Title: End of year Exams

Characters: MWPP and co.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Some weird things are happening at Hogwarts, during the end of year exams.

Disclaimer: I own, Griffin and Adrian. Don't forget the ideas.

End of year Exams A fic by: Josie G. Evans

Chapter 2:

Now we should speed things up a little. This was then informed to me after it happened.

Same day at 11:30 pm:

"How did this happen? Griff? Griff? Answer me man!" he said puffing they had just ran up 5 sets of stairs. "Adrie, we can't go on like this, we've been doing this for over 2 years now, we were 14 back then, we didn't know what we were doing! I say we quite school and run for our lives in Egypt or someplace they wouldn't think of us being there, besides we've kept such a low profile, the teachers wouldn't know we left."he answered, "I guess your right, but what about Lily?" he asked fear showing in his eyes, but his face was expretional, "you didn't tell her the whole truth did you?"

"Of course not, how daft do you take me to be!" his eyes turning to a red, "cool it mate, I was just asking, I know your smarter than that. So what do you say? Do we run for it?"

"That would be the cowards way out," he said taking a deep breath. "But we have no other choice. Listen someone's coming." the both ran behind a statue of a one eyed witch and seemed to have entered her hump. A young man turned the corner, he was tall, with black hair and purplish eyes, his accent was like nothing I ever heard of before. "Don't worry you can run but you can't hide, I got you know, and it wont be long." he said this while looking at the statue the two boys had went trough. And then suddenly vanished.

"Ah bloody hell, I hate him, I truly do! One of these days he wont know what's coming for him, because not long after he'll be in chains slowly and painfully dying for what he did!"

"Carful Adrian, carful of what you say, I know you hate him, so do I, but we have to take it one step at a time, besides it might come back to rear it's ugly head. Common let's go for a butterbeer.

Exam day #1:

"Ah, good morning Cora!" Lily said while going down into the common room, Cora was her best friend. I of course was sitting seats away studying for our big Charms exam that morning. "Your cheerful, and would you look at that it's only seven."

"What can I say, I love a good challenging, for once Charms exam, which I might add is worth 70% of the grade."

"Shut up!" wow, I wonder who said that, oh it's REMUS, ohhh I get it pressure. "What was that Mr. Lupin?"she answered to Remus's sudden outburst. "You heard me I said, shut up, I'm glade your ready for this exam, but no need to put pressure on those who aren't, and stop calling me Mr. Lupin, I'm not a teacher for bloody hell and what's wrong with me your probably asking your self, well I was tied to my bed, from six last night to 6:45 this morning, cuz the guy's thought it would be funny to make me fail, and something about knowing all of it any ways. Huh, Merlin's beard, even Liane Pentadragon is ready!" she was known for not studying, ever, and yet had decent grades, she would never open a book or listen in class. "Well then what are you waiting for? A dungbom to hit you in the face, get your arse in gear." at that moment a dungbom exploded in his face and technacly so did his head. I swear I can still smell that peticular dungbom, and trust me I've smelled many.

"Mr. Loony, Loopy, Lupin

he sits all day in a bin

he reads his books

so don't be a nook

you'd better be casonva

cuz he's gonna blowa!"

After Sirius's very badly riming 'poem' Remus unexpectedly lunged at him. By then the whole Griffindor tower was awake thanks to Remus's, well, outburst and were there for the show. "You sodding, wet daft, bloke of a git." he said punching him in the stomach, surprisingly enough he was really strong, and this seemed to be the only time anyone had ever seen them fight or seen Remus fight. "Oh blimey, your just some bright spark aren't you?!" Sirius said once 5 members of the quidditch team were holding him back. "Easy there Rem, we need you for the championships two week from now, what good is a bleeding and broken keeper to me." ah yes, Erin Blackeney, the Griffindor captain and a bloody good seeker.

Once Remus had calmed down and promised not to attack Sirius, he left the portrait hole with his books, only to be seen during the charms exam, were he passed with flying colours, literally.

"Ah sure am glade that one's over. 1 down 3 to go. Hey Siri, how's your stomach?" good ol' James. "It's holdin', crazy maniac he can be, wouldn't want to see him against greasy ol' Snape, during a duel, we'd be sending him home, grease and all in a match box, wait a match box wouldn't hold all the grease, that slim ball contains."they both laughed all the way to the lake.

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