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Chapter 1 - A Visitor

Sirius leant back in his chair, staring absently into the fire. This was the life. His own home, his own rules, his own life. And there was only one thing missing. And that was going to be solved in November. It would be sooner, but Remus was in Australia for another week, and then he was going to visit some relative in Russia. And when he came back, his parents would want him for a while, and then …

And then Sirius Black's life would be complete. He sighed and snuggled backwards. He shut his eyes and sighed contentedly. Lilly and James were scheduled to be married next summer, Remus would be with him before the year was out and he never ever had to see his family again. What could be better?

Sirius yawned, suddenly tired. He sloped off to bed, to dream of Remus…


Suddenly, in the middle of the night, there was a knock at the door. Eventually, it turned to hammering and Sirius finally woke up. He scrambled into a sitting position, the covers a tangle around his legs, scratching his head. The hammering started up again, so Sirius lurched to his feet and pulled on his dressing gown. He half-fell down the stairs and went to the door, rubbing his eyes. He opened it and stared rather stupidly at the man standing outside. "Remus."

"Hi. Look, sorry for just dropping in, but …"

"Wait, wait, don't explain yourself on the doorstep for God's sake! Come in," Sirius laughed. Remus smiled and went into the house. Sirius led the way into the cosy lounge, where the fire still crackled merrily, and slumped down on the couch. Remus sat down opposite him on another couch. "I'm sorry."

"What for?"

"Just … arriving on your doorstep. I came back from Australia early, because my uncle was coming. It's my uncle's fault I'm here, he's staying with my mum and he's … well, basically, he's a homophobe. The second he found out about … about us - he - he went mad. I … he's Mum's brother, so I couldn't ask him to leave, especially as he came over from America just to see her. I was pretty angry at the time anyway, so I left. Sorry."

Sirius got up and went over to Remus, sitting down next to him. "Don't be sorry."

They sat in silence for a long moment, staring at each other. Sirius grinned and opened his arms so that Remus could fall into a tight hug. Sirius held him, murmuring, "It's OK, sweetheart. Forget him. What does it matter, so long as we love each other, right?"

Remus looked up at Sirius, his eyes shining with unshed tears. "Yeah …"

Sirius smiled gently. "It's good to see you, Remus."

He felt the werewolf shudder at the sound of his name. "Miss me?"

Remus snuggled closer, sliding his arms around Sirius, his eyes shut. Sirius kissed the top of Remus' head as he started to sob. "God, yeah …"

"Shh, love. Come on, let's go to bed …"

He got to his feet, Remus holding him almost painfully tight. "Want me to carry you?"

Remus was starting to shake, so Sirius didn't wait for an answer but picked the werewolf up. He frowned when he did so. Remus was far too light. "When was the last time you had a square meal?"

Remus sniffed and shrugged. "When I got home?"

"When was that?" Sirius asked, carrying Remus into the hall. The concern was easily visible on Sirius' face as he watched Remus closely. He didn't meet his eyes when he muttered, "About … two weeks, maybe?"

Sirius almost exploded. "REMUS LUPIN ARE YOU TELLING ME YOU HAVEN'T EATEN ANYTHING FOR TWO WEEKS? You idiot! You'll starve!"

He took Remus straight into the kitchen and dumped him at the kitchen table. "Sorry, Sirius …"

Sirius didn't reply, but started banging around in cupboards looking for something edible. Remus got up and went to the fridge. He pulled out some tubs of yoghurt and looked at the date. "Sirius, don't you ever check expiry dates? These went off last month!"

Sirius growled, "Sit down, you! You're not well!"

Remus shoved the yoghurt back on the shelf, shut the fridge and sat down obediently. Sirius poured out a bowl of cereal for Remus and slammed it down in front of him. "Eat it. If there is a scrap left when I've finished cooking this, I'll - I'll … Well, you won't like it, whatever I decide to do! Just eat it."

Remus began to eat quickly. Sirius scolded, "Don't wolf it down. It's not going to disappear, and you don't want indigestion."

Remus slowed down, watching Sirius as he pulled out a frying pan and some eggs and bacon. "Sirius, really, this'll be enough - "

"It will not! What would your mother say to me if you die of starvation? Just get that down your neck, and stop complaining."

Sirius cracked the eggs and put the pan on the stove, flicking his wand at it so that it began to cook. He then shoved the bacon into the microwave and set it going. Three minutes later the microwave bleeped at them while Sirius was forking eggs out of the pan. He took the plate over and tried to take the bacon out with his fingers. He succeeded, but burned his fingers in the process. Sticking them in his mouth and glaring at Remus, who was laughing like a maniac, he took the plate to him and got a knife and fork for him.

"When you've eaten that we can go to bed," he muttered around his fingers.

"Let me look," Remus replied, his mouth full. Sirius held his hand out to Remus, who inspected his fingertips, still forking egg into his mouth. Eventually, he pulled out his wand and said a healing spell. Sirius yelped at the magic, as it stung while it healed, and stuck his fingers back in his mouth.

"Oh, be quiet. It'll heal in a minute. Be thankful I'm not dragging you to St. Mungo's."

"Me go to St. Mungo's! You're the one who needs to go there! You're too thin, Remus!" Sirius barked, his voice cracking with emotion. Remus finished off his eggs and said, "I'll be fine. Got any ketchup? Or mayonnaise?"

Sirius went to a cupboard and pulled out a jar of mayonnaise and a bottle of ketchup, slamming them down on the table in front of Remus. He used a bit of each and started on his bacon. Sirius sat down opposite him and leaned his head on his arms, which he had folded on the table in front of him, so he could watch Remus. Eventually, Remus finished and leaned back. "That was really good, Sirius. Where'd you learn to cook like that?"

Sirius shrugged, blushing, and stood up. He pulled Remus to his feet. "Still want me to carry you?"

Remus smiled and snuggled close to him. Sirius bent so he could swing Remus into his arms. He carried him upstairs and into the bedroom, shutting the door with his foot. He gently lay Remus down on the bed and leant over him. "I love you."

Remus smiled. "Come to bed, Sirius."

Sirius shrugged off this dressing gown, dumping it on the floor. Remus' eyes scanned his body then moved back to his eyes - reluctantly. Sirius was stark naked. He raised his eyebrows. Sirius crawled onto the bed over him and snuggled up. "Don't you look at me like that. I wasn't expecting you to burst in on me, was I?"

"Sorry - "

"I'm glad you did, Remus."

Remus closed his eyes and sighed when Sirius said his name. Sirius leant up on one elbow and started to undo Remus' shirt one handed. Remus watched him struggle for a second, then batted his hand away. "Oh, here, let me …"

He undid his shirt and let Sirius push it off his shoulders. Sirius' eyes flickered down his body, longing all over his face. Remus sighed, "Fine, go on. I'm going to regret this tomorrow."

Sirius grinned, already feeling his cock harden,and slid down his body to remove his other clothes. Sirius' fingers ran over Remus' body as he did so, causing gasps and exclamations of pleasure from Remus.

When Sirius tugged Remus' pants away, he touched his cockgently. Remus gasped loudly, calling Sirius' name. He moved up his body, kissing him all the way, until he reached his lips, his fingers never leaving Remus' most private place. Remus rolled Sirius onto his back, returning the kiss passionately. Sirius' fingers tightened and Remus pulled back, his back arching. Sirius pushed him over onto his side and kissed him again, his hands moving to either side of Remus' head.

Remus' fingers moved like lightning. Sirius groaned, his eyes shutting. Remus slid one arm around his waist and pulled him close so that their hips were crushed together. Sirius' eyes snapped open again. He couldn't even make a sound to show his pleasure. Remus looked into his eyes and murmured, "I've needed this …"

Sirius' fingers ran over his body. He gasped, "Me too - so much …"

"Oh, God …"

Remus could feel Sirius' erection hard against his thigh. He knew he was just as hard and pressed equally close to Sirius. Sirius kissed him again, his tongue running over his lips. Remus wasn't sure where he ended and Sirius began - they were too close, fighting for supremacy neither wanted. They both wanted to be played with, their bodies shaking with need. Sirius breathed, "Rem … mate …"

A fresh wave of desire threatened to swamp Remus. He couldn't reply, his body filled with heat and the pain of wanting his lover so much. Sirius touched Remus' erection as his lover's hands moved up to massage his shoulders; Remus' back arched painfully and he cried out. Sirius cocked his head on one side. "Oh, that hurt, did it?"

Remus could barely breathe, let alone talk normally. He managed, just, to falteringly gasp, "Sirius, it hurts … 'm so fucking hard it hurts … help me - please, Siri …"

Sirius stroked Remusgently. "Shh, it's OK."

Remus reached for Sirius' cock, causing his lover to shudder. "Love, I need … Oh, Lord … I needto fuck you…"

"Oh, God, Remus, stop making it sound like I don't want to as much as you for fuck's sake!"

Remus slid down Sirius' body anyway until he reached his cock, then without warning licked over the head of Sirius' cock. He heard Sirius groan and felt his body tremble as Remus put his hands on his hips. Sirius closed his eyes and breathed, "Do it…"

Remus slowly slid Sirius' cock into his mouth. Sirius' vision went dark. He couldn't control himself for much longer; he could feel his balls tightening already. Remus knew instinctively what Sirius needed and how good it felt. Sirius' fingers tangled in Remus' hair, tugging hard to convey the message that he wasn't far from coming. Remus moaned, his tongue sliding around Sirius' cock. A moment later, Sirius released into Remus' mouth, his body shaking uncontrollably.The shock of it briefly paralysed Sirius. Remus pulled back, wiping Sirius' come from around his mouth.

Sirius whimpered. "Remus … Remus, for God's sake come here!"

The werewolf moved back up so he could kiss Sirius full on the mouth. Sirius whined as Remus' tongue slid into his mouth. He tasted not entirely familiar, the tang of Sirius' come on his tongue.

Sirius stretched one hand down and roughly ran the pad of his thumb over the head of Remus' cock. Remus pulled back and he stared down into Sirius' eyes, unsated passion buring there. Sirius smirked and started to run his fingers over Remus' cock, squeezing just hard enough to make Remus squirm. He rubbed his thumb over Remus' tip again and the werewolf arched into him, pressing his erection firmly into Sirius' thigh. Sirius smirked again and slipped his hand between Remus' legs to rub his balls.

"Dear fucking God!"

Sirius nuzzled into Remus' chest and bit down sharply on one of his nipples as he pressed hard on the tender skin between Remus' balls and his entrance. Remus howled as his release shuddered through him. Sirius nuzzled under his chin and waited until his breathing calmed before kissing him and whispering, "We'll have a shower in the morning ..."

Remussnuggled down so their positions were reversedand whispered, "Hold me, love …"

He was stilll trembling from the aftershocks of his orgasm. Sirius slid his arms aroundRemus and kissed his forehead. "I'll hold you forever and never let go, if you want."

Remus smiled and buried his head in Sirius' chest.

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