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Eleven days later.

"Oh, don't those two look positively darling!"

"What a pair of little angels!"

Lexi, now thankfully spot free and out of quarantine, shook her head pityingly at the two elderly ladies who, passing by the small church where the wedding would be held, had stopped to watch herself and Izzy so adoringly.

Five passers by had already commented on the twins' angelic appearances.

In their ankle length white dresses with deep purple sashes, their long blonde hair twisted into ringlets and crowned with wreaths of rosebuds specially dyed to match Emma's carefully planned colour scheme, the Fox-Mulwray sisters looked as though they would never in their lives have given so much as a thought to causing trouble.

Appearances could be very deceiving.

Emma and Adam, who was doubling as the father of the bride, were posing for pictures outside the church and the twins were preparing themselves for their appearances.

"Alright, you two," Emma left Adam and the photographer and bent down in front of the two little girls. "Do you remember what you're supposed to do?"

"Uh-huh." Izzy nodded solemnly. "We walk down the aisle in front of Mommy and you and Grandpa and we throw our flowers." The little girl shook her basket of rose petals.

"But we don't throw them at people." Lexi added sagely. "Because they probably wouldn't like that."

"And what's the most important thing to remember?"

"Not to do anything to screw up the wedding 'cause then you'd have to hurt us." The twins chorused sweetly, knowing perfectly well that their aunt would never have carried out her threat.

"Emma?" Shalimar, Shalimar, fully recovered and dressed in a long gown the same shade as the twins' sashes, tapped her friend's shoulder. "It's time."

Emma stood up straight, smoothing out a non-existent wrinkle in her elegant white gown and straightening her delicate lace veil. "I'm ready."

Taking a deep breath, the bride took her place in the procession waiting to enter the church.

* * *

"Are you nervous?" Brennan, handsomely dressed in an stylish tuxedo and the lilac cravat Emma had persuaded him to wear, leaned forward to whisper in Jesse's ear.

Jesse, looking every inch the happy groom, gave his friend a small smile. "You know, that's really something that you should have asked before we got to the altar and, in answer to your question: not even a little."

The organist began playing a soft professional march and the church doors opened to reveal Lexi and Izzy, who led the procession into the church, strewing the path with rose petals to a chorus of 'Oohs' and 'Aahs' from the dozen or so New Mutants attending and Nicholas Fox, who were seated on either side of the church.

Much to Brennan's relief, his daughters discharged their duties as flower girls admirably, reaching the altar without incident.

Izzy joined Jesse and her father on the right side of the altar, while Lexi headed left, where she was presently joined by her mother.

The organist struck up a wedding march and all eyes turned to the entrance of the church, where Adam and Emma stood.

Emma looked positively radiant as she approached the altar on Adam's arm.

The older man beamed with pride, kissing Emma's cheek gently when they reached the altar.

Jesse smiled down at his wife to be. "You ready?"

Her eyes shone with joy. "Always."

* * *

At the minister's prompting, Jesse and Emma turned to face each other and Lexi and Izzy stepped forward, rings at the ready.

Although the twins hadn't been told, for fear of hurting their feelings, Shalimar and Brennan each carried a spare ring, just in case.

The minister smiled kindly at the young couple before him, nodding at Jesse. "Repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed.

"With this ring, I thee wed."

"With my body I thee worship."

"With my body I thee worship."

"And with all my worldly goods I thee endow."

"And with all my worldly goods I thee endow."

Jesse accepted the ring from Izzy and slipped it onto Emma's finger.

"The minister turned his kindly gaze on Emma. "Now you, Emma. With this ring, I thee wed."

"With this ring, I thee wed."

"With my body I thee worship."

"With my body I thee worship."

"And with all my worldly goods I thee endow."

"And with all my worldly goods I thee endow."

Lexi, her features carefully schooled into an appropriately solemn expression, handed the ring to her aunt.

Emma slid the ring onto Jesse's finger, leaning forward to kiss him.

"Not so fast." The minister chuckled.

The young couple regarded him impatiently.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife." He smiled down at Jesse and Emma. "You may now kiss the bride."

They needed no further prompting.

* * *

"That was a lovely ceremony." Adam complimented, smiling at Emma who had been the chief organizer.

"Thanks." Emma was in seventh heaven, all her careful preparations having resulted in the wedding of her dreams.

"Where are you two kids going on your honeymoon?" Nicholas asked curiously. He ruffled his daughter's hair teasingly. "I couldn't persuade Shalimar to go anywhere."

"I was pregnant!" Shalimar protested.

Lexi looked up curiously. "What's 'pregnant', Mommy?"

"I'll tell you later." Shalimar said quietly, not wanting to get into that particular conversation in the middle of Jesse and Emma's wedding reception.

"Okay." Much to the adults' relief, Lexi did not argue against the delay.

Izzy, happily polishing off her third slice of wedding cake, was barely paying any attention to the conversation around her.

"So, sweetie," Adam lifted Lexi into his lap. "Will you give your old grandfather the honour of the first dance?"

"I don't have an old grandfather." Lexi told him seriously. "Can I dance with you instead?"

Adam laughed, kissing the top of the little girl's head. "Flatterer. Of course I'll dance with you."

"Good." Lexi looked satisfied.

"And I'll dance with Other Grandpa." Izzy announced, climbing into Nicholas's lap.

"Can we dance now?" Lexi demanded.

"Not yet, sweetie." Shalimar told her daughter gently. "Aunt Emma and Uncle Jesse have to have the first dance."

"So what are they waiting for?" Lexi asked. "Dance!"

The band leader must have heard the little girl, for soft strains of romantic music started playing and the call came for the bride and groom to take floor for their first dance as husband and wife.

Jesse and Emma looked like something out of a fairytale as they took the floor together, their heads tilted at precisely the right angle, their eyes shining with love.

Blissfully unaware of the guests around them, they slowly circled the dance floor, looking happier than any of their friends had ever seen them.

For the moment, at least, life was perfect.