TITLE: Cat Woman



PAIRINGS: HG/SS - SS/HG Who else?!

SUMMARY: Lyress got me thinking with one of her comment/challenge/plot bunny things on WIKTT. What if the polyjuice fiasco in 2nd year had more long term repercussions for our heroine?

AUTHOR: Sarhea

EMAIL: sarhea1980@yahoo.ca

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Harry Potter and co. That privilege belogns to J.K. Rowling and whoever she decides to license to. Though I wish I had my own Severus Snape. *huffs* Well, I can dream, can't I?! I don't make any money off writing so please don't sue!

NOTE: Will definitely have lots of smut later on but for now PG13 it is.

Chapter 3 up!! Ripple Effects

Minor changes so the story takes place in sixth year only as required by the challenge.


~*~ Challenge by Lyress ~*~

Polyjuice Potion is meant to be taken to form another human NOT animal form - this is why Hermione had to spend time in the infirmary because the potion did not fully work on a cat form.

Residual effects come to light in her final year - when she comes of age as a human and as a cat and goes into heat. Yes that is right mad phermones, scenting out her mate, mad urges to nap in the sun and a sudden appreciation for Mrs Norris' cat nip.

Her mate of course is Snape.

(please use the idea that due to time-turner use she is now of age i think that she could have added a LOT of time two years anyway so she would be 20ish - christmas, night time etc.)

Other possibilities you may choose to include:

= Snape is part vampire

= Hermione becomes an animagus cat or even dog lol imagine the mental turmoil.

= Draco/Harry

= Draco/Ginny

= Hermione prowling through the great hall

= Hermione facing off with Sirius

= If possible find a way to bring Sirius back