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Author's Note V: This story takes place just over a year after the events of 'The War Of The Grandpas'. Lexi and Izzy are four years old.

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" . . . So the ceremony is going to take place in St. Anne's Chapel and we've booked the reception room in a small hotel for the party afterwards. And then it's off to Paris for the honeymoon." Emma sighed blissfully. "Less than three weeks to go."

Shalimar smiled, amused by her friend's obvious enthusiasm. "Are you nervous?"

"Not even slightly." Emma giggled bashfully. "Is that weird?"

"Not at all." Her friend reassured her. "I wasn't. So," She gave Emma a teasing half smile. "How's the list progressing?"

Emma whipped out a list that Shalimar estimated to be at least three feet long.

"I think that everything's on track." The psionic said seriously. "The wedding dress is already in my room and I made the dressmaker swear on her mother's grave to have you and the twins outfitted well before the day." She paused, a concerned expression on her face. "The girls are going to be good, aren't they? I don't want them to make the minister think he's a duck or something!"

"A duck?" Isabelle Fox-Mulwray poked her head into the room in time to hear her aunt's last sentence. "That's a good idea, Aunt Emma."

Lexi, coming into the room behind her sister, nodded half-heartedly.

"Shal!" Emma turned a pleading look to the mother of the world's two greatest troublemakers.

"Girls," Shalimar said warningly. "Remember what I told you."

Isabelle gave a long-suffering sigh. "I remember, Mommy. No shocking, no climbing on the ceiling, no tripping up the minister," She frowned, counting on her fingers to try to remember all of her mother's instructions. "No growling, no making people think that they're lost, no making them give us stuff, no drinking from the grown-ups' glasses. No making faces at people when they're making speeches. No drawing on Aunt Emma's dress with lipstick when she's not looking."

Emma gasped in horror.

"I think that's everything, Mommy."

"Good." Shalimar smiled at her daughter. "You'd better add no making the minister think that he's a duck." She added as an after thought. She turned to Emma. "Do you think that I left anything out?"

"Good God, I hope not!"

"Don't worry, Aunt Emma." Izzy smiled sweetly. "I'll be good. I promise."

"You'll forgive me if that doesn't fill me with confidence.' Emma said dryly. "What about you, Lexi?"

Shalimar looked down at her older daughter, who had not yet said a word. "Are you going to promise to be good, Lexi?"

"Uh huh." Lexi climbed into her mother's lap. "I feel icky, Mommy."

"Did Uncle Jesse give you candy again?" Shalimar asked suspiciously.

"Uh uh." Lexi shook her head. "Not icky that way."

"What way then, baby?" Shalimar asked gently, concerned. She felt her daughter's forehead. "She does feel kind off warm."

"My head hurts." Lexi whined, feeling very sorry for herself. "And I'm itchy!" She scratched her torso and chest vigorously.

"Okay, sweetie.' Shalimar soothed, lifting her daughter up. "We'll get Grandpa to make it all better."

* * *

Ten minutes later, the lab.

"One hundred and one point three." Adam announced, reading the thermometer. "Can you lift your t-shirt for me, Lexi?"

The four year old raised the hem of her top a few inches, revealing clusters of small blisters dotted all over her torso. "They're itchy!" The poor child was close to tears.

Adam caught her hand before she could scratch. "Don't scratch, honey, you'll just make it itch worse. I'll put some cream on it in a minute to make it feel better." He looked up at Shalimar and Brennan, who were watching him anxiously. "I'm afraid it's just as I suspected." He smiled, ruffling the little girl's hair. "Our Lexi has chicken pox."


I know that it's very short, but it's just the Prologue. Future chapters will be longer and more mischief filled.