Well I decided to do a first season Sailor Moon fic. Being on what I could describe as a sugar high because I had read way too many cutesy-woo Usagi/Mamoru fics (The type where like Motoki and Minako plan a whole match making scheme, yeah you know what I'm talking about), made me think that I wanted to do one of those. But then I was like "Nah, those are way too sweet. Better make sure people get off that sugar high." So this is far more darker than I originally planned. Of course it doesn't start out completely dark but just sit back and enjoy the story please, I believe you'll love it.

Note: This will not follow the manga/anime timeline. It does at some points but then quickly goes off into its own little la la land. The beginning takes place after Usagi has found Sailor Venus but has no clue who Tuxie is. This will borrow from both manga and anime timelines though. ^_^!

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon.

Warnings: Not really much you need to be warned about. Not yet anyway.

Close Your Eyes


            "Oooooooh Usagi-chan, look what I have!" Aino Minako exclaimed, beaming with happiness. Minako was extremely pretty with long blonde hair that fell down to below her waist and big summer blue eyes. They had just recently met the vibrant blonde who was always happy to see them no matter what the time of day. It seemed like Minako's smile would just not slip no matter how much the world tried to tear her down. "Your favorite!" The blonde was holding the Crown Arcade's most famous sundae that was literally mountains of ice-cream, syrup, candies, and whip cream.

            "Thanks Minako-chan!" Usagi's once slumped and pouty demeanor had melted away instantly at the kindness and the desert offered to her. Tsukino Usagi looked so much like Minako that it was almost scary. Usagi didn't wear a big red bow in her hair like Minako but kept her hair up into two buns with pigtails streaming out of them.

            "I hope you are not going to try to eat that yourself Usagi." Mizuno Ami spoke up. "You could make yourself sick." Ami was very intelligent but also rather shy of others and had a tendency to start reading in public places because all the people made her nervous. She had pretty blue hair that was in a pixie cut and eyes the exact same shade.

            "You forget that Odango Atama here could probably pack away this whole arcade and still not be full." Rei quipped. Hino Rei was always making fun of Usagi but they were still good friends. The raven-haired girl had purple eyes that gave her a very exotic look. She had a tendency to be able to switch from the calm, collected priestess that she was to a fiery tempered teenage girl in a matter of moments.

            "Rei-chan!" Usagi wailed indignantly. Minako started eating off the sundae too. "Look, Mina-chan is helping me eat it."

            "This is great!" Minako's enthusiasm caught on and pretty soon everyone was eating off the gigantic dessert.

            "We are going to get a lot of cavities." Ami blushed as she went in for yet another bite.

            "So why were you down Usagi?" Rei asked the blonde who had probably eaten half the dessert herself.

            "I tried hard to pass my last math test and I got a sixty." Usagi groaned and buried her head in her arms, sundae suddenly forgotten.

            "Eh?" All the girls made the noise at the same time in surprise.

            "Usagi-chan, that's not really that bad." Makoto tried to comfort her. Kino Makoto who came off as a violent and mistrusting girl to others was actually very kind-hearted. Though she excelled in karate, her main talent was for cooking. Makoto had chestnut brown hair which she always kept up in a ponytail and green eyes.

            "Yeah, yeah!" Minako nodded her head. "It's better than what you usually get!"

            "At least you're improving. Maybe next time I can help you study real hard so you pass your test." Ami said encouragingly.

            "And I'll take you out to eat when you do, my treat." Rei added in.

            "I wouldn't do that if I were you Hino-san, Odango here would eat you out of house and home." A male voice caused them all to turn. Immediately all the girls but Usagi straightened up. Chiba Mamoru was beyond just merely being good-looking. His face could look boyishly innocent and not a day of over twelve but at the same time he could look his actual age, all serious and mature. His dark midnight hair was cut so his bangs just barely hung in his midnight blue eyes. Rei flipped her hair over her shoulder and smiled flirtatiously.

            "Mamoru-san, I told you a hundred times that you can call me Rei." Rei told him. Usagi moaned again.

            "Why are you here?" Usagi looked up at him. "Trying to torture me?"

            "Let me guess, you failed another test?" Mamoru sighed. "Can't you do anything right?"

            "She's having a bad day." Minako fixed Mamoru with a look that was not exactly a glare but her blue eyes were flashing. It was telling him to back off. "A nice guy wouldn't tease her about it."

            "Who said Mamoru-baka was a nice guy?" Usagi asked them. "I don't think he's ever said anything nice in his entire life."

            "Well true, but it's never too late to change one's strays." Minako informed them all. All of their faces dropped.

            "That's 'change one's ways,' Minako-chan." Ami corrected her.

            "Maybe she should start wearing her hair like Odango." Mamoru smirked slightly.  "You two even look alike."

            "That's right, we both look fabulous." Minako tossed her head. "So you should feel lucky even being able to talk to us."

            "Minako…" Usagi smiled gratefully at her friend.

            "Besides Mamoru-san, Minako's right, a nice guy wouldn't tease a girl when she's having a bad day." Rei repeated the blonde's earlier words of wisdom. Mamoru quickly made a mental note to not insult Usagi when all her friends were around.

            "Yeah so get lost." Makoto cracked all her knuckles, looking rather natural and innocent while doing so.

            "I guess I should say better luck next time Odango Atama, because you obviously need all the luck that you can get." Mamoru strode away from their table towards the counter to talk with Motoki who was at the time making milk shakes.

            "I don't want your luck Mamoru no baka!" Usagi called out to him before digging back into her sundae. "I hate that guy!"

            "He is a total jerk." Minako agreed.

            "But he's cute." Rei defended as she watched him over at the counter.

            "Rei-chan, you're…you're fraternizing with the enemy!" Usagi slammed her hands down on the table so hard that a black haired young woman who had been drinking tea calmly with her friend at the next table jumped and splashed tea on herself.

            "Wow, that was a big word, are you feeling alright?" Rei made a show of trying to feel the blonde's forehead.

            "I'm glad Usagi is picking up some new vocabulary." Ami tried to help out. Usagi beamed at her making her feel much better.

            "See? Ami-chan doesn't make me feel stupid." Usagi stuck her chin out at Rei. "You call yourself a friend?"

            "In fact I'm your best friend Odango Atama." Rei gave her a small smile. "Want a soda?" It was Rei's way of apologizing. Though from how she would have to walk up to the counter where Mamoru was made it seem like she had an ulterior motive.

            "Okay!" Usagi happily accepted the peace offering. She felt someone tapping on her shoulder. She turned around to see the black haired young woman who had spilt tea on herself. The girl had large pale purple eyes that were magnified by a set of large glasses like the kind that Ami had.

            "Um, I…er, that is, do you think I could borrow some napkins?" The young woman asked, going a little red with embarrassment.

            "Sure, here you go." Makoto handed her some of theirs from the dispenser.

            "A-Arigotou." The black-haired woman stammered before turning back around to face her friend. Over at the counter though, Rei was trying to look as natural as possible as she leaned over the counter next to Mamoru.

            "Motoki-kun, I need Usagi's usual soda." Rei told him.

            "Made her mad again, eh Rei? Kind of like Mamoru over here." Motoki began to pour the soda into a glass.

            "Mamoru-san, why do you always make Usagi-chan mad?" Rei asked the dark-haired young man.

            "No reason." Mamoru looked down at his coffee, his expression rather unreadable even to the young priestess. Which bothered her because she could always read people. She wanted to be able to read him.

            He's usually mean around Usagi but not around everyone else…he's much more aloof around others…maybe he's only nice around me!

            "So Mamoru-san…" Rei trailed off, blushing slightly. "There's this movie playing in the theater that I'd really like to go see. Maybe, you'd like to come with me?" She raised her eyebrows hopefully.

            "I'm really busy right now Hino-san." Mamoru said apologetically. "Maybe some other time."

            "Oh of course." Rei quickly tried to hide her disappointment.

            "Here you go." Motoki handed her the soda. "Usagi's usual." Rei took it quickly and walked back towards the table, feeling a little defeated. "You know…Mamoru…"

            "Don't start." Mamoru warned him. "I'm not interested in anyone right now Motoki, I'm busy with school."

            "Sure you are. Look Mamoru, look around at the other guys in this place!" Motoki gestured towards some teenage boys who were watching the girls at the table with a vast and apparent appreciation. "They wouldn't mind for a second if Rei were to ask them to the movies."

            "So? Why doesn't she ask them?" Mamoru shrugged.

            "Because she's likes a challenge." Motoki put it dryly. "Sometimes I think you turn her down because you've got your eyes on someone else. A certain blonde maybe?"

            "Motoki, Aino-san is good looking but I have no interest in her." Mamoru stated clearly.

            "I'm not talking about Minako! I'm talking about Usagi!" Motoki explained exasperated at his friend's lack of comprehension. "You come here every day and every day you come up with some excuse to tease her."

            "The girl's a complete airhead." Mamoru rolled his eyes. "How could I possibly be interested in a girl like that?"

            "You're probably interested in how pure-hearted and innocent she is." Motoki explained. "Besides it's not as though Usagi is bad looking."

            "Why don't you date her?" Mamoru retorted.

            "Because I think you'd be extremely upset if I did." Motoki winked. "Besides the fact that I'm taken."

            "Like I said, I'm too busy with school right now to be interested in dating anyone." Mamoru emphasized the word.

            "Sure, you can lie to yourself but I know the truth when I see it." Motoki shook his head. "Just go back to pretending like you're not staring at Usagi."

            "I'm not!" Mamoru defended. As soon as Motoki looked away, Mamoru looked up at Usagi who was giggling with her friends. He shook his head, trying to go back to his coffee. Motoki had spoiled his whole afternoon now.

*                                              *                                              *

            "She reminds me of someone." A young man with dark hair spoke outloud to his friend as a group of girls that had been sitting near them at the arcade left. One in particular sticking out in his mind.

            "You know someone that stupid?" His friend raised an eyebrow. "Who?"

            "Never mind." The dark haired man sighed.

*                                              *                                              *

            A youma had appeared in a nearby park, and they were all there to stop it. Usagi and the others had quickly transformed as soon as they heard the screams from people fleeing from the youma who was sucking energy from people.

            "Stop right there!" Usagi struck a pose, the others right behind her. "You disturb a peaceful evening in the park and for that you shall not be forgiven! In the name of the moon, I will punish you!"

            "Bring it on!" The youma screeched at them. "You sailor idiots are going to go down!"

            "Crescent Beam!" Minako shot a beam of light at the enemy who jumped out of the way.

            "Fire Soul!" Rei came in right after her. The youma who had jumped aside was not expecting another attack so quickly and got the brunt of the fire attack.

            "Oh yeah?" The youma started to fire at them. They were all jumping out of the way until Usagi stumbled and saw that the youma was about to hit her with one of the blasts. It stopped though. "What the?" The youma screamed in surprise as a rose lodged itself into her hand.

            "Parks are places of peacefulness and play, not to be used for evil or by its kind!" A strong male voice came from above where he was standing on the branch of a tree, perfectly balanced.

            "Tuxedo Kamen-sama!" Usagi immediately became starry eyed at the presence of the mysterious masked man.

            "Now it's your turn Sailor Moon." He told her importantly.

            "Okay!" Usagi took off her tiara. "Moon Tiara Action!" The youma was immediately reduced to mere dust. She turned back in excitement to see if Tuxedo Kamen was still there. But unfortunately he had already disappeared.

            "Come on Usagi, we have to get home now." The others were already de-transforming, Minako waving a hand in front of her face.

            "Sorry." Usagi giggled.

            "It must be hard to have a masked hero coming to save you." Minako spoke in an odd tone. Usagi looked at her expression carefully, the way her eyes were looking downwards and little away from everyone. Her mouth set in an almost smile.

            "Mina-chan when you-" Usagi began asking but was cut off.

            "I'd like to know what Tuxedo Kamen's real intentions are." Ami stated in a tone that hinted at suspicion.

            "I think he's just a good guy who likes to save me. Don't ruin my dreams Ami-chan!" Usagi looked melodramatic for a few moments.

            "But Ami's right, we don't know anything about him." Rei went on in a lecturing tone. "What if he's the enemy?"

            "I think it's romantic the way he always saves the day." Makoto stared off into space dreamily. "Isn't it Minako-chan?"

            "It is." Minako agreed but Usagi could tell that something was up with her. Usagi decided to ask about it later when the two of them were alone.

            "I'm tired, I'm going back to the Hiwaka Jinja." Rei yawned for emphasis. "Ja ne!"

            "Bye!" The others waved after her. Usagi was just glad that they had taken out that youma without any serious harm done.

            Tuxedo Kamen-sama…I believe in you.

            I hope one day we can meet when we don't have to fight enemies anymore…

*                                              *                                              *

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