Yet another Lord Of The Rings fanfic. This, I confess, is not one of my more orignal ideas. It comes from the musing of wondering what Sméagol's life was like before the Ring. (forgive if the names are not correct; I don't have the books to check with at the current moment)

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Chapter One: Birth And Death

Rating: R, for dark themes (just to be safe)

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"And what are you namin' him, miss?" the midwife asked as she passed the hobbit-like child to a mother damp and exhausted from childbirth.


The midwife swaddled the child in soft blankets, placing him into his mother's arm. A yawn stretched his small features, and he ceased crying, blinking large blue eyes out at the world. The mother smiled softly before she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

The midwife, named Romula, sighed contentedly, grabbing a cloth to wipe the mother's forehead, which was surprisingly hot to the touch. Romula frowned; the woman had been running an unusually high fever, even for child birth. The father of the child worried that she might pass; however, no such thing would occur, Romula had assured him.

The child was still awake in its mother's arms when Romula picked him up. As she carried the newborn over to a waiting crib, it tilted its head, as if questioning. Romula smiled.

"Don't you worry. She'll be fine"


The 'hobbits' that lived in this area were called River folk by those who lived in the Shire, a ways down the road. Traders came to visit frequently, and the town made its living as a trading post.

Sméagol's father was well off in the world, not so much wealthy as he was prominent. He visited the child the day of its birth.

A soft smile graced the hobbit's face,and one hand lovingly stroked the child's small cheek.

"You be careful in this world,my boy, 'cause there's things out there that'd tear you apart if you give 'em the chance"

The baby yawned and looked up at his father. The Stoor smiled.

"You'll remember it"


A full month later, family started to come by to visit, bringing gifts for the new mother. The father's sister was the first to arrive, carrying a child of her own, not a month older than Sméagol. That child squirmed in its mother's arms, eager to be free. The mother only chuckled.

"Lanai, he's absolutely adorable" the sister-in-law spoke, shifting the child's weight from arm to arm. Lanai looked at Sméagol with a weary smile; she'd stayed sick after Sméagol's birth.

"He is. And so is little Deagol"

Said child turned his small head as far as it would go, and Lanai laughed, which turned into a coughing fit.

"Oh, don't be stressin' yourself for me, Lanai."

"Really, its fine"


Years passed, and Sméagol reached the age of two. His ways were mischevious and adventerous, and his mother did not encourage them, but she did not reprimand him for it either.

This day found the young Sméagol on the banks of a nearby lake, hands nimbly sorting through various pebbles on the beach and finding the smoothest, roundest ones. He then placed them together on an area farther up, on the grass, building a small wall with the pebbles and sand.

In the midst of this several hours were passed, in almost silence. Sméagol liked it that way, only the sounds of the birds and his occasional humming.

"Sméagol! Sméagol! Come quick!"

The voice caused the tot to sit up, looking over the crest of the hill. A woman was running, the front of her dress pulled up slightly so she didn't trip. Her expression was that of panic, one that did not leave her face as she found the young child.

"Wha' 'tis it?"

"Your mother"

Sméagol scrambled to stand, running towards the woman.

"Wha'? Wha' wrong with Ma?" he was on the verge of crying. The woman swept him up into her arms and started running.


Lanai was pale as birch bark, and her forehead was soaked in sweat. Her eyelids fluttered open when she heard her child's voice.

"Mama? Mama, what's wrong Mama?"

Lanai's smile was weak.

"You must forgive me for not being here" she whispered. Sméagol watched in horror as his mother's face went calm.

"Mama? Mama? Wake up, mama! Wake up!" he clambered onto the bed, shaking his mother's shoulders.

"Wake up!" tears streamed down his cheeks, "Mama!"

He then started to sob, a heartwrenching sound that brought all present to the verge of tears. Sméagol's father leaned over and pulled his son off the bed, tears strangely absent from his own eyes.

"Come on, I've got to take you to your grandmother's. You need someone to watch out for you" he spoke, his voice cold.

Sméagol tried desperately to hold onto his mother, fingers clutching tightly to her arm. His father pried them away and carried him out the door. Perhaps if Lanai could have seen this, she would have wept herself as the cry of her child echoed through the village.



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