed, and he walked over and looked at it. Then flipped the page and looked at it some more. Then shrugged, and took it back to his own bunk, where he could read it without standing up.