Warnings/notes : Yohji/Aya, Ken/Omi, Aya-chan, Aya-centric, third pov

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[!]Spoiler : Aya-chan, Aya's 'other' name

written at 26th july 2003, by Misura

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Hoping not to confuse anyone, Aya is called 'Aya' by me and everyone else, except for Aya-chan, who calls him by that 'other' name. Aya-chan is called 'Aya-chan' by me an everyone else, except for Aya who calls her uhm 'Aya'. ^^; Makes any sense?


"So ... what's wrong with me taking your sister out, just to show her around a bit?" Yohji inquired, in a surprisingly soft voice.

Aya gave no reply, unwilling to break the peace and get into yet another argument. Besides, what would be the point? He had already listed his reasons.

Not my problem Yohji doesn't think they're good enough.

Well, actually it *was* his problem of course.

Yohji sighed. "Why are you here, Aya?"

The answer to that is, fundamentally, the same as to your first question.

Not that I will tell you that.

I could never found the right words ... for starters.

"Not to be interrogated by you." Aya retorted, turning away. The park was big enough to go somewhere else and evade having to see Yohji again for the remainder of the afternoon.

"Aya ... " A hand fell on his shoulder, asking him to stay, but not trying to force him into complying. Which surprised him enough to make him halt.

"Why do you always walk away? It doesn't solve anything. At least give me some answers ; I think I deserve them. Please."

Yohji sounded, and looked, vulnerable. Normally, Aya would have shrugged it off as a pose, only the blond seemed to be completely sincere.

I have observed him long enough now to recognize his act I think.

And this isn't part of it.

He nervously licked his lips, noticing the slight widening of Yohji's eyes at the gesture. "What was the question again?"

Perhaps I should simply ...

"Why?" Yohji inquired simply. "Can you give me some sort of reason, some kind of explanation?"

It is said actions speak louder than words ...

"You want to know why?" His voice carried a hint of amusement. He wasn't sure what was causing this sudden urge to laugh, or the lightness of his head.


The smile crept up to his lips before he could stop it. "Because."

Before Yohji could reply, he leaned forward and kissed the blond, hesitant at first, until he felt Yohji returning the kiss.

A distant part of his mind registered the sun was setting already, remarked on what a pretty picture the two of them would make, silhouetted against the horizon.

He ignored it, focusing on the sensation of Yohji's lips against his instead.

This feels ... nice.

I could get used to this.


Ken looked up at the rather timid-sounding knock on his door. "Yes?"

Omi walked in, slowly as if not quite at ease. "Ken-kun, I wanted to talk to you for a minute. If you have the time to spare, that is."

"Sure." Ken nodded friendly, wondering why Omi didn't seem too happy with his reply. "What about? Some fangirl stalking you again?"

Omi managed a weak smile. "Not really. And glad of it." He shook his head. "No, I wanted to talk about ... well, what Aya-chan said."

"About Yohji and Aya?" Ken asked, a bit puzzled. He had had the impression Omi didn't really mind their two team-members hooking up together, but maybe he had been wrong.

"Uhm, no ... " Omi stared at his feet. "More about ... what she said about you and me."

"Oh." Ken swallowed.

"I mean ... have you ever wondered ... well, you know?" Omi made a vague gesture.

Ken rose unsteadily. "Uhm ... "

"I have. Sometimes." Omi confessed.

"That doesn't prove anything." Ken said quickly. "I mean, I have too."

"Still ... " Omi considered. "I *do* like you Ken-kun. You're very nice. And ... " he blushed, "pretty."

"You think so?" Ken stammered. "I like you too, Omi."

"Maybe we should ... try it. Just once. To see ... what it's like."

"Yeah ... maybe we should ... do that."

"After all, it would be ... a shame if we ... would always wonder." Omi's face felt like it was on fire now, with Ken being little better off.

Not trusting his voice, Ken nodded.

"Then ... let's ... "

Their lips touched, sparing them the embarrassment of any more stumbling conversation.


Aya-chan startled awake from her nap on the couch when the sound of two bodies crashing onto the floor sounded from the room above her.

"Just friends ... sure! Believe it immediately. Can't they be a bit more quiet?" Muttering she turned on the TV, raising the volume high enough not to hear what was going on upstairs.