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Close Your Eyes



Kino Makoto tapped her fingers on her kitchen counter. It wouldn't be too much longer before her cookies were done. She decided to finish up the small amount of dishes she had from making the cookies while the oven baked.

I should pack extra cookies tomorrow in my lunch.

And then the tall brunette girl got the sudden mental image of someone eating parts of her lunch and that's why she would have to take extra. She shook her head, she didn't know anybody like that.

As she finished up the dishes, the timer on the oven dinged and she quickly got her potholders and pulled out the cookie tray. She set them down and got out some cooling racks to put the cookies on.

That's weird…why did I make cookies shaped like bunnies?

Oh well, they are pretty cute.

Makoto dismissed the whole thing quickly, instead focusing on how happy and content she was just to sit there and bake.


Ami Mizuno chewed on her pen, looking out the window from her desk. She had been studying all day, her brain was beginning to feel a little overworked. Perhaps she should take a break? No, that sort of attitude would never get her into medical school. She blew the bangs out of her eyes, adjusted her glasses, and took the pen out of her mouth.

And just then, she thought of a small blue computer and typing on it right here at this desk. But that was impossible, she had never even owned a blue computer before, so she had to just be imagining things.

Maybe I am working too hard.

Alright, break for five minutes, get something to eat and stretch your legs.

She took her glasses off, folding them and putting them down on the desk, next to her notes. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a blonde-haired girl with a red bow in her hair sitting on her bed. Ami blinked, shaking her head, only to see that there wasn't any girl there at all.

Yes, I really am working too hard.

Even though other kids considered studying tedious and groaned about it, Ami found it to be when she got into her element. It was the activity she felt most comfortable doing.

You can't be a doctor if you don't study.


Hino Rei looked up, stopping right there in the middle of sweeping the grounds of the Hikawa Jinja. She couldn't help it. Looking up at that blue sky and having the wind rustle through her hair were moments that didn't come very often and made her feel very peaceful.

Two middle-school girls finished buying charms from her grandpa and as soon as they spotted her, they leaned their heads together and began whispering, obviously about her with looks of growing fear. Rei was used to this and went back to her sweeping, they had ruined her mood.

I guess this is what I get for being the freaky psychic girl of the Hikawa Jinja.

"Who do you think you're trying to fool here Mamoru-san?"

Rei frowned at that thought. She didn't know a Mamoru. She didn't really remember saying that to anyone but at the same time she knew it was her voice. Maybe she would consult the fire later.

Two black crows cawed from their perch on a nearby tree and she smiled at them. Good old Phobos and Deimos, bringing her back to reality. She really needed to finish sweeping and get inside. It was probably the sun getting to her.

I better check the fire just the same.

And so she continued to sweep the grounds of her temple, her one sanctuary against the whole world. It was here that she felt the most at home.


I hope I got everything.

Aino Minako carried her grocery bags as she walked along the sidewalk towards her house. She tried to peer inside the bag. She knew that she had for sure gotten cabbage but part of her wasn't sure if she had bought the lemons or she had gotten distracted by one of those idol magazines.

One day I'm going to be an idol and be famous.

As she was trying to look in the grocery bag, she wasn't paying any attention to where she was walking and her shoulder hit another person's shoulder.

"Oh, sorry!" Minako apologized immediately and looked up into a pair of beautiful blue eyes. She had bumped right into a rather handsome blonde-haired boy who looked just as startled by her as she did by him.

"No, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." He waved her apology away. "My fault completely…" He gave her a small smile and Minako found her whole face lighting up. He turned, walking on and Minako turned back in the direction of her house.

Wow! He was so cute!

And polite…oh I think it's true love!

"Oh, he's sooo great! He's my 300th first love!"

Minako frowned at that thought, trying to recall who had said that to her. It was hard to say. It was like something she had heard in a movie or a show. So she liked to fall in love? It wasn't like there was anything wrong with that.

Being in love is when people are happy!


Chiba Mamoru walked along, going towards the Crown Arcade. He felt like a cup of coffee and it was a good place to get a cheap cup of coffee. He reached into his pocket to see how much money on him but instead of closing around money, his hand closed around something strange and hard.

He pulled his hand out to reveal four stones in his hand.

Now that's weird, when did I put these in my pocket?

As he scratched his head, trying to figure out how he had gotten a hold of the four strange stones, he opened the door, going inside. He stopped for a second because he wanted to make sure he did have money and someone ran right into him.

"Ow!" A female voice exclaimed in pain. He turned around to see who had run into him, only to see a blonde haired girl with odangoes on her head, rubbing her nose in an irritated fashion. "Watch what you're doing next time."

"I could say the same to you. Obviously you weren't looking forward." Mamoru replied, frowning at the girl. She stared at him for a few moments, blinking, and looking as though she were trying to recall something.

"I don't know you, do I?" She cocked her head to one side.

"I don't think so." Mamoru shook his head.

"Oh, well I didn't think so. I couldn't think of anybody as rude as you." She pursed her lips.

"Thank you very much for that assessment, Odango Atama." Mamoru instantly dubbed her and turned to walk away, leaving a fuming Tsukino Usagi behind him.

"Odango Atama?!" Usagi stomped her foot in anger. "Who does he think he is?" She turned on her heel, going back out the door, feeling completely put out. Had she not been angry, she might have noticed the two cats in the window sill, watching the whole thing.

"How long are we supposed to wait to wake up their memories?" Luna inquired.

"Why spoil the fun?" Artemis asked mischievously.

"Oh Artemis…you're so irresponsible." Luna rolled her eyes and jumped down from the window sill to follow Usagi home.

"Hey, wait for me!" Artemis called as he ran after her.


"I can't believe we're going back." Seiya commented as he turned the key to the house, locking it. "It's been so long! I can't wait to see Kinmokusei again."

"Although Earth is a beautiful planet, I do find myself thinking of home." Kakyuu nodded her head in understanding.

"It's kind of sad though…" Taiki remarked.

"Not really, since he's happy." Kakyuu replied, instantly knowing to what her Starlight was referring to. It was time to leave at last.


"Aren't you going to miss them?" Hotaru asked before blowing on her steaming cup of tea in the little coffee shop on the corner around from her and Setsuna's apartment. Well, her apartment now. It was going to be sad without Setsuna around but she had to back to the Gates of Time eventually…she had promised to come back and visit Hotaru as often as she could.

"A little…" Yaten admitted. It was hard to think that Kakyuu had given him permission to stay on Earth so that he could stay with Hotaru. She promised that they would visit regularly and send for him if they needed him. "It's kind of funny…as much time as I spent moaning about wanting to leave, you wouldn't have guessed I'd be the one to stay."

"I'm glad you did." Hotaru smiled at him.

Outside the coffee shop, watching through one of the windows was a tall, green-haired woman with dark red eyes. She was smiling at the two, genuinely happy for the two of them.

"I'll see you soon." Setsuna murmured before walking away.


Okay, now it's really the end. I know, it kind of sucks that none of them remember but it's what happened in the anime. But I'm kind of a sucker for a happy ending and it's kind of happy in some ways. There won't be a sequel. I know, it's sad and I actually did have two ideas for sequels but they'll never get written and one of them was waaaay too much like another Sailor Moon fanfic idea I have about for an alternate universe S season fanfic. So I vetoed it. I know, it's sad to say good-bye but you can always just read The Evening of the Moon. (I'm working on an update, I really am.) Thanks for reading!