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"So, can we go home now then?" Asked the elf.

Me: I still have one whole chapter to write, you can't go right at the beginning of it!


Just then, a large crow swooped down on the two, forcing them to set off once more at a run. And screaming. Naturally.



"Legolas, why are you screaming? You live in Mirkwood! You must have loads of crows!"

"And? Besides, you're the King, why are you scared of a bird?"

"I'm not."

"So why are you running?"

"I don't know. So you don't run off in terror and leave me by myself."

"But I'm not scared either."

They stopped, and looked around rather self consciously to check that nobody had seen that. Which was rather stupid, seeing as they were in a fanfic and everybody reading it could see them. Somehow or other, they failed to remember this fact and began walking slowly again, as if nothing had happened.

"Which it hasn't!"

Me: Yeah yeah, whatever elf.

"I'm Aragorn!"

Me: Oh, right, sorry. Elf sounds better than king though. At least in that sentence.

"Does not."

Me: Yes it does, now let me get on with the story.

So, anyway, there were Aragorn and Legolas walking along as if nothing had happened when something fell on Legolas' head.


"Are you ok?"

"Yeah, it was just an acorn."

"But there aren't any oak trees here."


"Er, no, it was that squirrel, over there."

The squirrel grinned evilly, and ran away up a tree.

"We don't have to fight that now, do we?"

Me: No, it was just an incidental squirrel.

"Are we close to the end of the chapter yet?"

Me: Yup. I guess I can let you guys go home now.


Me: Don't you have something you want to say first?

They both cleared their respective throats and then said in perfect unison:

"Thank you very much to all our reviewers, especially Dreamality who has reviewed every single chapter."

"Without you guys, this fanfic would have been even less bearable" Legolas put in.

"I dunno, I kinda enjoyed it…"

Legolas shot Aragorn a bemused look, before turning to the spot in the sky that the author inhabits.

"Can we go now?"

Me: Yeah, sure, whatever. Bye.

And with that, they both disappeared from the unnamed wood, back to wherever they had been before.

The end.

Review replies from me...

c-marabini - Mighty authoress? Moi? You flatter me  :D lol. Yeah, Ernie's very happy as a singing postman now.

Uineniel - Glad you're enjoying it. Legolas couldn't go down the rabbit hole because...erm...he just couldn't. Lol. Well, Legs say's he only carries a comb or two but he could always be fibbing...

Dreamality - Thanks for saying that was the best chapter yet! I expect one of the reasons for Ernie's honesty was that he was a fire extinguisher pointing at him. I know, I'm gonna miss writing this too. I'm saying nothing at this point, but a sequel may be on its way.

Chibi Lauryn - I'm just pleased that you do review :)

Aragorn replies...

Dreamality - I was standing close to the fire extinguisher and waiting for my moment. Unfortunately, it never came.

Legolas replies...

c-marabini - Yes, it was very good how I beat Ernie and brought him over to the side of good, wasn't it? Oh, no,

Aragorn, not the hair!...

Dreamality - Thank you, my dear Dreamality. I can't wait to go home. Maybe you can come and visit me sometime?