The Exchange Students

a fic. By: Josie Evans and Shana Malfoy

Character: MWPP, co. and other

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Exchange sstudents come to Hogwarts, how will Remus, James and Sirius cope with that? Read and find out. Written by me and my very good friend Shana Malfoy

Disclaimer: *In a bored monotone voice* J.K Rowling own's every character mentioned except the one's you don't recognize, the plot and crazy ideas belong to me and Shana. The exchange students and the professors Knotgrass, Page, Valentine, Josaline, plumpy Mr. Robin, and of course the ever so popular American dollar Sirius is dangerously attached to, also belong to us, oh and don't forget Jasmine, who is Sirius's recent flame. Also various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. Ya, ya we all know what belongs to who. Now on with the story!


Ch.1: There here?!

"Another perfect day!" exclaimed Sirius, on a fine summer day. "Who would know, when waking up this morning, classes would be unexpectedly cancelled?!"

"Sirius, I don't think it has anything to do with you and James, decorating the hall with the Slytherin's knickers, including the females, and buying a pair of white knickers with pink harts on them, putting them in mud, in order of them to look like shit and writing Severus Snape on them." answered Remus Lupin, the smartest of the two.

"I think he's right Siri, first of all because he's always right, and second because Dumbledore did say he wanted the whole school in the great hall at nine for a special announcement, seems the old bloke always has a special announcement, and it usually has something to do with us." replied James laughing.

The marauders, minus one, (Peter is currently a million miles away, he had been to Alaska on a family trip, and his parents had left him behind, accidentally of course!) had been sitting under a tree by the lake, trowing rocks at the giant squid.

"Um I think we better get back to the school, it's 9:05, and if this special announcement is about us, I wouldn't want to miss it, and we all know Dumbledore will make sure were all there before starting!" explained Remus, he always had to be on time, and his homework was very important to him, not to mention his books and dictionaries. Now I'm not saying he's some spineless, jellyfish of a dork, and some kind of a teachers pet, or anything, he is after all one of the hottest guys in the school, but he wasn't a chick magnet like James and Sirius, who were the schools biggest flames and had a new girlfriend every week.

"He better, I would be quite hurt if he started without us!" said Sirius in mock tears. They then got up and slowly walked towards the school. "Hey what's this?" asked James picking up a piece of paper, which according to Remus was an American dollar.

"Hey James! Stop hogging it, let me see!" whined Sirius. "Fine here." he said handing Sirius the piece of paper, with two different coloured ink.

"My precioussssss!"

"What was that Sirius?" asked James, looking at Sirius as if he were some madman who had just escaped Azkaban prison and was coming back to have revenge on him, um I mean Peter.

"Nothing, you mind if I keep it richie?!" which was more of a statement then a question. "Sure." he answered letting out an exasperated sigh. James hatted it when Sirius called him richie, and Sirius would always call him that when he wanted something from him, James would then give him what he wanted because he felt bad if he didn't. James was the kind of guy who prided himself of being generous to others. "Thanks!"


"Thank you all for coming, please make yourselves comfortable, were just waiting for the three chiefs of mischief." said Dumbledore to the whole school assembled in the great hall. "Speak of the Devil!" he added a few moments later as James, Remus and Sirius, entered the hall.

"Hey Dumbledore, sorry were late, lost track of time, you know how that is!" yelled Sirius upon entering. "Knew you'd wait for us, thanks."

"Hum, kindly sit down." answered professor knotgrass.

"Now, I'm sure your probably wondering why your all here, and no it not because of the unfortunately funny incident which occurred this morning, thank you boys for the show, but next time please warn the school in advance, professor Page, almost choked on his toast this morning, and professor Valentine was in so much shock he's in no way to teach for two days." he said, half the hall muffling laughs and Dumbledore, who had rather admired the prank was trying to conceal a smile. "On to business, there is an exchange program being done with our school and the misty mountain academy, which you are presently being informed about, four students from said school are arriving today and will be spending four months here. They will be sorted by the sorting hat, into there appropriate houses, were I'm sure you will all be an example to them, and help them adjust to the new school." he added, looking at the marauders.

"Hope they have hot girls coming." said Sirius to James and Remus, but Sirius often talks loudly and the whole school overheard. Jasmine who was Sirius's momentary girlfriend started to cry.

"Actually Sirius, it's 4 boys." answered Dumbeldore

"What, but that's an outrage!" yelled Sirius getting up on a table. "Were's the justice in that?!"

"Please sit down, Mr. Black and contain yourself. They are the ones who were chosen by there school headmaster, by being the most behaved and polite there." answered professor Josaline.

"Now we will all go outside and stand in a composed fashion, to await our guess, and yes Mr. Black they are arriving right now." she added, and one by one the students arose all chattering happily and sounding like a beehive, they all headed to the doors to await there guest outside.


The whole population of Hogwarts were outside, in front of the school, awaiting the four guest. "Guess there not coming!" exclaimed James

"You should learn to be more patient James." answered Lily Evans, new friend to the marauders, she was one of the prettiest girls in the school, what with her flame red hair and large green eyes, the marauders and Lily used to be worst enemies, until they patch things up in 5th year. (A/N: Check story "End of year exams".)

"Why, hallo Lily, didn't know you were there!" Sirius said, a bright smile on his face, that warned if it got any bigger, it would fall of his face.

"No Sirius, the answer is still no, don't even try, don't even ask, unless you want me to kick your ass tomorrow in practice, and did I forget to mention in front of the exchange students?" Lily answered before he could even get an other word in.

"Why Lily, you now I would be honoured if you kick my ass, how's know?" he said laughing.

Just then, a loud explosion could be heard, from off in the distance. A few minutes later, five large birds were coming straight for the students, but as they got closer, it seemed to be four students of around the marauders age (six year, which is the age of the most characters in this story) and a large plumpy man on Hippogriffs.

"Welcome Robin, trust you had a nice journey!" said Dumbeldor, once the five figures had landed.

"Why of course, I do hope the beast wont be a problem." Added the plumpy man formally known as Robin. "These are the four boys I have informed you of." he shortly added.

"Hey, Sirius Black, this is James Potter, Remus Lupin and Lily Evans, were the Marauders, purveyors of magical mischief to this fine school, and of course part of the best bloody team Hogwarts every had, James here is Captain and one of the chasers along side of Lily here, Remus is the best keeper in history and I, am the best beater you'll ever meet, nice to meet you!" Sirius said walking in front of the crowd with Lily, James and Remus in tow.

"Charmed." said a charming blond boy, bending over to kiss Lily's hand.

"I'm afraid she's of limits, she's mine." said Sirius putting his arm around Lily, and kissing her passionately for two minutes.


The end of chapter one

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