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TnT Chapter 1

"Heh! You two are little monsters!" Goku Son, my father, sat in the large tub outside our house that made up his bath. Trunks Brief, a friend, and Goten Son, my twin brother, were messing around and splashing each other in the tub as well.

"Quit it, Goten!" Trunks laughed as Goten splashed water at his friend. Trunks then splashed Goten back, but getting father too.

"I'll teach you how to splash!" Dad laughed, dunking the two kids.

"Mooom!" I whined. "They get to have so much fun over there! Why is my bath-time so boring?!"

"Don't complain, Thunder!" Chichi, my mother, chided me. "Bath time isn't about fun and games. It's about keeping good hygiene. Did you scrub behind your ears?"

"Yes, mom." My mother put more wood under my smaller tub on the other side of the house. I bathed separately from the others for obvious reasons. My mom took baths on her own time.

"How about your hair? Here's some shampoo..." She handed me the bottle and I lathered up, scrubbing my hair. My mom could be strict at times, but she was the best mother I could imagine having.

"I'm going to go inside and finish dinner. If you need me, call." She smacked her hands together, smiled, and went off into the house.

I gave a deep sigh and sank into the water so that only my eyes were above the surface. I gazed cloudily into the deep forest surrounding our house. I could hear the crickets start playing their music and the fireflies take to the sky as the night grew even darker around me. It was a pretty sight and I enjoyed it.

I gave another sigh and crossed my arms on the edge of the tub. I listened to the fire crackling under me and felt the steam rise about me. It was almost perfect...except...

"Hey!" I heard the guys laughing on the other side of the house and frowned again.

"They always get to have so much fun... Plus they always get along better when I'm not around. Maybe they'd be better off without me? Sometimes I think only my older brother wants me around... and yet... sometimes I even question that." I looked over at my clothes hanging next to the tub. I decided to get out and get changed. I didn't want to listen to the guys and perhaps mom would let me help her inside with dinner.