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3 Egos Don't = Band Chapter 3

Pan snorted. "I know that." She snapped. Trunks just about choked on his drink He turned his head and sprayed the drink from his mouth. And unfortunately for a brunette waitress, who was in the way of the mist, got completely sprayed. The waitress shrieked as Trunks returned his gaze back to Pan. Goten stared at her with pure rage beginning to become unleashed.

"I'm so sorry about that. My friend wasn't paying any attention to where he was spitting." Pan apologized to the young waitress. "Please excuse me while I go clean myself off." The waitress replied as she pushed past Pan who stood to try and help her. "Poor girl." Pan mumbled as she sat back down in her chair, her eyes never leaving the retreating back of the waitress. Though if she were looking back at her uncle and friend she would have seen the angry faces on Goten's and Trunk's face.

Pan chuckled. "Looks like you won't be getting her number anytime soon Trunks." When Pan didn't hear a remark from Trunks she returned her gaze back to him. When she noticed the dirty looks going all around she gulped nervously and quickly sipped her drink.

"What...What did I do or say this time?" Pan asked, as she grew tired of them starring at her. "Who the fuck touched you?!" Goten said gravely. "What are you talking about?" "You know." Trunks answered.

"What?" Pan asked as she looked at them like they were crazy. "Pan who took your innocence?" Goten replied. Pan face still looked perplexed until the meaning finally sunk in. Then her eyes became firey pits. "Ew you guys! I still have that." Pan said in a harsh whisper. " But you said you know you're not." Trunks countered. Pan shook her head. "I meant like I'm not a completely good person. Seriously you guys think to much or do you even think at all." Pan replied.

She put her hands on her head.

"So are you guys ready to order?" Their waiter said as he pulled out his pen and notepad. "Can't you see we're talking damnit. Rude ass." Trunks exploded. The waiter blink a few times, then he nodded his head and moved to leave quickly. "Wait." Pan said as she grabbed his arm. The waiter turned to face her.

"Look this should be enough money to cover their meals. She stated as she pulled out a roll of money. "What you're not eating now?" Goten asked shocked, falling out of his anger mode considering they were talking about food. "Sorry boys. Maybe another time. Got some things to see and things to do besides trying to teach you how to use your common sense." Pan said as she turned her gaze from her uncle and Trunks back to their waiter. Pan placed the money inside the waiters apron pocket while smuggling a wink at him as she was walking pass him making him blush slightly.

"Whatever money left over consider it your tip, but knowing these two it probably won't be that much." Pan stated as she grabbed her jacket and slung it over her shoulder and walked off. The waiter watched her go starring at her butt until Goten and Trunks coughed roughly to gain his attention. The waiter's blush deepened and both Trunks and Goten gave him dirty looks.

The weekend came with shocking speed and Goten and Trunks had everything planned out. First they would hold auditions for their new rock band and then come up with a new name. They had spread the word about the auditions all week at school saying they would last until Sunday night and just about everyone was estactic.

Though unfortunately for them when they opened up the door to the garage building there was an extremely LARGE line going way, way back until the front lawn of Capsule Corp and even farther. Goten sighed and Trunks mouth dropped.

Then out of no where in particular Pan had managed to get up towards the boys at the beginning of the line.

"Gosh don't tell me all of these pathetic losers came here to try to get in your little no talent band." Trunks and Goten snapped their heads towards her and glared. "What! Don't tell me you're still mad that I didn't get in trouble when you told my mom on me." Silence was her only answer. Finally Pan was getting bored with them and decided to get ready to leave.

"Well I hope the auditions go well you got a line so long it goes back into the city. Half of the line been here since early this morning." Pan said as she walked off. And as she continued to walk off she was able to hear a faint, What!, in the background.

The weekend was finally over. Nearly 6,000 people had auditioned for Trunks and Goten's band and only a few people sounded like they were worth the time. And as for everyone else... They sounded like they picked up a guitar on their way to the line and started practicing while they were waiting.

Trunks and Goten sat on the sofa in Capsule Corp Living Room reviewing the list. "Okay so out of the 5,496 people we heard we only want Rex Cobra and Nickel Piece." Goten read the contact list out loud. "Um actually Nickel was cut because he was the one who cheated. He mimicked the guitar like he was playing it then he had some type of radio system making the sound as he air played. I forgot to scratch his name off." Trunks corrected.

"So Trunks basically what you are telling me is that we sat down and wasted an entire weekend listening to some of Japan's most untalented players and we're only picking one person out of the 4 we liked!" Goten whined. Trunks only nodded his head. "I'm afraid so buddy. A perfect opportunity to pick up hot girl this weekend completely blown out the window." Trunks said just as whiney.

"Well lets go into the studio and play around for a while to cool us off." Trunks suggested. "I'd down with that!" Goten cheered his whole demeanor changing. Trunks raised an eyebrow but shrugged it off. Just as Trunks turned in the direction of the studio a very, VERY loud growl came from Goten's stomach.

Trunks turned around to stare at Goten until his stomach to joined in with Goten's. "Heheh...Looks like we might wanna eat something first." Goten said sheepishly as he scratched the back of his head Goku style. Trunks agreed and they headed straight for the kitchen.

Now that Goten and Trunks' stomach was full they were right outside the big building when they suddenly stopped in their tracks. From inside the building they could faintly hear the sounds of someone playing the guitar and singing extremely well and also someone else playing a bass guitar behind them.

Once the music stopped the boys ran up inside to see who it was playing. As they were going inside they bumped straight into Pan.

"Hey! Will you two ever learn to watch were you are going?!" Pan yelled angrily. "Pan what are you doing here?" Goten asked as he helped her up off the ground in which he sent her. "More importantly who was in here playing the guitar and bass gutair?" Trunks asked looking past Pan and all around the room.

"It was me and Madison." Pan answered. "You and who?" Goten questioned. "Um me." A very timid voice came from behind Pan.

Pan sidestepped to show a young girl about her age with a black Mohawk and at the back a small ponytail that stopped about down her back. She had light dark skin and black eyes. And had not a bad figure either. She was wearing the same school uniform Pan was wearing.

"This is Madison you guys. She's Uub's younger sister." Pan introduced. Trunks and Goten eyed the young girl suspiciously. Hey you two knock it off you're making her nervous. Pan thought to the both of them. "Um sorry, but we never knew Uub had a baby sister."

Madison only blushed. "That's okay. I have been getting that a lot lately." She replied. "Madison is moving over here so she can get education so she can help out her village. And since Uub was the only one who someone who lived here they only sent Madison so they wouldn't feel like they were introducing Grandma and Grandpa by sending people to come stay with them.

Goten and Trunks nodded their heads at the information given.

"SO Madison you know how to play the guitar?" Goten questioned. "Oh no. Pan said I was playing the bass guitar and I don't even know that much. I only played what Pan had showed me." Madison explained as she blushed.

"So Pan you know how to play the guitar?" Goten questioned. "Well yeah." Pan stated. "If you really can play the guitar than prove it." Trunks said not believing for a minute that Pan could actually do so, but also not completely doubting that she couldn't.

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"Come on Pan please." "Nope." "Pretty please." Goten begged. "No way. You said you wouldn't be..." "That was all Trunks talking not me!" Goten cut her off.

"I don't believe for one moment that they would choose you to come and save them." Richy taunted. "Hey Van Snob if you don't shout that yap of yours I'll gladly shut it for you. But you don't' want me to do it trust me." Pan threatened as she narrowed her eyes.

"Alright then lets get started!" Trunks cheered happily. "But wait a minute. What about a name?" Pan asked.

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