Chapter 4

Written By Illuminet

Disclaimer: Most (if not all) of the characters appearing within this story don't actually belong to me, but rather, are creations of the brilliant minds of Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo. I don't claim any of them as my own.

"..."-Indicate Speech

'...'-Indicate Thought

=...=-Indicate Sign Language

/.../-Indicate Telepathy


Link was clearly annoyed, and Navi could sense it. After dinner with Zelda and her father, the King, he was given a little tour of the castle with the Princess. What was annoying Link the most was the fact that he could feel the many pairs of eyes on his figure from the various amounts of young maids.

/Damn...Is there not a single male around these halls? If I see one more female, I quite possibly may throw myself out the nearest window and into the moat./

Link said from the telepathic bond he shared with Navi. He could hear his companion chuckle through the bond at him.

/Who decided not to refuse dinner with the Royal Family, Master?/

Navi said. Now thinking back on it, Link may just have wanted to risk offending the Princess by declining the offer and getting attacked by the Royal armies than being in the castle where the only males were the soldiers and Knights, who seemed to be no where in sight guarding chambers or the like as he thought they would be.

"You seem uncomfortable , Wielder. Is anything the matter?"

The Princess spoke to him as she stayed ahead of him. Link nodded.

=Yes. I feel as if I'm being watched from all sides. All these maids...aren't there any butlers around here?=

He asked her.

"Sorry. Since were both nearing me and my sister's quarters, you'll be finding more maids in this area."

Zelda told him. Link's attention was taken to her at the moment.

=You have a sister?=

He asked. Zelda nodded.

"Yes. She's been out to sea for a while now, but soon, she'll be coming home. Since our mother was a pirate, me and my sister take turns maintaining her pirate ship. We've compromised taking three year turns with who goes out to sea and who says to fulfill her role as a Princess. Although, my sister's been out to sea a bit longer than me considering she is the older one. I've only gone out once while she's on her second turn now. She wrote me and father saying she was going to investigate the island of Holodrum before she returns here."

Zelda explained to him. Link put a hand to his chin in thought.

/Wasn't there a woman who was on the pirate ship we passed up when we were out to sea? Didn't she want a sea chart to get to Holodrum?/

Link asked Navi.

/Hey, I think your right. Maybe that was her sister?/

It could have been a coincidence, but now that Navi thought on it a bit, the pirate's Captain, Tetra, did have a similar appearance to Princess Zelda.

"Would you like to see something, Wielder?"

Zelda asked him. Link didn't answer immediately as he kept his head lowered, as if deep in thought.

'There is this familiar feeling emanating from the castle somewhere. Could it be...?!'

Link was broken out of his thoughts as Navi sent a mental shock through their bind. Link lifted his head up to see the worried face of the Princess.

=Is something wrong?=

He asked. He saw Zelda sigh in relief.

"You zoned out on me for a bit there. I was wondering if you wanted to see something interesting?"

Link nodded at her request. Zelda led him towards the right most tower, of the castle, or at least it seemed to Link as if they were headed that direction. Link's eyes narrowed as he felt that familiar presence getting stronger. The two had stopped by the entrance of a narrow spiraling stair case. As they rose higher, the presence got stronger.

"Here it is."

Zelda stated. Link looked into the small room of the tower to see a rather large diamond embedded in a gold casing.

=What is this?=

Link asked her. He knew the presence was coming from the object. This meant that this diamond was concealing a tuft of feathers needed for one of his wings.

'So, those Goddesses thought of hiding pieces of my feathers in the form of a diamond, did they? Clever. I would not have been able to feel it from very far away. Maybe coming to the castle was not such a wasted trip after all.'

He thought.

"This is a treasure of the Hylian Royal Family. It's called the Hylian Diamond. It is one of the Sacred Stones of Hyrule. The others are the Kokiri Emerald, the Goron Ruby, the Zora Sapphire, and the Gerudo Amber. They all correspond to one of the main races of Hyrule."

Zelda explained. Link's attention perked up about this information. He wanted to kick himself for just realizing something just now when he saw the diamond.

'Of other feathers that I collected were also changed into some sort of relic on other islands, why should I be surprised about this when it's no different? I must have this diamond...'

Link thought. He turned to Zelda and got her attention.

"Yes, Wielder?"

She asked. Link merely shook his head.

=I'm sorry.=

Link brought his left hand up and began to focus. Having obtained some of his powers because he had collected fragments of one of his wings, Link could conjure up some of his ancient power he had as a God. Being a mere immortal, however, meant his body would be put under more strain then if he had still been a God when using some of his powers. Link's hand glowed with a faint light as he manipulated the flow of time within a small radius. Slowing time down, but not stopping it fully, Link proceeded to grab the Hyrulian Diamond and walked past Zelda. He knew that to Zelda, it would practically seem as if he vanished into thin air along with the diamond. Link made his way out of the tower and walked past the very slow moving maids that were still under his spell. Link closed one eye and lowered his head as he began breathing heavily.

' to find a hiding spot before I totally lose my concentration...'

Link thought as he walked, finally ending up in an empty hall. He decided to hide behind a drapery and stopped his time manipulation spell. He would need time to recover from using that spell.

'Damn...such a simple spell, but without being a God, I'm drained more easily...'

Link's keen hearing could already pick up that Zelda was heading to inform her father of the robbery that took place. Link knew that this would probably stain his bit of reputation gained in Hyrule, but he could care less about such a trivial matter. He was on a vendetta and he considered himself as no hero. He was just a person following what he felt was right. Link soon felt a pulse within his mind. It was a foreign one, not the one of Navi usually sent to him. He soon recognized it, though.


He said in his mind. He could hear a faint chuckle as his answer.

/Took you a little while to realize. You sound tired./

Ganon told him. Now Link was the one who sent back a mental laugh.

/Yeah. What do you expect when using a God's power without being a God?/

Link told him. He could feel the surprise from Ganon.

/You used it to get the Hyrulian Diamond, right? The Princess was very swift in informing her father. They believe you may have actually been an impostor using the title of Wielder to get the diamond in the first place./

Ganon informed him.

/Is that so? Oh, well, the Wielder is suppose to be a legend anyway. Can't believe everything you hear from them when the legend is based on small facts laced with mostly fiction, right?/

Link stated. Ganon laughed at this.

/How true. Anyway, let me guide you to my room that I'm using within the castle. I have something to give you. Plus I'll even help get you out of the castle./

Ganon told him. Link agreed and began to set off from his hiding place and to the room Ganon was leading him to.


/Good, your here. Let me give you this special item./

Ganon produced what looked like a large compass from within the folds of his cape. It was a golden compass of intricate design. Link took it to peer at it briefly before turning back to Ganon.

/What's this for?/

He asked.

/It is the reason I've been able to find fragments of my wings so quickly. With it, it will give you an indication of where your feathers are on an island or a continent. Judging from your appearance, I'm sure you've done plenty of exploring around on other islands and have had some success and many failures in finding your feathers. That compass should make things easier for you. It will only point out where your feathers are of course, not my own. So you don't have to worry about if your going to happen on any of my feathers while on your travels./

Ganon explained. If Link could whistle at the great ability of the compass, he would have.

/I guess I owe you for this, huh?/

Link inquired. Ganon chuckled and shook his head.

/Nonsense. We are after a common goal, friend. Once our powers are fully retained we can go and annihilate those Goddesses for what they did to us./

Ganon said as he clenched his fist with growing fury and his eyes began to emanate a red glow.

/Actually, I don't think I want to kill them anymore. I've come to rather like this world they created. I think making them suffer is far more preferred over killing them. More long term, don't you think?/

Link inquired. Ganon looked at Link curiously.

/ may be right. I, too, have grown fond of this world. Killing them would be too easy. Maybe we should take their wings away from them and leave them stranded on their own creations as simple immortal beings. Let them experience what we've experienced. I like the way you think, Link. Now let's get you out of here./

Ganon said with a smirk.


/So we're finally out. It was a very short stay, but that hardly matters. With this compass, I won't need to go on the treasure hunting missions given by the store. How convient./

Link told Navi. Navi bobbed up and down in agreement. They had been transported to the Hyrule Field. It was already night time. Normally Stalchildren roamed the area at this time but only to take down travelers with weak mindedness. Because of Link's strong will, he knew the stalchildren would not want anything to do with him, so he would be left alone.

"Good thing. This should make things easier for you. But if I may be so bold, master..."

Navi began but trailed off. Link could feel that she was worried, and the dimming of her fairy aura meant that she was becoming depressed.

/Yes? What is it Navi?/

Link inquired. He could tell Navi was thinking hard on whether she should voice out her opinion or not because she kept turning to him then turning away, debating with herself.

"...what will you do once you get your revenge? Will you leave this world...?"

It was not lost on Navi that Link was more than an immortal. Once she had sworn to be his loyal servant, he eventually confided in her about what he really was, or rather, once was and what he was set out to do against the very Goddesses who created beings such as herself. She had been appalled for a little while, but grew out of it quickly. He had said that in the beginning, he wanted to totally destroy the Goddesses and their world for casting him into this fate, but he eventually learned to forgive their rash decision, and simply wanted to pay them back. Not by killing them, but by letting them feel what he and Ganon felt. Navi had accepted this as his right to do so, and so began their relationship as master and servant.

/Will I leave you, is that what you want to know? Set your fears aside, Navi. Once my revenge is completed, I will leave for a time perhaps, but I will come back to you. What is a servant without her master and vice versa? I have come to like the Goddesses creations if not the Goddesses themselves, anyway./

Link told her. Navi's aura grew brightly again in her happiness.

"Thank you, master. Your so kind."

Navi said softly to him. Link shook his head.

/I'm simply telling you the truth. There's no need for thanks. Any how, do you want to visit your old home, Navi? The compass is pointing in that direction./

He informed her.

"Hmmm...The Lost Woods, huh? Well if that's where it points then we should get going."

Navi said, although it was not filled with much enthusiasm.

/Do you wish to stay behind? I will go by myself if you want. I know it harbors bad memories for you. So.../

He began, but Navi interrupted.

"It's okay, master. I'll never be able to live it down if I don't face my fears. Let's go."

Navi told him. Link nodded slowly.


The ancient Forrest of the Lost Woods had been very far from Hyrule. It took Link and Navi a good three days nonstop to get to where they were now: The entrance bridge that connected from Hyrule to the Forrest. No Hylian dared to enter this place. an invisible mist hung in the air of the Lost Woods, ultimately leading to the Forrest's name. Much like it was with the Stalchildren of Hyrule Field, the mist attacked the minds of those with weak wills. It could kill and then transform Hylians into monsters. The most notable ones were the skeleton swordsmen, Stalfos. Link didn't need to fear this because he did have a strong will that prevented him from succumbing to the mist. Fairies like Navi who had masters to serve could protect them from the deadly mist with their auras as well as themselves. Such was the case with the plant grown Kokiri residence.

/Well, this is it. Are you alright, Navi? Your sure you want to go further? You can still change your mind./

Link informed Navi. Navi shivered a bit, but otherwise Link could tell her resolve was firm.

"Let's go, Master."

With that, the pair made their way to the Kokiri Village.


"Halt, you."

A Kokiri guarded the entrance to the village. Link looked down at the young child who only came up to about Link's knee in height. The child aimed a small dagger at Link's stomach. Link began using sign language.

=Let me pass. I'm here to visit an old friend.=

Link said. The expression on the boy's face showed he clearly didn't understand.

"What are you up to?"

The boy inquired. Link shook his head.

Navi, tell him I want to go see the Great Deku Tree.

Link told her. Navi, who until this point had not been spotted by either the boy or his own fairy companion, made herself known.

"Please mind my Master since he's mute. He wishes to meet the Great Deku Tree. They are old comrades."

Navi informed him. The boy put a hand to his chin in thought. After a little while the boy shrugged and moved aside.

"I don't know how you got a Fairy with you or why you dress like us but I won't question it. I only guard the entrance. The boss guards the path to our beloved spirit. You'll have to talk to him about seeing the Great Deku Tree."

He told Link, who simply nodded and made his way past the boy. The village was a good size, but was definitely smaller than most Link had seen. Generally about twenty or so Kokiri were born from the Great Deku Tree and lived out in the small town. Kokiri of course all had the gift for immortality as long as they remained in the Forrest. Most houses were made from massive tree stumps. Link made his way quickly towards the Great Deku Tree's location. As the boy at the entrance said, another Kokiri stood guard between the village and the path that lead to the benevolent talking tree spirit. Judging by the crossed arms and the upturned head, this Kokiri was definitely an arrogant and self centered type of person who believed he was boss and that no one could step all over him. As Link walked up to him, the boy noticed him and regarded his appearance smugly.

"And who are you? Look guy, just because you dress like us doesn't mean your one of us and can be granted permission to see our Great Deku Tree. Now scram before I run you out of here."

The boy threatened. Link was clearly not amused, but decided it was best to have Navi reply politely for him.

"I'm sorry, but we have urgent business with his grace and we must speak with him. Won't you reconsider?"

Navi said as politely as she could, hoping it would bring a better reaction from the Kokiri rather than verbally biting his head off.

"How the heck did you get a fairy to help you? Besides, why should I speak to a servant? Why don't you speak, Mr. Hylian-pretending-to-be-Kokiri."

The boy said rudely. Link was growing tired of the nonsense. Without a second thought, he grabbed the skinny boy roughly around the neck and hurled him into the near by pond to be laughed at by other Kokiri near the area. Link made his way towards the Deku Tree.


"It has been a while, Wanderer. What brings you to my woods after such a long time?"

The Great Deku Tree inquired as Link walked into his meadow. The tree was a massive one with the face of a wizened old man. Link smiled and bowed in respect.

/I have come seeking something that you have in your possession. I wish to have the Kokiri Emerald. I know it has much symbolic value to this Forrest, but I must insist upon acquiring it./

Link said truthfully. The Tree regarded him carefully

"You know I can not do that without good reason."

The Tree told him. Link nodded.

/Of course, I understand. Yet I would be willing to do anything within my power to have it. Is there a task of which I may complete in order to have it?/

Link asked, choosing his words carefully. The Kokiri Emerald was something the Deku Tree was willing to part with, and Link would rather not sound to impulsive and needy about it. The Deku Tree had taught Link to be more appreciative about life around him when the two first met and when Link was still extremely bitter about being cast his fate by the Goddesses.

"I suppose there is something. You know of the Forrest Temple, correct? In the last thirty or so years, an increase of monsters have been filtering out of that evil temple made so long ago. Although monsters haven't come out in a long time, I still sense a strong evil presence emanating from that temple. I would like you to stop whatever it is that is causing this unsettling aura of evil."

The Great Deku Tree explained. Link looked up at the tree.

/You've been waiting for a brave warrior in some time to stop this, haven't you?/

Link asked.

"Yes. I was hoping you would return some time soon to aid the Forrest. On to more important matters, of course. Complete this mission for me, and the stone is yours."

The two were in agreement.


The Sacred Forrest Meadow was the path that lead to the Forrest Temple. Not sensing any danger, Link made his way through the maze like path to reach the stair case that would lead him to the entrance.

/This is quite a soothing melody, don't you agree, Navi?/

Link asked. Someone was playing an ocarina. Link knew that the song playing was magical if it could reach to almost every corner of the Lost Woods. Link and Navi had not found the player yet, of course.

"Y...yes, master..."

Navi said. It did not go unnoticed by Link that Navi was troubled. Not by the beautiful Forrest itself, but rather her bitter memories of the place. Link found himself walking through a narrow path towards a staircase. From there he finally reached the clearing that lead to the Forrest Temple's entrance. This did not catch Link's eye however. A Kokiri girl sat upon a small stump, playing the enchanting music that was all around the Forrest with her wooden ocarina. She dressed like all other Kokiri children did, which was in all Forrest green. Her most unique feature, however, was her green hair. Most Kokiri Link knew about had either blonde or red hair. She soon stopped playing as her fairy flew to her ear and told her of the guest, and the Forrest went silent except for the occasional owl's hoot. She regarded him with her sea green eyes.

"Hello sir. Are you one of us? A new kind of Kokiri, perhaps?"

She asked him. She then noticed Navi.

"Oh, you have your own fairy, too? Amazing!"

The girl said excitedly.

"Actually, my master's a Hylian who was given a mission by the Great Deku Tree. I am Navi, his servant. The Great Deku Tree said it could get very dangerous here. Maybe you should go home, Ms...."

Navi realized she didn't have a name from the girl.

"Saria. Call me Saria."

The girl said. Navi nodded.

"Well then Ms. Saria, please head back to the safety of the village."

Navi offered, but Saria shook her head.

"I would much rather stay here. It's always nice to learn about new people."

Saria said. Navi sighed.

"Unfortunately my Master is mute so I must do all the talking for him. He's also not one to give out his personal life and I could be offending him if I did so for him. I'm very sorry."

Navi said apologetically. Saria sighed.

"I see...well I guess if no real talking can be done between us, all I can offer is rest. You wouldn't want to go into the temple at night would you sir?"

Saria asked. Link shook his head. He choose a secluded area and sat by the lone tree that grew out near Saria's stump. Link closed his eyes and went limp and relaxed, although he kept his senses about him so danger wouldn't sneak up on him. Navi removed her aura and rested on his shoulder, noticing that Saria and her fairy were watching her closely.

"You seem very close to your Master. I've never heard of a Hylian who traveled dressed like one of the Kokiri and has a fairy servant with him. How did you two become master and servant?"

Saria inquired, hoping that Navi would give in a little now that her master was asleep. Navi sighed.

"Don't take my master lightly, Ms. Saria. He's only in a semi sleeping state so that he can remain alert. In other words, he knows were having a conversation right now. All I can really say is that he saved my life."

Navi stated. She realized a tad too late that her words could open up another opportunity for Saria, however.

"Saved you life? Well, why don't I ask about your life and you can omit any parts that dealing with learning about your master's life?"

Saria asked, leaning closer. Navi could decline telling Saria, but Saria's eyes were so trusting and kind. So innocent. It was hard to refuse the Kokiri's request, yet Navi willed herself to. After a while, though, Navi gave in a little bit.

"I'll just tell you about the events that lead me to meet my master. It's not my whole life story, but I'd say it'd a good chunk of it. Anyway, as you know, there are only two races within the Lost Woods who have the intelligence level for speech and can deduce a matter of subjects with logic. The Kokiri and the Skull Kids. Most Fairies are bestowed from the Fairy Realm, through the Great Deku Tree and to a master to serve. The Kokiri get along well with their Fairies and treat them well. When Skull Kids get Fairies, if they do get them, everything is an uncertainty with them. As it would turn out, most of the Skull Kids who got Fairies were rather nice to them. I guess it would be just my luck that I was to become the servant of one who's heart was filled with dark hatred and anger..."

Navi shuddered, and both Saria and her Fairy noticed the little movement.

" see, the reason he was so angry with life in the Lost Woods because he was the only one of his kind who did not have what gave the Skull Kids their names: A Horned Skull Mask. For that reason he was picked on by the others, and because of that, all his focus of anger and destruction was taken out on me. At the time I was a very low level Fairy so I could not refuse anything my master told me to do. At first when he got angry with me, the punishment was slight, but the more we got to be with each other, the more frequent and more painful the beatings became. I had gotten so tired of it, I decided to find some means of obtaining or creating a Skull Mask for him to use. All my efforts were in vain however. I had been gone from my master for a long time, so when I returned to him, was not only the usual beating I got...he...he cut my wings..."

Navi was holding herself tightly, shaking violently. Saria felt bad, and decided not to stop Navi from continuing.

"It's okay Navi. You can stop now if it brings you pain. I'm sorry I asked and was being too nosy. I'm to curious for my own good sometimes."

Saria said, placing her index finger lightly on Navi's shoulder as a sign of comfort. Navi calmed down.

"It's okay, Ms. Saria. I felt willing enough to give you some of that information. Your right though...I think it's best I did stop..."

Navi said in a small voice.

"You should go to sleep, your Master will need you tomorrow when you brave the Temple."

Saria said, before turning around and performing her song again. Navi went from Link's shoulder and climbed up his hair to head underneath his cap. She tried to get an easy sleep, but having talked to Saria, even if only briefly, got her thinking about the circumstances that lead her to meet Link in the first place.


"You know why had to get your wings clipped, Navi? Let me tell you why. It's because when I woke up, you were not there to greet me like usual."

The Skull Kid said, his straw hat covering the glowing red eyes in his head. Truth be told, Skull Kids almost looked raven like, without their mask. This Skull Kid never got one like he should have, and for this reason it was the source of his sorrow and anger.

"But...but Master...I was...was..."

She was crying. Her once beautiful gossamer wings were now mangled and badly cut. Whenever she was punished, he would always strike her in the front so that her wings were avoided. Today was different though. Using shredded leaves to make a binding rope, the Skull Kid purposely tied her against a tree stump with her back to him, where he struck her hard in the back with a flick of the wrist with a twig held in his hand. He struck her wings and back, ignoring her cries of pain and pleas of forgiveness.

"Now you won't be able to fly off, Navi. Maybe this will teach you not to do such stupid things ever again."

He told her. Navi tried to hold back her sobbing, but couldn't as she felt the unbearable pain of old and new injuries all over her body. She screamed out as she was struck against the back once more.

"Stop your crying, stupid Fairy. You brought this all upon yourself."

He told her.

/I fail to see why such a cruel method of punishment should be carried out when all she wanted was to help her Master./

A voice said. Of course, the Skull Kid was too angry to realize the voice sounded in his head. Navi also heard it. The Skull Kid turned around and peered at the woods closely.

"Who said that?"

He asked in an angry yet low voice. He heard the crunching of boots against the grass of the Forrest ground. This made the Skull Kid originally think it was just a Kokiri. When the person came in full view, the Skull Kid was downright furious at the intrusion of an adult, a traveler dressed similar to the Kokiri. It is unknown as to why Skull Kids have such a loathing for adults, and is only speculated because they think rules also associate with adults, and Skull Kids hate rules, or because they can't grow up to be adults themselves. Or so the rumors went.

"Heh, just a Hylian who got lost in the woods, huh?"

The Skull Kid inquired.

/Believe what you will, but refrain from hurting your companion any longer. You've done your worst already, now let go of the anger inside./

The traveler said. The Skull Kid looked at him in suspicion.

"A Telepathic. Not to many of you types of people here."

The Skull Kid said as he removed a thin wooden flute from his belt.

"Now scram."

The Skull Kid ordered before putting the flute to his beak. He proceeded to take the traveler down with the blow darts he shot from his flute. The traveler evaded the small projectiles easily.

/Calm down. There's no need to fight like this. I don't want to hurt you./

The traveler warned, but the Skull Kid did not heed the warning. With a sigh, the traveler quickly rushed past the Skull Kid's projectiles and quickly drew his blade and cut the flute in two with a downward chop of his sword. While the Skull Kid was getting over his shock of losing his only weapon, the traveler aimed his sword at the Skull Kid's throat.

/Get out of here./

The traveler said firmly. The Skull Kid wasted no time in running away. He didn't even take Navi with him. It was also around this time Navi fainted from the pain. When she came around again, she found herself lying down on the grassy Forrest floor. She also felt saw her savior for the first time. He was lying close to a small fire he made, grinding something within a small wooden bowl. Over the fire, the man was heating a small bottle of water.

/Your finally awake./

She heard him say. He took the small bottle of water he had heated and poured it in the bowl, before putting it beside her.

/You should take a soak in this. It will help your body heal faster. The wings will take longer however./

He mentioned to her. She got up slowly, her body feeling very sore. She also noticed that she was free of any clothing. It made her feel self conscious in front of the handsome traveler who rescued her, but she did as she was told. When she got into the green liquid, she felt immense pain all around her body but it soon subsided and her muscles relaxed. She wanted to ask him what it was he made for her, but had a feeling it was just warm water combined with healing herbs.

"Who are you?"

She asked. She wanted to know his name.

/Just a wanderer. Your Navi, right? I believe that's what I heard the Skull Kid call you./

He told her. she nodded.

"Yes. That Skull Kid was my Master. Not anymore though, since he abandoned me once you showed up."

She said to him. The man lowered his head.

/Sorry about that. I thought he would take you with him, but I was mistaken./

He said, turning from her to the fire. Navi shook her head.

"Actually I'm glad. No matter what I did for him, he was always so ungrateful. Its better this way."

She said in a low voice. The man simply kept looking at the fire.

/I suppose it's best I take you to the Great Deku Tree. Once everything's explained, he can help you find a new Master./

The man said.


"So this is what happened."

The Deku Tree said as he gazed down at the Fairy in the traveler's palms. The sight of Navi with her wings clipped was more than enough confirmation for the wizened guardian.

/So, can you find her a good Master then?/

The traveler asked. The Great Deku Tree looked deep in thought.

"Unfortunately, I have no more children who are in need of a Fairy. Wanderer, if I may be so bold, Why don't you have her as your servant and companion?"

The Deku Tree inquired. Navi seemed to brighten up at that. The traveler looked thoughtful, then shook his head.

/I have no need for a Fairy such as this one.../

He began. Although they just met, his words stung Navi for reasons she couldn't explain.

/...because her rank is too low, she can't travel very far with me, so she will just be a burden. However, if she were to build up her rank, I would gladly take her. All I have is the King of Red Lions to keep me company out at sea, so why not have someone to accompany me on land as well?/

Navi perked up with excitement at his words this time. He looked down to Navi.

/Of course, the choice is yours Navi. If you don't want to swear your loyalty to me, I will not take you in. If you decide to swear your loyalty to me, however, I will come back within fifty years. That will be plenty of time for you to obtain rank./

He told her. Navi frowned at this.

"I won't hesitated to swear loyalty to you, but you won't have much use of me if you allow such a time span. You'd be too old by then."

She said to him. The Deku Tree chuckled.

"Fear not, young Navi. The man you swear loyalty with is immortal. Fifty years to him is like a brief flickering moment. If you can attain the highest rank within the Fairy Realm, you'll be able to survive almost infinitely along side him, if forever is not too long for you."

The Deku Tree said to Navi. All she did was smile.

"I don't mind forever. So if that's the case, I swear my eternal loyalty to you, Master."

She said to the traveler, getting on her knees and bowing low to him, her forehead touching his palm. The man nodded.

/So be it. Be ready in fifty years time. I will return for you then./

He said.



The voice in her head made her jolt up. She found herself in Link's hand.

"Oh, Master. You woke me from a wonderful dream."

She told him. Link only smiled.

/Yeah, I know. I saw it too./

He told her. His telepathic abilities were strong enough to read into her very thoughts.

"Oh...I forgot that you could do that."

Navi said as she lowered her head.

/I was worried because you began writhing about like you were having a nightmare but you settled down when I came to your rescue./

He told her. Navi smiled.

"I owe you so much for that."

She said to him, but Link shook his head.

/You've more than made up for what happened so long ago. Let's just concentrate on the present and the task at hand, shall we?/

He inquired as he looked towards the entrance to the Forrest Temple. Navi nodded. He was right as usual. The present it was matters first and foremost.


Note: Sorry for the major delay. Writer's block can be a real thorn in my side. hope readers enjoy this chapter, although it's mostly story orientated and not really action filled. Oh well. Also, I had to use a different symbol to indicate telepathic speaking, since the previous ones I use no longer work for it. I even tried it in the quick edit section and it still didn't work, so things had to be changed.