[Author's Notes: Hey there. This is my first Witch Hunter Robin fic…so go easy on me. And I've only seen a few episodes. But I'll try my best! Review and tell me if you like!]

Deadly Liaisons

Chapter 1

A young woman stood petrified, pinned against the wall. "Someone please help me!!!!" she shrieked. But there was no one to hear her. There was only the slight chuckle of a woman.

"Fool," she spoke simply, walking over to the wailing girl, "No one will hear you. It's all over now." The girl shrieked again, her face turning red, half from lack of air, and the other stains from her terrified tears. The older woman gave another chuckle, simply mocking the girl in front of her.

She reached into the back pocket of her deep red dress, and pulled out an amethyst stone in the shape of a pillar with what look like hieroglyphics carved into its sides, with a silver chain coming from it. The woman smirked, and then began to recite a single spell.

Al a lunas a al nosferatu a fluxa a al lunas a al nosferatu a fluxa…

As she repeated it, the girl's body began to glow with the light of the moon, as did the strange words carved into the amethyst stone. The girl tried to let out another scream, but her voice seemed not to work. As the light around the girl grew, it swirled around her. The woman with the bright red hair then began to suck the light away from the woman's body.

As she sucked away the light that surrounded the girl, her eyes slowly shut, and the color faded from her skin. When the light was gone, the girl fell to the ground, not moving.

"Well, you're soul wasn't too nourishing, but I guess that it will tide me over for a while," the older woman said. She turned, walking away from the limp girl on the ground as if nothing had happened.


A young woman with her taupe hair pulled into two odd pigtails walked down one of the empty halls of the STNJ office. Her name is Robin Sena. Another young woman dressed in a pink jogging suit quickly walked in the opposite direction, running a brush through her blonde hair. "Good morning, Dojima," she said pleasantly, waving a little. Dojima gave a slight nod, slipping the plastic brush back into her purse s Chief Kosaka walked past.

"Dojima!" he yelled, "Where have you been!" Dojima simply rolled her eyes. "Chill out, chief. I'm here, aren't I?" she replied sarcastically. Robin sighed, and sensing that Kosaka was about to blow a gasket, started walking again.

Robin had been a part of the STNJ for about six or seven months now, and was very familiar with the practices and protocol of the agency. And for some reason, even with her power of fire, she had begun to carry an Orbo gun with her at all times.

She continued walking down the hall until she reached the elevator. Robin was planning on going to Harry's for a quick cappuccino. She hit the down button, and watched the little lights above it illuminates as it came up. She stood for a second, and then heard footsteps coming in her direction. She turned her head a little and saw Amon coming toward her. As the door opened, she quickly peeked in, and just before it shut, Amon joined her.

"Good morning," Robin said gently. He eyed her a little, nodding. And in his language, that meant you too. A very small smirk crossed his face. "You've become quite skilled, you know," he said, his voice cold. Robin looked slightly surprised at what he had said. "Thank you, Amon," she replied quickly.

Amon's eyes darted up to the circles above the door. They were reaching the bottom floor quite quickly. They then made their way over to Robin. She noticed his slight uneasy look about him, but paid no attention to it. Amon shifted a little toward her, then looked down at her.

Robin quickly noticed this, returning his odd look with a slightly confused glance. "Amon…is something on you mind?" she asked. He didn't answer, but he did look back up at the door. They were on the third floor. "Robin…" he started, trailing off. He didn't finish. He leaned down, and roughly pressed his lips against hers.

Robin was caught quite off guard by this. But after a moment, she responded, gently running a hand down his cheek. Of course, they stopped when the doors opened. Amon stepped out, quickly walking away as though the last event had never happened. Robin, blushing furiously, took a few steps out of the elevator when her cell phone rang. She quickly answered with a quiet hello, still a bit shell-shocked by what had just happened.

It was Karasuma. "There was just a girl found in the park, Robin. She's still in a coma…looks like a witch," she said. Robin nodded. "O-okay…I'll meet you there."