The Exchange Students

a fic. By: Josie Evans and Shana Malfoy

Character: MWPP, co. and other

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Exchange students come to Hogwarts, how will Remus, James and Sirius cope with that? Read and find out. Written by me and my very good friend Shana Malfoy.

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Chapter 2: The pranking, get pranked

by: Shana Malfoy


The whole school was once again in the great hall, only this time it was for the sorting of the four exchange students. Every one was chattering, and he's cute, yes but look at him, could be heard from the clouds of girls trying to get as close to the sorting hat as possible.

"Now, Mr. Robin has informed me, you have a different sorting routine at your school, something to do with a jockey stick?!" said professor English, as the hall went quiet.

"Um, actually it's called a hockey stick, we use them for a popular muggle game." answered one of the exchange students

"Right, right, pardon me, as you know you will be sorted into houses, while you are here, you will have classes with the rest of your house, sleep in your house and eat with your house. The rules which, I hope you have studied, apply to you, until you leave. The houses are: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. When I call up your name, you will walk up to the stool, sit on it and put the hat on your head, it will then call out the appropriate house for you and you'll be seated with them." added Professor English as the hall slowly silenced once more.

Every head was turned in the direction of the hat, there was now complete silence, a giant man-eating tumbleweed flew across the room, eating an ogre looking Slytherin, crickets could be heard, and finally the hat twitched. The ripe near the brim opened as wide as Josie's mouth when she sleeps, and began to sing:

Where do you belong, the sorting hat will see!

Are you a Gryffindor?

Where the bold and brave stay?

Or perhaps Ravenclaw?

Where lies intuition and intellegence!

Are you a Hufflepuff,

Where stay the strong hearted?

Or the power hungry Slytherin?

Were power means, nothing is above all!

Oh you may be meak and slim,

or large and dim!

Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin,

all had something in common,

they founded this school,

To teach and learn,

until differences, set them apart!

They created me,

to search and see,

inside your brain that is to be!

Where you belong,

I will see!

Sit on the stool and I will choose.

The whole hall burst into applause, the exchange students looked at each other in confusion, and applauded politely.

"Seems the dumb hat, is running out of ideas, is it just me or is he getting worst every year? That sounded like Dumbledore, might have written it." said Sirius to Remus, who looked in Dumbledore's way, and noticed he seemed to be practically beaming.

"Joshua Lighthart" said Professor English, once the clapping had ceased.

One of the exchange students with brown hair, walked up to the hat, he seamed a little nervous. Some of the girls were holding there breathes as he got up to it, most wishing he was in there house.

He put the hat on his head, as the teacher had instructed, and waited. "Hum..." the hat thought in his head, which practically made Josh, jump out of his skin. "You'll be in.... RAVENCLAW!" yelled out the hat. The girls of the Ravenclaw table, were cheering loudly and jumping up and down, the boys groaned, a few politely clapped, as the brown haired boy, now known as Joshua Lighthart, joined the table.

"Shay McGuire" yelled professor English over the noise. The blonde haired boy, who had kissed Lily's hand, walked up to the hat and did as Josh had done, moments before.

"Hum...a tricky one..." now Shay knew why, Josh had jumped, and seemed a little terrified once he took the hat off. "I say, the best place would be...GRYFFINDOR!" yelled the hat as the Gryffindor table got up and cheered, all but Sirius, James and Remus, who thought, Shay was getting a little to comfortable with Lily.

He walked over to the Gryffindor table, he then spotted Lily and headed in her direction. "Lily, right?!" he asked taking a seat next to her. She nodded, her cheeks turning into a pale pink. "And I believe you mentioned your name was, Sirius" he said pointing to Remus. "James" he said pointing at well James, "and Remis?!" he said pointed at Sirius.

"Actually it's RE-MUS, and that's Sirius." answered Remus, slowly saying his name, and pointing at Sirius.

"Right, sorry." he said looking at Lily, a big smile on his face. At that moment, Sirius and James both tried jumping on him, from across the table, but thankfully Remus held them back.

"Hey, don't get your knickers in a twist guys, hold on, do this later alright?!" he said. James and Sirius just grunted, and looked in the direction of the red haired boy, who had just been sorted into Gryffindor, and was walking towards them. He then sat down next to Shay. "Lee, you made it man!" said Shay giving him a weirdly complicated high five. "Sirius, RE-MUS, James and Lily," he said pointing at everyone of the marauders and Lily, slowly saying Remus's name, so his friend didn't do the same mistake as he had earlier. "This is Lee Janson."

"Nice to meet you guys, and Lily." he said bowing his head, a smile on his face, but no more than that. Shay turned once more towards Lily, and put his hand over her's which was on the table. He was about to say something, when a weirdly

coloured bleu ball, blew up in his face. (Don't forget his mouth was open)

"Urk," he managed to say, while coughing like a madman laughs after saying his ridiculous plan, to his enemy. 'Buahahahahaha *cough* *cough*'...

Lee was practically on the floor laughing, at the face Shay had made, but somehow managed to ask, what the smell was, while pulling away from Shay.

"Stay away from Lily! Got it you dolt, pathetic excuse for a human, wet sot of a bloke!" yelled Sirius, definitely looking pissed.

"Hope you like the smell, it'll stick on ya for weeks." James added.

"Keith Bandit" yelled Professor English, as the crowed slowly silenced once more.

Keith went up to the hat, and almost immediately it yelled. "GRYFFINDOR!"

Remus sighed, knowing he would sit the other side of Lily, and most likely flirt with her. Keith Bandit was the most attractive out of the three other exchange students, and most girls were swooning when he past by, one girl fainted, and he caught her minutes before she feel to the floor. He's not as hot as Sirius and James, a couple of girls said.

Keith went and sat next to the marauders, on the other side of the table to which Lily was seated. "Hey, Remus right?! Didn't Sirius mention a while ago, that you play keeper, on your Quidditch team?"

"Um, ya" answered Remus hardly believing that, this guy, wasn't jumping on Lily.

'I was keeper back at Misty Mountain, oh sorry I haven't really introduced myself. Keith Bandit, as you may have heard the teacher say." he said, as he held out his hand.

Remus shook it, only to get Zapped, making his hair, stand on end and turn into a ridiculous shade of pink. "Opps! sorry, forgot to take my buzzer off." he said trying not to laugh, as the rest of the hall broke into laughter.

"Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but you're abusing the privilege." he said, sighing and putting his face in his hands as the laughter continued.

The End of Chapter Two

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