Title: The Plan
By: Queen Beryl
Okay, this is my first Inu-Yasha, so please don't go too hard on me! Basic summary: When Inu-Yasha and Kagome won't admit their feelings for each other, Miroku and Sango decide that enough is enough. It's time to take matters into their own hands!
And for purposes unbeknownst to me... in the story I'm spelling his name Inuyasha instead of Inu-Yasha (the way I always do) this just makes it easier for me and you... Oh, and I don't own Inu-Yasha. I only own the ground he walks upon.... Oh, the joy! What rapture! EEK! Okay, on with the story!

Chapter One: Talking and Taking Action

"Miroku," Sango, the dark-haired Yukai exterminator called, sitting down on the grass.
"Yes?" The lecherous priest asked, smiling over at her. Sango didn't exactly like the look he was giving her, but she desperately needed his help. This would be the one and only time she would... she hoped. She just couldn't stand his roaming eyes... or hands.
"We need to do something about them." She leaned forward on her upraised knees. She was wearing her black tight-fitting exterminator outfit, which allowed Miroku to visually take advantage of her figure. He looked casually away as she turned to glare at him. Man, if she catches me looking at her, I'm gonna get another lump on my skull... Miroku thought warily.
"Who, Sango?" Miroku laid down his staff and shifted into a more comfortable sitting position in his dark purple robes.
"Who do you think? Inuyasha and Kagome, of course!" She nodded over to where the half-dog demon and the futuristic girl were arguing. "They need to stop acting so childish and confess their adamant love for one another."
"I still can't believe they don't see it... it's just so obvious." Miroku agreed.
"They're both so thickheaded and stubborn that I guess they choose not to see it." Sango stated thoughtfully. "Something must be done."
"Indeed, but what, my dear Sango?" Miroku gave her the once over... again.
"Well, I have an idea.... A wonderful, awful idea." Sango smiled with a gleam in her brown eyes.
& * &
"Inuyasha!" Kagome called, tying her unmanageable black hair in a quick ponytail. "Inu-"
"What?" Inuyasha asked, coming out of nowhere. His voice was so close in Kagome's ear she jumped and fell onto her backside. She glared at him from the ground and stood up quickly.
"Don't do that!" Kagome sat up, shoving the silver-haired hanyo back. This action had no real effect on him. His golden eyes danced merrily as he watched her anger. He loved to make her mad... it was so easy, and she looked kind of cute, which didn't hurt.
"I can do whatever I want, idiot." Inuyasha growled, folding his arms across his chest defiantly. "What did you want, woman?"
"I want you to go find Shippo and tell him he needs a bath. I have soap for him, and the hot spring is right over there." Kagome rummaged through her spacious backpack, pulling out various objects from her time. Ramen and chocolate fell to the floor in her search for the soap and towel. Inuyasha snatched for the ramen, but Kagome put it back and glared at him. He's insufferable! Kagome thought moodily.
"Why do I have to do it?" Inuyasha demanded. She has no power over me, he thought.
Oh, yeah? I'll show him! "Sit." Kagome sneered as Inuyasha was floored. The soap from her bag and a towel finally emerged. Inuyasha cursed at her, spitting out a leaf; he stalked off to find Shippo, muttering under his breath. Kagome watched him out of the corner of her eye and smiled. He really is cute, she thought. I just wish he was nicer, though....
Sango turned away from the scene, shaking her head. "It's getting worse, Houshi-sama."
"So, now that we've watched yet another example, won't you tell me what is this ingenious plan of yours?" Miroku inquired, scooting closer to Sango, who apparently didn't notice.
"We need to make them fall for each other and-"
"Haven't they already done that?" Miroku interrupted, gazing into her eyes. Sango looked away, hoping to dissuade the hentai priest from doing anything he would normally do.
"Yes! What I meant was they need to admit their feelings. And that's where you and I come in. You are going to go after Kagome, and I'm going to go after Inuyasha. With any luck, Inuyasha and Kagome will get jealous of us paying attention to the other, and then they'll confess their feelings to one another!" Sango explained triumphantly. Miroku thought about the proposition for a moment.
"So, all I have to do is pretend I'm in love with Kagome; you pretend you're in love with Inuyasha, and they will fall for our little trap and go to each other?"
"Exactly." Sango clapped her hands once.
"Sounds like a plan, dear Sango." Miroku smiled. Sango's face froze in shock and just a moment later she closed her eyes and frowned deeply.
"Keep your hands to yourself, pervert!" Sango stood up and left, leaving Miroku unconscious on the ground with a lump on his head. "I hope he doesn't try to grope Kagome during this little scheme." Sango worried aloud. This plan is practically perfect!
Just then, Inuyasha was seen returning from dragging Shippo over to where Kagome and the hot spring were. Now was Sango's chance. It was now or never.
"Oi! Inuyasha!" She called, walking over to him. He stopped, waiting for her to approach.
"What?" He asked gruffly, brushing off his red shirtsleeve.
"Oh, you know... I just wanted to talk to you... to get to know you a bit better."
Jeez, was he dense or what? What does Kagome see in him?! Sango rolled her eyes. "Well, you're so kind... always protecting us and all... I just want to spend more time with you. You know, alone."
Inuyasha froze, letting the words sink in. Did she just say... what I think she said? He pondered for a moment before Sango loosely latched her arm around his.
"Let's go for a walk, Yasha." She winked as she slowly guided him toward the forest near where they set up camp for the night.

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