Tiger & Dragon

By loverstouch

Disclaimer: All the characters belong to J.K Rowling. The story is based on Rowling's work, but the plot of 'Tiger & Dragon' comes from my own sick brain.

Summary: In the summer after his fifth year Harry is taken from the Dursleys to live with the Malfoys. The next day the Daily Prophet's headline read 'Boy Who Lived Died In Death Eater Attack' …

Rating: R

This is my first "Slash" fanfiction and the first fic I have published at all, so please go easy on me.

The story begins in the summer after Harry's fifth year, which means yes; it is post OoTP, but has nothing to do with HBP.

I'd like to thank Draeconin for being the beta for my story. I'm really grateful for your help.

Hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 30 - confession

In the wee hours of Halloween one lone figure wandered the halls of Hogwarts with a mission. Tiger Ryan was on his way to his head of house to calm his conscience and to ask for help.

Tiger knew Professor Snape was already awake. He always was. The Potions Master had often caught Tiger - and Harry, too – out in the corridor at this time of the day.

Now Tiger was on his way to his office to finally confess what really happened all those weeks ago when Professor Snape had lost his memory.

The young Slytherin had been awoken in the dead of the night by a terrible nightmare, in which he hadn't had the strength to fight of Nott's assault on the Astronomy Tower balcony. He had screamed and tried but Nott had succeeded in forcing himself on the smaller boy.

Gasping Tiger had woken up with a terrible headache.

Carefully he had unwound himself from his sleeping boyfriend's arms and grabbed his wand from the bedside table. After taking the wooden box, which contained the capitis sanare potion out of his trunk, he sneaked out of the dorm and to the shower room.

Sitting down on the small bench in the corner, Tiger opened the box and pulled out one of the small vials. He gulped the contents down immediately.

Slumping back against the wall, Tiger waited for the longed-for relief from the pain, but when it finally took effect it was almost unnoticeable.

At once he grabbed for a second vial and opened the stopper. But when he raised the vial to his lips he halted, suddenly overcome by a series of flashbacks.

/ "How long have you taken the potion already?" A stern voice asked from the doorway….

"I don't know what you're talking about." ….

"Don't play dumb, Ryan." Snape said as he grabbed Tiger's shoulder and pulled the boy around to face him. "Look at me." Snape snapped when Tiger still tried to avert his eyes.

Slowly Tiger raised his head and looked the Potions Master in the eye.

"You stupid boy," Snape snarled. "Your eyes are shining. How much did you take? And don't lie to me." … "The whole vial?" Snape asked, shocked.

Tiger nodded.

"That must have been at least a double dose." …

"Triple," Tiger whispered as he took the vial back and put it into the box. "Sometimes I take two vials, undiluted." /

/ "Look at me, Tiger." …

"How dare you invade my mind while I'm sitting here about to totally break down and you just use Occlumency on me?" …

"Potter?" /

/ "I will make sure that you won't come near Draco again. You won't use Draco's feelings for you to keep his father loyal to that old fool. Even if I have to tell everyone the truth."

"You won't." …

"Stupefy." … Snape was thrown back against the wall with full force. His head hit the wall with a sickening sound. …

"Oh my god." /

The clatter of broken glass brought him back to reality.

"Oh, my god," he said, looking down at his bleeding hand as if in trance, "what have I done?" Automatically, he started to pull small pieces of broken glass out of his hand, not noticing the pain it caused him.

After a long while in which he'd sat there almost motionless, Tiger stood up, and with a swish of his wand he was fully clothed. He put the wand in his pocket, grabbed the wooden box, and made his way out of the shower room, out of the dorms, and out of Slytherin house.

Now he was standing in front of Professor Snape's office, the box under one arm and his injured, still slightly bleeding hand was pressed against his chest. Taking a deep breath, he lifted his free hand and knocked on the door.

"Come in."

A bit hesitantly, Tiger opened the door and stepped in.

"Mr. Ryan," Snape sneered, "pray tell why you are…" He stopped short when he saw the expression on the boy's face, and the bleeding hand pressed against his chest.

"What happened?" he demanded to know. He stood and walked around his desk. "Sit down," he ordered Tiger into a free chair. "Tell me, boy, what happened?" Snape took Tiger's hand in his and inspected the injury.

"I need to talk to you." Tiger spoke for the first time since he'd arrived.

Snape looked up at him annoyed. "I have daily office hours, Mr. Ryan. You didn't have to injure yourself to get my attention."

"I'm sorry." Tiger said too sincerely to just mean his inappropriate appearance.

If Snape noticed anything he didn't comment on it, though.

"You will be sorry when I heal your hand with ignis sanare potion." He summoned the potion from his private lab.

Tiger only shrugged and said again, "I'm sorry."

"Whatever for?" Snape snapped, annoyed as he splashed the healing salve on Tiger's hand. The boy hissed in pain, but didn't comment on the burning feeling in his hand.

"I… I have to tell you something," Tiger stammered.

"That much I figured out myself, Mr. Ryan." Snape sneered down at the boy after he had charmed a bandage around his hand. "Would you please tell me what brought you here at this hour of the day?"

"I hexed you," Tiger blurted out before he could think of what he was saying.

"What are you talking about, boy?" Snape stood straight and glared down at the young Slytherin.

"Remember the day I was in the hospital wing to get a headache potion?"


"You went after me when I left because you wanted to talk to me."

"I can't remember what I wanted to tell you," Snape said thoughtfully. He felt a headache coming on as he tried to remember. "What else happened that day?" He walked back around his desk and sat down. He rubbed his temples in annoyance as the pain increased. "I want to know everything."

Tiger took a deep breath before he started his tale. He told Snape everything from how the Professor found him in the shower to the moment he hexed him. He told him when he first took the potion and why he had to increase the dose until he finally got addicted to it. He never mentioned the name Harry Potter but Severus was watching him suspiciously now.

"I'm really sorry, sir," Tiger concluded, his head bowed in shame.

"I still can't remember what happened that day," Snape said eventually, "but after what you just told me I have a disturbing supposition."

Tiger looked up at him, fear and shame clearly in his eyes. "You may use Occlumency on me sir, to confirm your suspicion," he said slowly, but please, I beg you, please let me explain what you'll see afterwards. Please don't jump to conclusions. I promise I will answer all your questions, even under Veritaserum, if you so wish."

Tiger lowered his head in his hands as he felt the pain in his head increase again. His hand automatically reached for the wooden box on the desk but a strong hand stopped him.

Tiger looked up into onyx eyes. "Whatever I find out about you now," Snape said in a sincere voice, "I will help you with your problem. Whenever you need me…"

"Thank you, sir." Tiger smiled slightly in appreciation.

Releasing the boy's hand, Snape took a step back and pulled out his wand. "Ready?" he asked.

"As I'll ever be," Tiger answered, and slowly stood up to face his head of house.


Tiger concentrated not to block Snape as he felt the man invade his mind. He was used to doing the opposite now. Allowing someone to see his memories was a great difficulty and cost him a lot of strength.

Tiger felt Snape searching for a particular memory, looking into some, but immediately backing away as he noticed it was the wrong one.

When he finally stopped at the one of the day he lost his memory, Snape held onto that image and watched what else happened that day.

Tiger held his breath as they reached the moment where Snape used Legilimency and found out that he was Harry Potter. He felt tears prickle in his eyes as he heard the Professor bellow furiously.

In the back of his mind Tiger heard the Potion Master's confused voice ask "How?" With that started a series of memories beginning with Harry being rescued from the Dursleys by Lucius and Draco, and showed fragments of how Tiger Ryan came to life and how Draco, Lucius and Tiger started to come up with a history for the dark haired youth.

Tiger felt his strength leaving him and he sank down to the floor. He felt Snape pulling away, but he wanted to show the man some more memories. He grabbed the invading mind and fought to hold it in place. He searched a moment for the right memories, and then sent a series of pictures of him and Draco to the professor. He showed him how much he loved Draco and how important the boy was to him.

Only when he felt he couldn't hold on any longer did Tiger allow Snape to leave his mind. Tiger slumped to the floor and groaned as the pain shot into his head.

"You're still a foolish Gryffindor, Potter."

Tiger winced at the snarled words of the Potion Master. He flinched when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Come on; let's get you up off the floor." Two strong hands helped him off the floor and into the chair he'd previously sat in.

Tiger heard the Potion Master leave, and when he didn't come back after a few minutes, he looked up. The room was empty, but when his gaze fell on the desk, he found the wooden box still there.

He thought about drinking one last vial: his headache was killing him. He looked around when there was still no sign of Professor Snape, and then he reached for the box. He opened it and took out one vial before he placed the box back on the desk.

Tiger looked at the vial with tears in his eyes. The pain was unbearable. He raised the potion to his lips, but then he stopped as he remembered Professor Snape's words. 'Whenever you need me…' His hand was trembling terribly as he fought against his addiction. Finally he overcame his weakness and pulled his hand away from his mouth. The vial flew from his hand and shattered on the stone floor.

"Snape, help me." Tiger cried as another wave of pain hit him, knocking him out for a few seconds.

When he opened his eyes again Tiger saw Professor Snape re-entering the room, a still steaming goblet in his hand.

Snape observed the scene in front of him. Tiger/Potter – whoever – was sitting in the chair, his legs pulled up against his chest, and his head buried between his knees, arms wrapped around his legs. On the floor were pieces of broken glass, which obviously had once been a vial, in a small puddle.

He walked over to the boy and held the goblet out to him. "Drink it," he commanded.

Tear-filled green/blue eyes looked up at him as Tiger accepted the potion but wouldn't drink it.

"You have to drink it as long as it is hot. Otherwise it won't work."

"What is it?" Tiger asked softly. "I don't want to take any more potions."

"I can see that," Snape said as he looked down at the wet spot on the floor.

"Sorry about that," the boy mumbled.

"Better on the floor than in your system," the Professor replied surprisingly gently.

Tiger looked at him, confused.

"Drink the potion. It will help with your headache, and won't have any side effects."

Tiger stared at him a moment longer before he drank the potion. He sighed in relief as he felt the pain subside.

"Thank you."

He handed the goblet back to Snape, who put it on the desk before he pulled out his wand and vanished the mess on the floor. With another swish of his wand, the wooden box flew through the door Snape had come from. Then he sat down behind his desk and observed Tiger for a long while.

The boy squirmed under the intense stare. When it looked as though the professor wouldn't be speaking any time in the near future, Tiger broke the silence.

"I know you don't want me here anymore after what you just learned about me."

Snape raised a questioning eyebrow, but didn't say a word, so Tiger continued. "My detention for improper clothing is over anyway. Draco won the bet. I wore a robe yesterday." He winced at the memory of the day before, but went on before Snape could say anything. "Unless you want to give me detention for what I did just now. But I'm sure it would be better if I served them with Filch instead."

"I want you to know that whatever I did to you over the last few month was not some kind of revenge from Harry Potter for treating me like you did in previous years. It was solely Tiger Ryan teasing you because this damn potion the Malfoys gave me made me more reckless."

"I swear whatever I did was my fault alone. It had nothing to do with Draco in any way. Please don't hate him for what I did. They couldn't tell you who I really was. Dumbledore said it was better that few knew the truth."

"I, too, insisted on not telling you, because at the time we first met, I already knew that Draco meant a lot to me and I feared that if you knew the truth you might try to stop us getting together; which, I might add, you did anyway at the beginning." He stopped to take a deep breath, but before he could continue, Snape spoke.

"Are you quite finished with your rambling?" His voice sounded a bit amused.

Tiger blushed slightly and nodded.

"Good. Now tell me how your headache is?"

Tiger stared at him as if he'd just told him there was no such thing as magic, and he totally believed it. "What? Eh," he shook his head to clear it, "it's a lot better. Almost gone. Thank you, sir."

Snape inclined his head. "This potion is called liberare dolor. It is very potent, but it is only effective when it's drunk immediately after brewing. That's why it isn't used often. It has to be freshly brewed every time it is needed. Fortunately it only takes fifteen minutes for it to be finished."

"And you brewed it just for me?" Tiger asked in disbelief.

"Why wouldn't I?" Snape raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Because I'm Ha-"

"First and foremost, you're my student. Whether you are Harry Potter or Tiger Ryan or, gods forbid, Neville Longbottom, you are my student; and as that, I'm obligated to help you."

"Obligated to help me," Tiger mumbled. "Why else would he want to help me?"

"Potter." Snape looked at him angrily.

"Don't call me that," Tiger snapped. "I'm not Harry Potter anymore." He stood up and walked over to the door. "I know you can't treat me like you did before you knew. I don't expect it from you."

He took a deep breath before he continued. "I can't say I will never take this potion again, but I will try, and I hope I'll be strong enough to fight the addiction. I don't have any left, so if you'd keep the arboris root locked away somewhere I'm not able to get to I'd appreciate it greatly." He turned and opened the door. Before he stepped out he turned once again to face his Professor.

"Please don't tell anyone," he begged before he turned and left the room.

"My offer still stands," Snape's voice rang through the empty room. "Whenever you need me…"


Tiger went back to the Slytherin common room and back to his dormitory. It was still quiet early, despite he had been gone for over an hour, and everyone was still asleep.

He passed the empty bed of Theodore Nott, who hadn't returned from their 'meeting' the night before, and over to his own bed. He smiled down at the blond figure lying there sprawled out. With a flick of his wand, Tiger undressed and crawled back into bed with Draco.

"Mmh. Where have you been?" Draco's sleepy voice asked as he snuggled closer to Tiger.

"Wandering around. Thinking," the dark haired boy replied.

"About what happened yesterday?"

"Yes," Tiger lied.

Draco pulled away to lean on his elbow, and looked down at Tiger. "Everything is okay, now." He stroked his other hand through Tiger's hair. "No one else knows about you who would betray your trust."

Tiger closed his eyes for a moment before he answered, "Yes, you're right."

Draco smiled and placed a kiss to Tiger's lips. "Let's get back to sleep. It's still early and I want you to still be fit at midnight, when I intend to redeem our bet. I love you, Tiger." He kissed his boyfriend on the cheek before he lay down and went back to sleep.

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