Holy Blade

Author- Blackguard aka Fallen Paladin (dragon_reborn5@yahoo.com)

Timeframe- Two weeks after Chosen

Summary- While the gang stays in San Francisco after closing the Hellmouth Xander discovers an ancient temple and his path in life is forever changed.

A/N- Practically all street names and locations I made up seeing as how I've never been to Frisco and I don't have a map of the city on hand.

Pairings- X/Paige

Crossover- Charmed

A/N- This is my first crossover with Charmed so please be nice and review or my ninja monkey Bobo will be angered.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ A/N 2- just a quick note my author name used to be dragon-reborn5 but I am changing it to Blackguard because I like it better I wanted it to be Fallen Paladin but it was already taken so I'm gonna use it on other sites

Chapter 1

"So where do you wanna go?" Willow asked as she, Buffy, and Xander made their way down the sidewalk in sunny San Francisco. After closing the Hellmouth two weeks earlier the gang was staying in Frisco to figure out what to do next. "How about the mall?" Buffy asked. "Sounds great." Willow agreed. "Then lets go." Buffy said as she and the redhead made their way down the sidewalk.

"Hey don't I get a say in this?" Xander asked as he followed. "Nope." Both girls called back in unison. "Great this means I end up carrying the bags." Xander said as he followed his friends with a slight frown on his face as people continuously stared at his eye patch.


"Wow this is much bigger than the one back home." Buffy said as she looked around the large shopping center in awe. "I'll say." Willow said as she too was in awe. "A malls a mall in my book." Xander said as he made his way towards the food court. "Hey where you going, we wanna shop for cloths." Buffy said to her friend. "Yeah and I don't I'll meet you in an hour." Xander said as he made his way towards a different part of the mall while the two girls headed towards on of the many clothing shops.

"In all the years they've known me I can't believe they still think I find shopping for cloths enjoyable." Xander muttered as he kept walking around the large mall. "Now where to go?" Xander said as he saw several stores that interested him. After thinking for a few minutes he decided on Wizards of the Coast and made his way there but before he made it far he was knocked to the ground.

Looking around for what knocked him over Xander spotted a woman on the ground near him and moved to help her up. "Are you ok?" Xander asked as he helped the red headed woman to her feat. "Yeah I'm fine." The woman said brushing herself off. She then bent down to pick up her bags and Xander quickly crouched down to lend a hand. As they were picking up her stuff Xander had a good look at her and saw she was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. She was about 5'3 or 5'4 with red hair just past her shoulders and brown eyes

"Thanks." She said as she stood back up and finally got a good look at the man she ran into. "No prob." Xander responded and noticed the shocked look on her face. "It's the eye patch right?" Xander asked the woman. "Yeah sorry for staring its just you don't see those to often." The woman responded. "Don't worry about happens all the time." Xander said back. "Well I got to get going sorry again." The woman said then hurried off.

Xander stared back at her for a second before once again heading for the gaming store. After about an hour looking around the store Buffy and Willow came both laden with shopping bags. "Hey Xan how did we know we'd find you here." Buffy said with a smirk. "I'm just predictable I guess." Xander said back with his trademark grin. "So you gonna get anything here?" Willow asked as she looked at the various dungeons and dragons books on the shelf. "Nah I was just looking around." Xander said as they headed for the exit of the store.

Soon the trio made it to the food court where they sat down and got some food. "This was a good idea you know, just the three of us spending the day together." Buffy said as she bit into her sandwich. "Yeah when was the last time it was just the three of us?" Willow asked as she dug into her salad. "Not since high school I think." Xander said as he ate his burger. "So what should we do after lunch?" Willow asked the other two at the table. "How about a movie?" Buffy asked. "Sounds good I here the new X-men movie is good." Xander said as he finished up his burger. "Xander I'm not seeing some comic geeks movie." Buffy said after swallowing the last bit of her sandwich.

"Yeah well I'm not gonna see some chick flick." Xander shot back. "Oh why not." Willow asked as they stood up from the table. "Because I'm sick off those." He said back. "Oh fine no chick flick." Buffy said and Xander's face lit up. "But no X-men either." Willow said and Xander's face quickly fell again. "Then what are we gonna see?" Xander asked. "Oh oh how about the new Tomb Raider movie?" Willow asked. "Sounds good to me." Said Xander. "Me too." Said the slayer.


A few hours later the trio was arriving back at the hotel they and the rest of the people from Sunnydale were staying at. "Well that was fun." Buffy said as she entered the lobby where a lot of the newly called slayers where sitting around and talking.

"Yeah but it would have been funner if we saw X-men." Xander said to the girls. "Xander funner isn't a word it's more fun." Willow said to the one eyed carpenter. "Will please don't correct my grammar." Xander said to the witch. "Sorry." She said back. "No prob, now I'm gonna take a nap see ya later." Xander said as he made his way to the elevator. "Hey Xan wait a minute." Buffy called catching up to him. "What?" Xander asked. "We're thinking of going to a local club tonight you in?" The blond slayer asked. "Yeah sounds like fun." Xander said and continued to make his way to his room while Buffy went to talk to some of the newly called slayers.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A few hours later Buffy, Willow, Xander, Faith, Wood, and Kennedy were making their way through the dark streets of San Francisco heading for a club. "So what club are we going to anyway?" Xander asked Buffy. "Its called P3." Buffy responded. "P3. Weird name." Faith commented. "Yeah but I heard it's a cool place." Buffy said and the group then continued on in silence.

The group of friends soon made it to the club and went in. "Wow sure beats the Bronze." Willow said looking around the club. "Yeah, lets dance." Kennedy said then dragged her girlfriend out on to the dance floor. Soon Faith and Wood were also on the dance floor and Buffy went to talk to a guy she saw in the corner leaving Xander alone as he made his way to the bar.

Xander was soon sitting at the bar when the bartender came up, an attractive brunette. "What can I get you?" She asked in a sweet voice. "A beer." Xander said and she retrieved one and gave it to him and Xander in turned handed her money. "So I'm gonna guess that your a tourist." The bartender said. "Yup, how'd you know." He said back with a grin. "Because no self respecting person living in this city would wear a shirt like that." She said gesturing towards his gaudy Hawaiian shirt. "Your the first person that's said that." Xander said taking a sip of his beer. "Maybe you should take the advice." She said back. "Maybe I should." Xander said and made his way over to a table Buffy and Willow were at.

A few hours later the group was at a table just talking when Xander yawned. "I think I'm gonna head back to the hotel." Xander said standing up. "You gonna be ok going back on your own?" Buffy asked her friend. "Buff we're not on the hellmouth anymore I'll be fine." Xander said and waved goodbye then made his way to the exit.

Xander was almost to the exit when for the second time that day someone ran into him knocking him to the floor. "I'm sorry." The person said turning around and Xander saw it was the same woman from before. "It's alright." Xander said standing up. "It's you again." The woman said. "Yup, you remembered me." Xander said to her. "Well sure how often do you run over a guy with an eye patch twice in day." She said to him. "Well if we're going to keep running into each other maybe I should get your name." Xander said to her.

"Paige." She said. "Well Paige I'm Xander, nice to meet you." Xander said to her. "Same here." She said walking off. Xander stared after her for a second then turned and exited the club heading back to the hotel.

It was cool out as Xander made his way back to the hotel walking the dark streets alone and thinking of Anya. The way she was afraid of rabbits, how she loved to count the money in the magic box, the way she was tactless. All these thoughts brought a tear to the carpenter's only eye. 'God I miss her' Xander thought as he made his way to the hotel.

The next day was bright and warm as Xander made his way down the stairs in the hotel to the lobby when Willow came rushing up the stairs nearly running into Xander. "Whoa Willow slow down this isn't the Indy 500." Xander said to his friend as she started to walk down the stairs next to him.

"I was just coming up to get you." The redhead said as they reached the bottom of the stairs. "Really, why?" Xander asked. "Well Buffy and I were thinking of heading to the beach today, you in?" The witch asked. "I don't know Wil the beach and I never exactly got alone." Xander said too his best friend.

"C'mon Xan it'll be fun." Willow pleaded. "It's not that I don't like spending time with you will it's just that I don't really want too go to the beach." The one eyed man said. "Well you don't have a choice see resolve face." Willow said putting on her resolve face.

"Oh all right I'll go." Xander said caving in under the resolve face of his best friend. "Alright I'll go tell Buffy." Willow said skipping off happily. "I really need to find a way to build an immunity to that." Xander said as he left the hotel and went across the street to a restaurant to get breakfast all the while mumbling about how all women were evil.

End Chapter 1

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