Warnings/notes : Yohji/Aya, Aya-chan, Aya-centric, third pov

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[!]Spoiler : Aya-chan, Aya's 'other' name

written at 22nd july 2003, by Misura

Hoping not to confuse anyone, Aya is called 'Aya' by me and everyone else, except for Aya-chan, who calls him by that 'other' name. Aya-chan is called 'Aya-chan' by me and everyone else, except for Aya who calls her uhm 'Aya'. ^^; Makes any sense?



"Pretty please?"


"Aww, come on, Ran."


"Just once."


"Don't you think I'm old enough for these kind of things now?"


"Don't you trust Yohji-kun to keep me safe?"


"Is there any chance of you saying something beside 'no' today?"


"You're such a mean older brother, Ran!"

" ... "

"But I love you anyway!"

"Flattery won't work either."

"Hmph. As if I can't decide whom I date for myself. As if I need your approval."

Aya-chan stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her, leaving her brother to wonder why girls always looked so much cuter asleep.

Replaying their conversation in his head he came to the conclusion that she had been utterly unreasonable, whille his replies had been fully rational and sensitive.

Girls ... He sighed. Not that Yohji's much better.

Frowning Aya wondered how the blond had turned up in his musings all at once.

Ah well, never mind. He won't go *anywhere* with *my* sister, that's for sure!

She's my responsibility after all ; I can't have her associate with such a ... such a ...

"Family-trouble?" A familiar voice inquired.

Speak of the devil ...

Staring coldly at the person he wanted to see least of all at the moment, Aya replied with his standard answer on unwelcome questions. "Hn."

Yohji pouted. "Aw, come on, Aya! It's not like I'm nosy or something!"

Yeah, right.

"Only ... well, I'm concerned." Yohji frowned. "The two of you seem to fight a lot lately. I know how much you care about her so ... "

Do you, really?

You're mistaken, about that as well as about a great many other things.

If you truly knew, you'd never come near her, let alone ask her on a date.

"It's none of your business." He replied, hoping this would be enough.

"Aya, Aya!" Yohji chided him. "I just said it *is*. Besides, I'm probably much more knowledgeable where it concerns girls than you."

Should've known I wouldn't get rid of him so easily.

"She's my *sister*." Aya retorted.

Mine! Hands. Off. Unless you want a katana through your heart.

She's special, not the average brainless bimbo you're dating!

"I am aware of that." Yohji snorted. "Doesn't mean you completely understand her, does it? Considering the number of arguments the two of you have been - "

"Like I said : it's none of your business." Aya interrupted him, finding himself becoming talkative with the rise of his annoyance. "Why don't you go bother someone else?"

Why do you take such delight in pestering me, Kudoh?

Curious to see when I'll finally snap and attempt to throttle you?

"Ah, yes, almost forgot." Yohji slapped his forehead in an overly dramatic gesture. "Omi needed some help with the potting of the new flowers. If you're not too busy, that is."

Perfect excuse to get away from here. Away from *him*.

"Of course if you'd rather try to make up with your sister first he'll under- "

Yohji found himself talking to empty air.

"The manners of some people ... " He sadly shook his head. "I honestly don't know how on earth I could fall in love with someone this rude. Not to mention cold and stubborn. Why couldn't it have been some nice *girl*?"

"Although," Yohji cheered himself up, "I do love a challenge."


"Can you *believe* it? He doesn't even trust *Yohji-kun* to keep me safe!" Aya-chan complained to Omi and Ken, at the exact moment Aya walked in.

"Well, Yohji *is* rather ... uhm ... " Ken started.

"I have no idea why Aya-kun would say something like that." Omi declared firmly. Unlike Ken, he hadn't noticed Aya yet. "Yohji-kun is a great friend for all of us."

"That's right, Omi-kun! He's a wonderful *friend*." Aya-chan beamed at the boy, emphasizing the word 'friend' deliberately for her brother to hear. "That's *precisely* why I asked him to take me on my first date. To give me some basis of comparison." She glared at Aya.

"You asked him?" Ken blinked. "I thought you said it was the other way around."

"Well, of course a guy is supposed to ask the girl." Aya-chan agreed. "So I uhm asked him to ask me. Since he sees me as a *friend* he wouldn't do it by himself." Another glare.

Ken mused it had to be a family-trait.

"That's so smart of you, Aya-chan!" Omi smiled warmly, flushing a little when he saw Aya.

And rightly so ; if Yohji's too jaded for her, you're way too naive.

She'd have you wrapped around her finger in no time.

Isn't there *anyone* who doesn't have any ambitions to date my precious sister?!?

"Yohji said you needed help." He made the statement not quite a question.

Ken groaned. "I *knew* he'd sneak off again, that lazy - "

"Ken-kun!" Omi glanced at Aya-chan. "Mind your language!"

Hiding his smile, Aya walked over to Ken to help him.