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~*~ And Hermione? ~*~

Hermione on the other hand was not willing to co-operate. She merely smiled and nodded amiably and kept her lips sealed.

"I feel fine." Was her standard reply to all queries.

Exasperated the staff took turns trying to persuade her to talk; and when that failed inviting her friends to get her to open up. She was no longer quarantined as infectious but the school medic insisted she remain in the Hospital Wing for observation. Her friends took turns bring her assignments, and keeping her up-to-date.


Severus Snape frowned glancing at the charmed mirror. It gave him a view of the Gryffindor student working on her homework dressed in a pair of oyster colored satin lounge pants matched with a burgundy knit shirt.

Miss Granger seemed to be enjoying her confinement. He sneered. The know-it-all would be happy as long as she had a few books. Feeling irritated he swept out of Poppy's office. This was none of his concern. He had his own students and classes to worry about.


Unfortunately the other staff members were not so sanguine.

"Why is she behaving like this?" Minerva McGonogall cried feeling utterly exasperated with her prize student.

"Behaving like what?" Athena Hooch responded acidly. "Like a perfect angel. Too perfect if you ask me." She mumbled. "Much more sneaky than any run of the mill student."

Filius Flitwick glanced up from the small handwritten volume he was reading. There was a slight frown on his normally cheerful face.

"She wants something. Or to be more precise, someone." He announced in grave tones.

Everyone turned to him.

"What do you mean?" Minerva asked feeling lost. A sensation she did not appreciate one bit.

"I've been doing some research Minerva," the Charms instructor explained carefully. "There is so much we have forgotten about Chatti."

"And what have you found out Filius?" Poppy asked briskly.

The little wizard coughed flushing pink. "My observations and research led me to certain conclusions about Miss Granger's condition." He glanced around. Everyone was hanging on his word. Feeling slightly pleased he continued. "One. Her level of raw power and instinctive talent have increased five fold in the past weeks. Two. Her sixth and seventh senses, her sensivity to emotions and her surroundings have increased as well as her physical reflexes. Three. Her intellectual capabilities have not been damaged by her new abilities. She has a plan, a goal, the question is what."

"What?" Hooch demanded impatiently.

Filius shrugged helplessly. "I don't know, something very important by the effort she has placed in hiding it from us as well as her friends."

"Have you talked to Harry and Ron?" Minerva spoke glancing around the room.

"I have." Poppy answered. "None of them have a clue. Hermione was always the one to do the research and find the answers. They know she is different and that's it. The other students are beginning to sense it as well." She shrugged. "Wilber Lowery and Susan Bones were in the other week to be treated for botched hexes. They saw Hermione experimenting with her wandless magic."

Minerva groaned. "Great. I suppose we shall be honored with Malfoy Senior's presence."


Meanwhile, in the Hospital Wing...

"Professor Snape." Severus refused to respond to that soft silky drawl. "Severus." He froze at the shivers those tones sent up his spine. Slowly he turned around clasping his hands at waist level, to hide the tremors.

"Miss Granger." His voice did not show any indication of his feelings, his quashed desire to run from a pair of gold-hazel eyes set in an oval face. Full moist lips curved into a secretive smile. The instinct for self-preservation vanished before the prideful need to stand his ground. "Are you feeling all right?" He spoke carefully, veiling his conflicting desires. "Do you need Madame Pomfrey?"

That feline smile widened. Gold eyes caught obsidian as Hermione Granger stalked towards her prey, one Severus Snape. She had thought about this for a long time tossing and turning in her dorm bed, in her hospital bed, and she was tired of this. The only bed she wanted to be in belonged to a particular Slytherin.

"Oh no Professor," The husky voice sent shivers up the Head of Slytherin's spine. "The only one I need is you."

Severus froze, very much like a cobra before a mongoose, only this mongoose was a predatory female feline, a golden lioness.

She pouted, sensing his shrieking instincts, feeling the swirl of magic about him responding to the reflexive survival urges. Twisting into a form that would respond to the situation. But Hermione was not going to let that happen. Deftly she wove the energies of her own personal aura into a net that snuffed any attempt at spell casting.

Severus sensed the magical energy in the room deaden. Black eyes widened when he realized what she had done. The witch had secured all the latent energies in the room making it in essence a null-magic cell used by the Ministry to secure wandless mages. He could not stop the curse that slipped past his lips.

"Mudblood Witch!"

Gold eyes flared with anger before she smirked. For some reason the smirk terrified him more than the anger.

"Mudbood. Mud. Blood." Hermione tasted the words tapping a slender finger against her lips. "How strange the snobbish purebloods hit on the most accurate description of Muggleborns and turned it into a slur."

Severus froze. Where was this going? Was she going to tell Minerva?

Hermione ignored that silent question in favor of her verbal analysis as she circled the Slytherin very much like a cat stalked a toy mouse.

"I am a Daughter of the Earth, the Great Goddess chose to bless me and those like me. She saw potential in Muggles. She bestowed upon me a portion of Her own Power. She Chose me above Purebloods like Malfoys and Longbottoms and Weasleys who keep their power alive by breeding it like a farmer breeds cattle." She hissed. "I would rather be a mongrel so blessed to give my loyalties to who I choose than a lapdog to an insane psychopath."

Severus inhaled sharply. He was not religious, few wizards were, but no true magen academic could disprove the existence of the Old Powers. The Horned Lord and the Green Lady had not walked or indicated their approval of wizarding society in centuries.

"You are right." The stark words from the Potions Master stopped Hermione in her tracks. "Wizards have forgotten the Old Powers, the magicks we can never dare to lay claim to without paying a terrible price." Black eyes met gold squarely. "As you have for your stronger talents."

Hermione laughed. "What price? What price do you speak of Severus Snape?" This was not the time for observing social niceties. This was the time for hammering out the links for a chain; the links of understanding in a chain….

"You cannot control yourself. You are gaining feline attributes, becoming less human. You are losing friends and gaining enemies who do not understand what is happening."

She tipped her head to one side, observing her through bright gold eyes before she spoke.

"But you are mistaken Severus Snape. I know precisely what is happening to me. I am changing. I am becoming more than what I once was. I am becoming a servant of Who was once respected by mages and Muggles alike. A servant of the Lady who knows what is truly important…." She moved until there were bare inches separating them, tipping her head back to meet his glare challengingly and hissed, "Life. New life. And children."

Severus bowed his head, black strands forming a curtain, but he could not hide from her challenging stance. "Bastet." He spoke mildly.

Hermione laughed and stepped away. "It is one of Her names."

"And what do you want?" Severus inquired off-handedly. This was easier than handling the Dark Lord. This was a student, a powerful student, but one far less likely to torture or kill him for perceived slights.


Severus froze black eyes widening in dismay. Oh shite.

She heard that unspoken comment. "Ohh yesss."

He backed away. He could not use magic. Before he would have laughed at the thought of Hermione Granger physically attacking any instructor. Now, seeing the predatory intent, he was not so certain.

"Relax Severus. I'm not going to hurt you." A pause. "Unless you like that."

He blushed. He, Severus Snape, a sophisticated experienced Potions Master and wizard, one who survived torture and the stress of acting as a double agent, blushed like an inexperienced boy.

He forced himself to move past that humiliating thought. "Miss Granger, this is most inappropriate. One I am your teacher and I will never damage that trust your parents placed in Hogwarts. Second I am much older than you. There are more suitable younger men. Third, we are in the middle of a war and any thought of a relationship is folly." He spoke in slow even tones. Exploding and hoping she would scutter away like a first-year was futile. This Hermione Granger would simply laugh and ignore his rages. Merlin, don't do this to me!

Merlin wasn't listening.

Hermione moved backing him away from the door and towards an armless chair as she spoke.

"I can easily write the NEWT Potions exams next week. I won't do as well as I could have done but I can easily get an O. You may be older than I am but as a witch and wizard twenty years doesn't mean much, Professor Dumbledore is hundred and fifty and he's nowhere near dead. I don't like boys my age. They are boys, children to be protected and cosseted, not potential lovers. Considering the issue objectively I truly believe we can do well together, especially in the middle of a war. Right now you work alone, but sooner or later your cover will be blown, and you will need a partner." She smirked.

The Potions Master froze. He was not used to women actively pursuing him, let alone one as innocent and inexperienced as a sixth year Gryffindor. He'd had a few Slytherins try to blackmail him, some Ravenclaw graduates expressing a casual interest. He had always carefully considered all the factors before selecting a lover, always taking care to keep the relationship casual. Deciding to resort to harsher measures Severus demanded an explanation.

"Why me? Why not a Gryffindor? Or Victor Krum. Even Black if you like older men." He sneered.

Sirus Black had been believed dead during the aftermath of the Death Eater Attack on the Ministry last year. Unfortunately, for Severus, he turned up like the proverbial bad penny. The Veil Sirus fell through was a one-way gateway to the Aether Planes, the dimension through which the Floo network worked. Unlikely the Floo network there was no 'destination' for the Veil. The Gryffindor had been 'lost' for what felt like days to him until he popped out of an American fireplace by sheer luck. That experience combined with Harry's guilt-trips was enough to make the Maurauder stick to his promise to stay low in 12 Grimmauld Place until he learned enough disguise magic to remain 'dead' in public.

Hermione snorted. "Viktor is gay. We are just friends. And Sirus? Give me a break! He's worse than Ron, a puppy that gets into the worst messes and expects others to clean up after. I want to have children, not be married to one."

Severus snorted then coughed at that compliment-veiled promise-new data. He still did not believe Hermione.

"Why me? A Slytherin? Is it because you pity me?" His nostrils flared enraged at the mere thought of someone pitying him.

Hermione snorted. "Don't be a fool. I would never sleep with someone because I pity him." She smiled gently. "I respect you. I trust you. I truly do, I could never love someone I didn't respect and trust. I have always felt so, even when you were just the Potions Professor, especially when we found out about your work with the Order." Hermione explained just as bluntly. "This change," she waved at her torso. "Simply speeded up the time table. I would have been content to wait until I graduated, went through advanced training, got a job before approaching you as a potential equal, an ex-student yes but also a fellow member of the Order." She closed her eyes and tried to organize her thoughts.

"Animal instincts demand I celebrate life with new life, my heart wishes to wait, my head insists I choose someone worthy, someone who can appreciate and treasure what I will give him and not consider it casual because It Is Not. You show you respect and wish the best for me by your very actions now and in recent years. The feline in me admires your strength and cunning, the agile, stealthy skill you use to maneuver your enemies and students into acting as you wish."

Severus was at a loss. He found himself sitting in the chair unsure of what to say, or how to say it for the first time in years. "Miss Granger--."

She moved and pressed a finger against his lips to silence him. "Don't." The word was hissed as she braced her free hand against the back of the chair and leaned down until bare centimeters separated their noses. She could taste the scent of musk, cedar and cloves. Unable to resist she moved brushing her nose against one high cheekbone, down the cheek, under the ear. A moist tongue followed the trail tasting, licking nipping.

He drew a sharp breath and forced his hands to move. They did but not in the way he ordered them to. Pale, long fingered hands slid into the mass of curls stroking the velvety fine hairs at the nape of her neck.

Hermione groaned at the sensation of strong, callused hands massaging her scalp and neck. It had been so long since she anyone had touched her so intimately. She could not resist. She purred.

That sound was enough to break the spell.

He pushed her away from him.

She stumbled and fell backwards before recovering to fall into an easy crouch. She sprang up and at the older wizard without a qualm.

Severus found himself pressed against the lush curves of a very 'mature' Gryffindor student sitting astride him, arms wrapped around his neck. She didn't allow for a centimeter of space between them below the neck.

Hermione arched and shifted. She could feel his interest, the hardness at the groin, between her legs. She purred and moved to accommodate his cock, pressing it against the moisture between her thighs.

Severus was horrified and torn. He clenched and unclenched his fists uncertain of what to do.

"Miss Granger!"

She merely smiled and pressed her mouth to his. Resolutely he tried to maintain his distance, to keep from reacting to the sensations provoked by this very sensuous witch. But he couldn't. He found himself softening, melting, giving in, before her persistent passion. It had been so long since anyone had desired him so avidly, so honestly.

He could smell the musk of her arousal, the cinnamon of her scent, the bitter lemon peel forming the base of her perfume. He could taste the kiwi and cream that formed the base of her lotion. He could imagine her emerging from her bath, moist, wet, dripping; smoothening lotion into her soft supple skin. He could sense the unstinting passion in her, the confidence, the need in her, for him.

Hermione sensed that relaxation and was quick to take advantage. A quick tongue darted past thin firm lips to explore the insides of his mouth. He tasted of peppermint and nutmeg and something else that was Severus Snape.

After several long minutes of heated kisses Hermione reluctantly pulled away.

"I won't push now. You will never forgive yourself if I do. I will wait but I am not letting you go." A flash of something in gold eyes, something hotly possessive. Severus felt a thrill shudder up his spine as she slipped off his lap and stood up. "You are mine!" She hissed in an almost feline-like snarl.

The Slytherin Potions Master lost all of his Gryffindor courage and fled from the Hospital Wing.

Hermione had to struggle with the urge to chase down and pounce on her chosen mate. She had promised him time. She owed it to him.

She could feel the ache in the pit of her belly, the clenching between her thighs. She wanted him so bad she wanted to curl into a ball and weep. But she wouldn't. There was too much to be done. She was done playing nice.




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