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Is It Too Late?
Ch 16

Draco Malfoy, for the first time in his entire existence, wished he was dead. If he were dead then he wouldn't have to see the person in his life who meant everything to him crumble before him. He had once made a promise long ago that he would do everything in his power to see that he would not hurt the man he loved - and if by chance he did hurt him then he would do anything in his power to make it up to the green eyed Gryffindor. Hearing the sob that escaped his once lover broke his own heart but he had to do this. He had to be this cold hearted bastard in order to get his Harry back... and when all this drama was over Draco vowed he would do whatever it took to make sure the expression that was on the Gryffindors face would never happen again.


Blaise Zabini was an intuitive fellow. Hell, some might say he was an empath... they might be right but that would be his little secret. When his best friend of Merlin knows how many years asked for a snog he was all for it - but now he wished he were anywhere but here. It was all he could do to keep himself pressed against the white-blond instead of high-tailing out of there considering he could sense the despair that blanketed the Savior of the Wizarding World. It was a struggle to keep his aloof stance and play the role he was supposed to play but as his head turned and eyes settled on dull green eyes that was fixed on Draco's, one thought passed through his over stimulated mind. If there is a god, show mercy, keep Potter from doing anything stupid. "Potter, why the interruption. Can't you see me and my lover are busy?"

"Hush Blaise." Draco had pulled away, smirk firmly in place. "I need to speak with him anyways. I'll meet you back in my room later - to finish what we started."

Like the good friend he was, Blaise leaned in for another kiss. He moved to whisper something in his friends ear, "Be careful." Walking away he made his way directly to the Slytherin common room, as far away as he could possibly could get from the raw emotion of the Gryffindor.


Harry took one step back as Draco took a step forward. He opened his mouth to say something, anything, but nothing was coming out.

"Harry, Harry, Harry." Draco sighed. "Did you really think I loved you? Hm? How can I Draco Lucian Malfoy ever love a miserable, good for nothing, Gryffindor scab?"

Closing his eyes, Harry moved away so his forearm was against the cold stone and brow against his equally cold skin. The coldness that had at first numbed his skin was like a parasite - it was eating at his very soul while spreading through his entire body at a snails pace but he could feel it starting at his lungs where the breath he was exhaling was cloudy.

In the dim light of the torches along the corridor, Draco could see the fingers of the Gryffindor turn the shade of a light blue, nails whiten, standing out from the tone of skin. It was beginning; he was getting through if the spell was doing its damndest to stay in control. Stepping forward so he was pressed against Harry, warm breath caressing the iciness of the nape of the neck. "Pathetic. You're nothing but a pathetic little boy who couldn't stand up to his friends. You're just as pathetic and weak as when you allowed that Hufflepuff to die - remember that Harry? Remember when you cried on my shoulder one night after a stupid nightmare? Remember how I said it wasn't your fault? I lied. Me and you were nothing but a pathetic joke."

"Stop - stop it please." begged Harry eyes scrunching tight from the sharp pains emitting from his tear ducts. He so wanted to cry but he couldn't.

"Do you know why I was with you? You might be easy," Draco nudged Harry's bottom with his front. "on the eyes but father always said ally yourself to those who are powerful and will take you farther than the last Malfoy. The Dark Lord was a maniac and I knew you would win the war, help clear the Malfoy name back to greatness." Draco grabbed Harry's shoulder and roughly turned him so his back was forced against the stonewall. "Look at me when I speak with you. Haven't you figured it out? I've used you Potter. I've fucked you and threw you away like the trash you are." Reaching up, Draco pulled out the necklace from where it hid under Harry's shirt; locket in the palm of his hand he closed his hand into a fist and tugged until the green and red intertwined string snapped.

The reaction was instantaneous. Draco's mouth opened to speak some scathing comment when a fist connected to the side of his face - he fell to the floor, floored. "You son of a bitch." Harry croaked out through his clogged throat. He needed to keep it together as the snails pace flow of ice rushed forward dousing him from head to toe. Turning and speed walking stiffly away just a hairs breath from breaking down Harry headed straight to the astronomy tower.


It took all of his Malfoy upbringing to not break down right there and then. On his hands and knees he crawled to the wall where he rested against it. He stared down at the locket in his hands. With shaking fingers he opened it and smiled down at the picture of himself and his Gryffindor. He remembered that day it was taken, that night Harry had given himself to him for the first time, a gift that was cherished considering Draco wasn't as innocent as his dark haired Gryffindor.

Finger lightly running over the strands of hair tied together he couldn't help but smile sadly. Not only was it meant as a reassurance to Harry that they were together but it also was the start of a process of an ultimate bonding. The hairs after such a long time bound and being feed from a 'powerful' core of magic will react as a binding agent in the goblet of blood they each had to sip from... it was a ceremony they promised to perform after graduation but now that Draco sat there and thought about it, he needed to speak with his godfather to see if they can perform such magic before the end of the month. All he had to do was to somehow get around that bloody contract if his dark haired lover was bound to it.





Huffing for breath Harry ran up stairs that were unusually still, passing portraits that were quiet and ignored, his feet echoed through the eerily empty corridors which Harry didn't give a second thought to. He ignored one pain for another, he didn't give two cents about his aching calves that were protesting of the sudden flight and instead concentrated on the ice that engulfed him making his teeth chatter. With every fiber of his being he wanted to shout, scream, cry, plead, do anything that would help alleviate this pain. Harry knew without a doubt what this was about and he hated it - wait...

Bursting through the door Harry leaned heavily against it, suddenly exhausted, as it closed with a bang. Taking a moment to catch his breath which was harder to do he scrambled frantically at one of his pant legs. Lifting it up with trembling hands he pulled out his wand that was tucked into his sock. Pulling it out he muttered out the words to light up the room with a single window to see if any 'visitors' were there. Finding non he staggered to that window where he placed his hands on the stone windowsill while his eyes stared out at the darkness.

The pain in his chest was escalating and Harry's vision blurred as the pounding in his chest slowed dramatically as that something inside him stretched, and like an overtaxed rubber band it snapped opening the floodgates of emotions that forced a cry out of Harry and put him on his knees while the fear, hate, love, depression, self loathing, and the simple pain of a love lost engulfed him like a tidal wave.

The curse was broken.


Draco stared at the map in his hands as his feet automatically walked in the direction of the tower. He stared at the barely visible dot that said Harry Potter and watched as the little dot flickered until it flared to the dark shade similar to the ones scattered along the yellowed pages. Breathing a sigh of relief he folded the map and hurried to the Astronomy Tower where he was going to have to do some serious begging and pleading and hopefully his other half wouldn't throw him off the tower.


Harry wiped his face with his sleeve, wiping the snot portion on his pant legs as he stood up shakily. He had just cried his eyes out and now he felt numb, not the numbness that came with the iciness but the numbness of conceding defeat. He didn't care anymore, how could he when the one person whom he gave his heart, his everything to just - cheat on him? Rip his heart out and stomp on it while laughing in his face.

He was used; all the speaking of love was nothing but show. How stupid could he have been to believe such nonsense? How dumb could he be for believing that anyone would love him unconditionally like Sirius loved Remus or Arthur loved Molly? He was nothing but a freak a pathetic - Harry pushed open the window so the night breeze wrapped around him - No one needed him, they had each other, he was simply a burden. Standing on the ledge Harry stared down at the darkness where he could barely make out the ground.

What would happen if he jumped?

Would he bounce when he hit the ground?

Would he soar in the sky and let the breeze carry him along?

Would it be as freeing as when he was on his broom?

His beloved Firebolt... how he yearned to fly, how long had it been since he last felt the wind tear his eyes as he nose dived?

Harry's feet inched forward and just as he was going to take another step, a step that would surely carry him over the edge, a barrier of some sort stopped him. He saw the slight ripple cross over the seemingly invisible bubble that kept him back. With a fist he punched at it again and again in frustration. "God damn you!" Harry screamed out his frustrations, cursing Dumbledore with the foulest and most creative words in his vocabulary.

Growing tired Harry slumped against the wall of the arch, sliding down the stone he brought his legs to his chest and wrapped his arms around them, hugging himself while he cried. Bitterness welled in him, as he grew tired. Not a sleepy tired but plain tired of how his life had taken turns to take him to this point. It was not worth it, all this stress and ... and crap wasn't worth the little happiness he had.

Head resting against the stone he allowed his breath to even and mind clear so nothing - no memories of laughter, guilt, or anything would stop him. With a simple, "Accio." the wand that lay on the floor flew into Harry's hand. Grip lazy on the piece of wood Harry barely acknowledged the wandless magic he had performed, his sights were centered on the tip of the wand. For once in his life he would follow his own path instead of being lead by his nose like a good Boy-Who-Lived.

Damn Draco!

Damn him to hell!


Draco didn't bothering knocking as he broke the wards that were placed on the door. He knew all of Harry's tricks along with the counters – now that came in handy during their spats although that's for another time. The room was chilly but he wore robes so it bothered him very little. Stepping into the room and closing the door silently behind him he quickly took in the darkness that enveloped the room except for the only window where the night illuminated the windowsill and a bit of the floor – hence, Harry was resting against the stone wall and he could clearly see the dark circles under the close eyelids and the even rise and fall of the Gryffindors chest.


Harry's eyes opened and his glassy gaze settled on Draco. Not a word was spoken.

Draco took a step forward and then another until he was in the light, though that time Harry had not averted his gaze. "Why?" That one single word that passed from the Gryffindor's lips nearly had Draco crying.

"I'm sorry. I had no choice baby you have to believe me!" Harry looked away, back outside the glass. "Harry please! It was the only way."

"To kill me? Boy did you do a good job - not even Voldemort was such a good ac - actor."

Draco moved forward until he knelt beside Harry. He reached out and clasped Harry's hand that rested on his stomach. "Baby do you remember that day when I made you a promise that I would do my damndest to keep us together even if it killed me." A tear rolled down Harry's cheek but he remained quiet. "What I said to you, did to you, killed a part of me. I never, ever, want to be that way again. But I had to. That stupid curse you placed on yourself can only be broken by causing such an intense emotion that it would be too much for the whatever it was to control. Pain Harry. I had to cause you such an intense grief that - that I never want you ever to feel again. I love you Harry, you know that." Draco swallowed thickly not wanting to ball out, he was sure he wouldn't be able to get through this. "I didn't want to lose you Harry, that stupid curse would have consumed you, turned you into a bloody icicle. Don't you understand Baby? You're a bloody Gryffindor, you're ruled by your emotions."

Harry turned his head, eyes staring deeply into the Slytherin's. A sad smile appeared on his face; as Harry leaned down and Draco also moved forward, the moon was covered by a passing cloud, blanketing both teens in darkness. Chapped lips met together in a simple press of lips for a hesitant moment. Harry inhaled sharply, cutting himself off from sobbing; Draco took advantage of the open mouth. Tongue slipping inside, Draco's brow furrowed as a damp hand shakily pressed against his cheek. Several moments passed in complete bliss until it was broken by Harry who pulled away and rested their brows together. "I'm sorry." Harry whispered. "I wasn't strong - I'm not strong love. I should - I should have known but I - I was weak. Please forgive me."

"Always Baby, I'm sorry, please forgive me."

"Always." The clouds moved gradually revealing the moon at a snails space. "I love you. Remember that. I love you with every - part - of ..." Harry slumped forward, weight forcing Draco back.

"Harry? Harry? Harry!" The moon was finally revealed, light illuminated the little space and as Draco managed to move Harry off him a bit and get a good look, a scream was bubbling a his chest but fear kept him quiet.


So much blood.

"No, no, no, no, no!" Draco tore off his cloak... it was too big... so he removed his shirt leaving him bare chest, balling it up he pressed it against the bleeding and gaping wound forcing pressure on the madly bleeding wound. A split second of coherency Draco now knew that the wetness that had touched his cheek was blood - his loves blood. "Don't do this to me! Please Baby." Hands shaking he reached into his pocket where he grabbed onto the locket, knuckles white. Free hand pressing once more on the bloodstained shirt he cried out, "Eternity."

A second passed and all that was left was the stain of blood on the floor and windowsill. The moon shown brightly, giving the red an odd shade. The night was quiet, not a sound, but it was quickly broken with a second pop of a house elf who was quick to clean up the blood and making the room seem as if nothing monumental had occurred.


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