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Author's Headnote- dont-give-me-a-pen gave me the idea for this. They commented on how poetic the phrase "inhaled the smell of vanilla and fear" was. (From my story "When you Suffer") So this drabble started... Im scared because it's my first true 100 word drabble. So R&R and, read dont-give-me- a-pen' s stuff because it's yummy! Thanx Mel! ______________

Vanilla and Fear


Breathe in.

Vanilla and fear. Two distinct beings. Like lovers, entwined in a dance. Twisting into a single essence. Breathing is just for this.

Breathe out.

Ivory and silk. A bare curve, warm and pulsing. Its beat can hypnotize. Heaven wrapped in porcelein.


Pain and pleasure. In that single gasp. Fangs deepen. Blood flows like ambrosia wine. The dance ends, a lover fades. Until only fear remains. Widowed.


Slow and steady. The beat fades away. Fear and flesh grow cold. Naught left but a ragdoll . Porcelein cracked and silk soaked crimson.

Breathe in.

Vanilla. Fear. Everywhere.

Breathe out.

A/N- well, i like it, it made sense to me, i hope ya feel the same! BTW!!!!!- Its a VAMPS pov.