Chapter 1

This is a Hiei/Keiko fic. I don't know why I like this couple! Oh well.

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"I can't keep this up!" Keiko shouted holding her arms up in fighting position.

"Keep trying!" Hiei shouted.

"Mama…papa what's going on?" Kira, their daughter asked.

"Kira I told you to stay with Botan!" Keiko shouted out angrily, fighting a demon off.

"But mama…" Kira whispered.

Kira was bewildered one minute she was playing with her mama the next these demons come and start destroying everything.

"Listen to your mother…" Hiei stated sternly.

"But…Botan's gone" Kira cried…tears filling her ruby red eyes.

"NO…no…" Keiko cried.

"Keiko…watch it… Keiko!" Hiei called out.

Keiko froze as a sharp blade rammed through her chest, her eyes went wide as pain shot through her body. "N-no" Keiko whispered falling to the ground.

The demon behind smirked seeing that the only hope the earth had was dead. He turned to Hiei, whose eyes were filled with anger.

"You cannot defeat me Hiei why do you try…don't bother…Yusuke could not beat me…" The demon muttered softly.

Hiei looked down at his beloved and then at his daughter, he quickly picked Kira up and ran off.

"As I thought" The demon laughed, spitting at Keiko's dying body.

*** ***

Hiei found a safe place in the woods, setting his daughter down on the ground.

"Papa where's mama, is she dead…what do we do now…papa!" Kira cried, pounding her small fists on the ground.

"Kira calm down!" Hiei snapped.

The young girl looked at her father frightened, she had never seen him so angry before.

"Your mother was a time sorceress…so that means…Kira!" He shouted grabbing her daughter by the shoulders.

"What papa?" She asked, her brown hair covering half her face.

"You should have inherited some of your mother's powers…go back in time andtell your mother…tell your mother…that someone is to kidnap her…he will give her one chance to call for help…tell her to call me…tell her to call me for help, only me…"

"What is that to do papa?" She asked.

"Just listen…don't tell your mother you're her daughter…don't back down…she needs my help in the past in order to save the future!" He called.

"And you father…?" She asked rubbing her puffy red eyes.

"I will stay and keep him busy…"

"But papa…he's to strong you cannot beat him…"

"Shut that mouth of yours, and go…go!" He yelled, as she jumped back.

"Of course father" She whispered…concentrating hard on her power.

She scrunched up her nose in concentration, as her cheeks turned a light pink, she then disappeared.

"Please daughter…good luck…" Hiei stated heading towards the wicked demon again.

***Into the Past***

"Stupid Yusuke Urameshi he ran off again, right in the middle of a date!" Keiko shouted, walking through the park.

"Why do I put up with him!" She sighed sitting on the bench next to the lake.

The wind blew softly as blossoms soared from the tree around her.

Kira silently fell to the ground in a secluded area in the forest. She looked around and spotted kids playing in the distance.

"A park…mama…" She called running towards the rowdy children.

She looked around searching for any signs of her mother.

"She is supposed to be here…!" She shouted frustrated.

Keiko heard a shout behind her, as she turned she notice a small girl by the age of ten, brown silky hair flowing to her waist, a black cloak worn nicely on her body.

"Um excuse me little girl are you lost…?" Keiko asked.

Kira turned around and locked eyes with her mother. "Mama…?" She whispered softly walking slowly to her.

"Excuse me?" Keiko called.

"Um…I mean Keiko…Keiko Yukimora…?"

"Um yes that would be me…do I know you?"

"No…no…you are to be kidnapped…" Kira blurted out.

"What…what are you talking about…do you have a fever, are you okay?"

"When you are kidnapped call Hiei for help…trust me call Hiei for help!" Kira shouted, tears filling her eyes.

"Hiei…you mean Yusuke's little friend that is always so rude to me!?" Keiko asked surprised.

"Um..I...guess..."Kira mumbled.

"You must be sick, come on let's go find your mother…" Keiko said getting her hand.

"NO!" Kira shouted pulling away from Keiko.

"I am not lying you have to listen, you have to!" Kira shouted tears brimming her eyes.

"What…what are you talking about…" Keiko asked.

"This…" A voice whispered behind Keiko.

Keiko quickly turned meeting two yellow slits.


The demon quickly grabbed her by the waist and took her away flying in the distance.

"Mama!" Kira shouted out, running towards where the demon took off.

"This kid is for real, she's not kidding…HELP…HIEI!" Keiko shouted out the end, trying to wiggle free.

"Oh calling for help…hmmm…to make things interesting I'll let you call out one person…now call, I'll make sure that they'll get the call…" The demon laughed.

"The little girl was right about this…HIEI HELP PLEASE…I NEED YOUR HELP!" She called out.

*** ***

"What was that?" Hiei called waking from his slumber.

He looked around searching for the voice he just heard. "Funny that sounded like…Yusuke's wench…"

"Help…HIEI!" Keiko cried again.

"Damn I'm not hearing things, but why the hell is she calling me for help…hn…why should I go…" He whispered sitting down on the tree he was currently sleeping in.

'But if she gets hurt and Yusuke finds out that you knew she was in trouble…your in deep shit!' A tiny voice in the back of his head nagged.

"I can handle him…"

'And you'll be in big trouble…with Koenma…' The voice taunted.

"Hell with the world!" Hiei stated heading towards where he heard Keiko's voice.

*** ***

"Funny it doesn't seem that your prince charming will be showing up…" The demon laughed, dropping Keiko hard on the concrete ground, of his fortress.

"Damn you…why the hell did you take me away…"

"Well it is said you are to destroy my future plans…time sorceress…" The demon hissed loudly.

"What are you talking about I'm a girl that was trying to have a good day, then this small girl comes out that can somehow tell the future, and then you stupidly come and take me away!" Keiko screamed.

The demons slapped her across the face throwing her to the wall.

"Shut up you damn wench, no one asked how you felt!" He roared showing his pointy fangs.

Keiko only stared frightened, hoping that her so called savior will come soon.

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