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Deadly Liaisons

Chapter 3

Robin let out a sigh as she looked at the as-of-yet identified victim. "She looks so…lifeless," she said softly. Karasuma nodded, walking up next to her. "It's sad, really…the doctors can't find anything to help her," she said matter-of-factly. Robin thought for a moment, and then looked around. "Did you see where Amon went?"

"Oh, he got a phone call. It seemed pretty important--" Karasuma started, cut off when Amon walked up next to her, sliding his phone into his jacket. "What was it?" Robin asked. "We're going. Michael came up with something," he replied. With that, he continued walking. Robin started following after him, when Karasuma stopped her.

"You've been out of it lately. Did something happen, Robin?" she asked. Robin shook her head. "Oh, no…everything's alright," she replied. Karasuma furrowed her brow in thought, and then a wily smile crossed her face. "Did Amon say something to you?" she asked. Robin began to blush. That moment kept replaying in her head. Amon had kissed her, just like that.

"No…no…nothing happened. He didn't say anything," Robin replied. Karasuma gave a sigh. Apparently, she wasn't going to get any answers out of Robin. "Come on, then. We should hurry up," she said. With that, Karasuma quickly walked after Amon. Robin shut her eyes, then gave the unnamed victim a last glance, then jogged after them.

Twenty minutes later, they were all back in their black car, heading back to the office. Besides the hum of the engine, the vehicle was silent. Robin's thoughts were still locked on Amon's kiss. She hadn't expected it at all, but when it happened, she realized that a part of her had wanted that for a long time. As she ran over it again and again, she felt her cheeks burn in blushing. She quickly shut her eyes again, playing with a strand of her strawberry-blonde hair. Robin could think of nothing else…especially with being near Amon at the current moment.

When they pulled into the STNJ's lot, Amon stopped the car, quickly getting out. Karasuma and Robin followed. Robin couldn't even make eye contact with Amon. They all walked to the elevator, which took the to the top floor. When the doors opened, they quickly headed to the debriefing room, where Michael, Sakaki, and Dojima were already there.

The three hunters that had just returned sat in their respective places, and Michael began to explain his findings. "I ran a search on this type of Craft," the red-head started, "And got loads of results on our databases. At first, our crime scene didn't give us many hints, but there was a red hair found on the body by forensics. And I'm talking cherry red, here, so it's definetly dyed. And there was a certain type of shampoo that you can only get in the United States found on it. I narrowed it down to female American witches with red hair, and got nothing. But it does give us a good idea of what we're looking for."

Amon furrowed his brow as a frustrated look crossed his face. "But recently, starting a month or so ago, there have been some attacks like this," Michael continued, "And before that, they were in the US. None have been solved. I have a feeling this witch will strike again very soon. Until then, we've got nothing." Amon gave a slight sigh. Well, at least we know what this witch may look like…