Memories of Those Who Mattered

By Mackenzie W

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter obviously. I do own Harmony Anderson/Lupin and Kristin (Kiki) Wright.

A/N: This will be a series of stories, but they won't be in chronological order. Reason given below! And this is slightly AU because I kept Sirius alive, but he's way too important to my story to kill him off. And some references are made to may bigger work, where we will fully meet Harmony and Kiki. Thanks! ~*Mac*~

            Harry Potter sat, staring at the nighttime sky. It was the summer before his seventh year at Hogwarts and he was stuck in 4 Pivet Drive once again. But he had been rescued from the monotony of life with the Dursleys before; he had spent part of the past two summers at his godfather's house.

            Last summer was more interesting as two new people had joined the group that met at 12 Grimmald Place. Well, rejoined. Harry remembered the scene that had greeted him as he stepped into the house with Remus Lupin, an old teacher of his as well as his father's best friends.

            Sirius Black was tied to a chair, ponytail holders wrapped around his long black hair. Some were braided, some weren't, but it was quite a sight to see. And standing behind Sirius were two women Harry had never seen before. They were about the same height and age. One had blonde hair that feel pin straight to her shoulder; her green eyes sparkled with laughter. The other had midnight black hair that fell in waves past her shoulders and had streaks of blue and purple running through it. Her golden eyes had caught Harry's attention.

            "Harry," Lupin had said. "This is Harmony Anderson." He pointed to the blonde woman. "And this is Kristin Wright. Also known as Kiki." Now, he had motioned to the brunette. "They were your mother's best friends at Hogwarts."

            Harry was surprised to see his mother's friends. Everyone talked about his father's friends, but his mother never seemed to have reappearing friends. Not until Harmony and Kiki. Harry soon learned that Harmony and Remus were dating again, after a break of fifteen years. Since Harry's parents had died.

            Harmony had then became his new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, rivaling Lupin's classes his third year. The two were now married, Harry had attended their June nuptials before they sent him back to his aunt and uncle. Rumors between Harry and his two best friends Hermoine Granger and Ron Weasley suggested that Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of their school, was going to also hire Lupin to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts with his wife.

            Harry blinked as he thought he saw an owl flying towards his window. He opened it, and allowed the bird to swoop down on his desk. It was Kiki's beautiful snow owl, Polar. He untied the package from the bird and then allowed Polar into Hedwig's, his snow owl, cage. The bird hooted in thanks and began to drink the water.

            Harry opened up the letter, written to him by Sirius:

Dear Harry,

Happy early birthday! I finished your present early, so I figured I'd send it to you. Hope you enjoy it.

We're all doing fine here. Remus and Harmony are acting like a married couple should, driving me and Kiki insane. That's okay. You know how long it took to get them to that altar.

In other news, we're still waiting for the Ministry to catch Peter, so I'm still a prisoner in my own house. But I guess that's better than being a prisoner in Azkaban.

I hope you enjoy the present. We all worked hard on this book.


            Harry pulled off the paper to find a book. He opened the book to find another note from Sirius: In hopes of passing on memories that should live on, we, the surviving members of the Marauders and honorary Marauders, pass on the memory of our dear friends Lily and James Potter to their son.

Hope you learn something Harry. Sirius, Remus, Harmony, and Kiki

PS: They aren't in chronological order since Sirius won't let anyone else near the book! –Kiki

            Harry opened the book to find the pages blank. Was this a mistake? But then the book began to glow and Harry realized that the group had charmed the book. He wasn't going to read about his parents; he was going to see his parents! He excitedly waited for which secret the book would first show…