Summary:  Nerdanel speaks on the departure of Fëanor from Valinor, pleading with her husband to leave one of their seven sons behind with her.


"Husband, leave me one- just one.  You may have your six sons; only let the youngest remain.  I shall not hinder you, though you steal our children from my arms, if you but leave me this one, the one for whom I most fear.

"Remember the day of his birth:  how easily the first came, loudly, brazen as the others.  But the second, the last- the struggle for his life was long and painful.  When at last he came, he was pale and still, silent as death itself.  We feared that he should not live out the day. 

"Yet he lived, and shall live still, as long as he remains here among the Blessed.  Leave me this one, that he need not be Fated; that he shall indeed be of our sons most Exalted.  For I see naught for him but a swift death if he follow you.  The last of my sons shall be first to leave me truly, and first for whom I must mourn.

"Husband, I beg of thee- leave me this child."