Everyone in the mansion was excited, pacing back and forth and drinking a lot of coffee. In Logan's case, he smoked cigar after cigar, filling the waiting room with the smell and blue cloud of his cigars. Scott was a nervous wreck, laying on a bench and basically tearing his hair out of his head.

Jean was having the baby... Oh my God she was having the baby!

Out of everyone in the mansion; Kurt and Kitty were the most upset and worried. Kurt was lying on the couch, his tail thumping the ground hard and so fast that it was nothing but a blue blur. Kitty was sitting beside him, tearing at her hair as she bit her lower lip.

"She'll be all right." Kurt said. "She has to be and maybe she won't have a girl... Maybe she'll have a boy and..."

"Oh who are you trying to kid?" Kitty asked. "She's going to give birth to Rachel!"

"We don't know that for sure..."

"Like hell we don't! We were partners with Rachel remember? Jean is in there right now and is giving birth to her!" Kitty said. Sighing, Kurt sat up, his tail starting to flick side to side now.

"I know." He said. "It's just..."

"We're acting insane." Kitty sighed. "Even Scott isn't this stressed about it! I mean..."

That's when they heard Jean screaming and cursing at Hank that she would make his goddamned feline head explode. Then she decided to threaten Scott that if he ever touched her again, she would make his head pop like a grape too.

"Oh god!" Kitty said. "She's having the baby! She's really having the baby!" She started to hyperventilate, screaming weakly. Kurt tried to calm her down but Kitty was too freaked out.

He had to slap her with his tail as hard as he could.

Kitty looked at him in surprise, panting softly. Kurt shrugged, smiling at her weakly.

"You were going hysterical." He said. Sighing, Kitty rested her head on his chest.

"Thanks for the slap, Kurt." She said. "I really needed that." Nodding, Kurt hugged her, sighing softly.

"It will be all right." He said. "If Jean gives birth to Rachel everything will be all right. If she doesn't then she may be having others before her ok?" Sighing, Kitty pulled back and she nodded a bit.


They tried to remain calm the entire time, but when the birth was finally finished, Kurt and Kitty fought with each other to try and get into the room first.

"I was the leader of Excalibur!" Kurt growled. "I go in first!"

"I could just phase in!" Kitty said.

"Don't you dare!" Kurt growled, narrowing his eyes dangerously.


"I will if you don't get your tail away from me!"


"I want to see the baby first, Katzchen!"

"GUYS!" The two stopped, turning their heads and finding Scott sitting beside Jean, laughing softly.

"You can both come in to see the baby." He said. Slowly and calmly, Kurt and Kitty entered the room, blushing faintly.

"Sorry about that." Kitty said. "We were just a little excited about seeing the baby."

"Here she is." Jean said.

"She?" Kurt asked.

"Yes, it's a girl." Jean nodded, looking at him knowingly.

"Did you think of a name for her yet?" Kitty asked.

"Not really." Jean said. "We've been going back and forth between Lucy and Susan actually."

"Lucy and Susan?!" Kitty cried, ignoring the shut up motions Kurt was giving her. "Those two names suck! What about Rachel?" Kurt clapped a hand over his eyes, groaning softly.

"I can't believe this..." he whispered.

"I mean come on, Lucy and Susan? Who the hell uses those names anymore? Rachel is the in name right now!" Kitty continued. "Trust me!"

"Rachel?" Jean looked at Scott, and he shrugged, smiling faintly.

"It's a nice name too." He said.

"Of course it is!" Kitty said. "That's what you should name her! Rachel." Jean shrugged, smiling at the baby in her arms.

"Rachel then." She agreed.

Kurt passed out.