Richie Ryan and the Holy Grail

Chapter I - Richard Ryan, Man of Town

Rated: PG-13 for Immortal Violence, Profanity, and Mature Situations

Summary: While Mac is away, Richie will play! Richie is in charge of the barge but when he gets involved with a beautiful girl and the immortal Arthur, and his age old quest for the Cup of Christ, will Rich bite off more than he can chew?

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"And you're not to have any parties on the barge."

"Okay Mac."

"And if you get into a fight please don't take their head on the barge, the police are already suspicious from last month."

"Okay Mac!"

"And if you bring a girl over stay out of my room."

"Okay Mac!"

Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod had owned that old barge in Paris for many, many years. And looking to all of his friends, he trusted Richie the most, with the possible exception of Conner, but that was a whole other story.

Still, it made the 400 year old Scotsman nervous to leave the barge in Richie's care for God-only-knows how long. He had go make up with Amanda, his on-again-off-again girlfriend of a couple centuries.

Recently Amanda and Duncan had spent a romantic weekend away in Greece, the most romantic weekend they'd spent in almost a century, and afterwards, despite their repeated discussions on the topic, Amanda had begs Mac to marry her.

"Come on Duncan, we could just do it for 100 years?"

"Amanda." The Scot tried to explain. "How long do you think it'll be before we go for each other's head?"

Amanda smiled happily. "At least 101 years, which is why we only stay married for 100 silly!"

MacLeod couldn't help but laugh. "And how long will it be before you clean out my bank account?"

Amanda smirked and wrapped her arms around the Scots neck. "But dear Duncan, I'm going to do that anyway."

"No Amanda."

"Fine." She said shortly.

"Amanda, hold on--"

"I don't want to hear it Mr. MacLeod."

And after the fight Amanda had refused to speak to him. Normally Duncan would have enjoyed a break from her, but this time his nagging four-hundred-year-old sense of honor made him feel like apologizing.

This meant he had to find Amanda, and that meant leaving Richie at the barge alone. While he would rather have Richie watching the barge than Methos (who would undoubtedly throw out his opera CD's and stock up on enough beer for the next hundred years) he still knew Richie had a knack for finding trouble.

"Mac man." Richie said, as he grabbed the Scot's suitcases and threw them out the door of the barge and down onto the ramp that led back to shore. "I love you man, you know that, but if you don't get outta here I'm gonna scream."

MacLeod laughed and nodded. "Alright, just . . . be in one piece when I get back, okay?"

"Sure Mac." Richie said brightly.

"I was talking to mah barge." MacLeod joked.

Richie let out a long, fake laugh as he watched Mac walk away. Once he heard the sound of the car driving away the young immortal jumped up to his feet and gave a great sigh of relief. Of course, Richie knew that Duncan MacLeod was the greatest thing that ever happened to him in his life, but sometimes Mac's uptight Boy Scout charm got boring.

After a hour of getting ready, which mean gelling his hair, slipping into a one of Mac's nicer suits, and tucking his sword hidden away, Richie Ryan, or Richard Redstone as his passport read, was ready to get out to town and find himself a nice French girlfriend.

What else would a boy his age with access to Mac's vast wealth and his wonderful barge be doing on a Saturday night in Pairs?


Fifteen minutes later Richie was standing in the office of a car dealer, not one of those sleazy, greasy haired car dealers who sold and rented crap at high prices, but one of those suit and ties car dealers who sold great stuff at unbearable prices.

"Can I help you Mister . . .?"

The car dealer was an older blond man with a thin mustache and he had the look of a high bred millionaire crossed with a low class motel clerk.

"Redstone, Richard Redstone." He responded. "And I'd like to look at your Ferrari's, for rent."

The man gave Richie a look over and sneered, he could see right through the neat hair, nice suit, and Mac's old cologne. "They're expensive."

Richie gave a big fake smile. "Yeah I bet they are. And I want to look at them."

"Very well." The dealer sneered once more. "See anything you like?"

Richie looked out the window of the tiny office at the car lot and suddenly something caught his eye. A brand new red Ferrari, sun gleaming off its gorgeous red hood, the tires were black and shiny and truly elegant.

And next to the car was the most beautiful woman Richie had ever seen. Her long blonde hair down the middle of her back combined with a body to kill for instant hooked Richie's eyes.

"Oh yes." Richie said in response to the car dealer. "I see something I like."


"I'm Richard Redstone." Richie introduced himself as he made his way over to the girl and the Ferrari. Taking her hand in his and placing a kiss on it he then said: "And you're the most beautiful girl I've ever met."

The blonde laughed and gave a tut, tut "Now Mr. Redstone, you can afford such nice clothes but you use such a cheep pick up line."

Richie laughed back and casually spoke again. "Well most girls say my good looks make up for my bad lines."

"Ooh." The blonde said with a smirk. "Well I'll be the judge of that. Jacquelyn Perault."

Richie smiled at Jacquelyn and then turned his attention to the car. "Did you plan on renting this, Miss. Perault?"

"Oh no." She smirked. "I planned on buying it, and I think a cute boy like you can call me Jackie."

It was Richie's turn to smirk. "So you do admit I'm cute."


"Then maybe you'd like to go get something to drink."

"Sounds like fun." Jacquelyn said.

"Well great." Richie clapped his hands together. "Then shall we take your car or mine?"

"That depends." Jacquelyn smirked. "On which of us buys the car first."

Richie smirked broadly, his weekend had just started and already he was having fun. Oh yes, it's safe to say Richie liked Jackie from the start.


Five hours later, after a day out on the town the Ferrari (which Jackie had bought and was driving) had arrived outside of a large mansion just outside of Paris. Richie was amazed at the size of the house. Here he was spending Mac's money pretending to be rich, and the girl he picked up was the real deal.

"Would you like to come in?" Jackie asked, looking over at Richie.

Richie thought about it for a second, and only for a second before he said. "Okay."

Suddenly Richie felt a tingling, buzzing in the back of his neck. Silently cursing his bad luck the young immortal looked around for the source of the buzz. He thought for a moment that it was Mac, who somehow found out he wasn't watching the barge, but when he saw a tall, reddish-blonde mad appear with a long sword in his hand he knew it wasn't the Scot.

The man wore a old, weather stained black trench coat. His red-blonde hair, almost the same color as Richie's, was cut evenly and neatly. His face was unblemished and he had the look of a old man who retained his youth. A sort of regal look that Kings and Queen had.

"Jacquelyn, who is he?" The man said in a even more regal tone, much like the kind Kings and Queens used.

"This is Richie." Jackie said looking up at the immortal. "Richie you didn't tell me you were a immortal."

Richie fidgeted nervously. "It's not a good way to start a date, most mortals will think you're nuts."

 The regal man walked over to the car and Richie could see the sword even better. It was a beautiful blade, the hilt was carved out of what looked like gold, but Richie had learned enough about swords that he knew it was most likely steel or iron that had been coated in gold. The blade itself was long, not quite as long as a Claymore, but about the same size as Mac's Katana. The blade too was coated it gold, but it was peeled and scratched in many places, from battle, and some of the silver steel shone through.

Many rubies and diamonds garlanded the hilt and the hand guard and Richie had to admit it was a beautiful sword.

"Arthur." The man said. "Arthur Penndragon, and you are?"

"Huh? Oh, Richie Redsto--, Richie Ryan."

Jackie looked up at the man called Arthur and smiled. "He's my new boyfriend."

Arthur gave Richie a look over and then sighed. "You're call Jacquelyn, but it is not smart to get involved with a immortal."

Jackie rolled her eyes. "I got adopted by one, I may as well date one."

Richie felt his cheeks redden as Arthur and Jackie talked about him like he wasn't sitting next to them, but all at once Arthur smiled and bowed to Richie.

"Well Richard, stay for dinner if you like. I'm having some guest, though."

Richie nodded back. "Thank you."


Arthur's dinner table was long and square. Richie and Jackie sat across from one another at the far right end, but Arthur sat far down on the left side at the very edge. Richie thought this was weird, but then again he had already guessed that Arthur was a older immortal and this was probably the way to eat dinner eight hundred years ago, or however old the man was.

While Richie and Jackie chatted away and played footsie under the table, the door bell occasionally rung, Richie would feel the buzz, and soon a immortal would take a place at the table. It seamed they knew where to sit, because the first one who showed up (a black haired man who looked to be about fifty or so) sat down in the middle of the table, while fifteen minutes later a redhead who looked to be in his twenties sat down farther down the line, closer to Richie and Jackie.

Soon more and more had joined them. A fat gray haired man, a well built blonde who Richie thought he'd seen in the Olympics a few years ago, a brown haired, brown beaded man with a hearty laugh who went straight for the beer, and finally Richie felt the buzz yet again.

"How many people are coming?" He whispered to Jackie. He felt uncomfortable being in a room full of strange immortals that were all much older and more experienced than him. Jackie shrugged.

"Dad does this every hundred years, and I'm only twenty-two, so no clue."

"And I thought the table was supposed to be round."

Richie could hear a man's voice talking to Arthur from the hallway, and somehow Richie felt the voice was familiar. He didn't know from where, though.

"Everyone." Arthur said. "At last Conner had decided to join us, and I believe that means we're all here."

Richie turned around to see a man who looked to be in his thirties, he wore a old tan trench coat. The man spoke with a strange accent that Richie had recognized.

"Hey, er, you're Mac's uncle, or something, right?" Richie couldn't help but call out. He knew it wasn't his place, but he was sure that man was the same one he'd met a few years ago when he first met Mac, and Slan Quince.

"Richie Ryan." Conner MacLeod said with a laugh. "Well Walt was right, it is a small world."

"Walt?" Richie wondered aloud.

"Walter Disney, friend of mine." Conner said. "Completely stole my cartoon mouse idea, the bastard."

Conner broke off into laughter as did many of the other guest around the table. Finally it was Arthur who asked Conner the question Richie had known was coming.

"You know him MacLeod?"

Conner nodded. "He's Duncan's student, thought I don't know him personally."

Arthur then turned to Richie with a new look in his eyes and a strange smirk on his face.

"Duncan's student you say? You know what that means Conner."

"No." Conner said flatly. "He can't join, he isn't part of this."

"Neither are you." The fat, gray haired man said. "You're only here because you were Ramirez's student and he was one of us."

Conner narrowed his eyes. "But I am here because Ramirez is dead, for him to join both I and Duncan would have to be dead."

Richie had no clue what the older immortals were talking about, but when the very idea of Mac's death came up, he became very uncomfortable.

"Nonsense!" Arthur said. "We asked Duncan to join us, he just turned us down. We may as well ask him!"

"Arthur no." Conner said sternly. "Duncan would not like that."

Normally Richie wouldn't have minded as much at the conversation, but he was on a date, and from the way Conner spoke it made him sound like he was too young to be making his own choices. And while he looked eighteen, he was older. A little.

"Hey." Richie stood up. "I dunno what'cha all are talking about, but I think I can decide for my self."

Conner sighed and sat down, knowing what Richie would say.

"Richie." Arthur spoke with that same grin. "How'd you like to be part of the greatest legend of all time?"

Richie laughed. "And what legend is that?"

"Why." Arthur spoke, that grin becoming even wider and odder. "The quest for the Holy Grail, of course."



Well folks, I dunno if anyone's gonna read this or not, but I've been addicted to the Highlander TV series lately and after reading those excellent stories by Richiefic I just had to take a stab at this and make my own Highlander story.

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