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A young girl with dark blue hair and even darker eyes watched silently from behind a shelf in the grocery store the scene before her. Five teenagers, each with his or her own shopping cart, were collecting boxes and cans from the selves and throwing them into his or her cart. All of the five were dressed in normal teens' clothes, but the hidden girl knew who they really were. The girl's eyes were filled with hatred and evilness (A/N: is that a word?), but as her eyes rested on one of the five they softened, and the lines of malice receded from her mouth and eyes. "I will have him," she whispered only loud enough for her ears alone to hear. She then silently and swiftly pulled the hood of her navy cloak over her head so her face was covered in darkness. She then turned and left the grocery store through the back entrance, moving through the shadows.

"This is mine!"

"Nuh huh! I saw it first!"

"I've been waiting for weeks for this to be in stock, it's mine tubby!!" Cyborg and Beast Boy both had a strong grip on the last box of Syrupy Sugar Cinnamon Coco Chunky Cubes, and neither of them wanted to let go.

"Don't you EVER call me tubby!!" Cyborg raised the box (as well as Beast Boy) into the air and gave them both a shake, but Beast Boy managed to keep his hold on the box.

"This is the last box and it's MINE!" Beast Boy yelled as he changed the lower half of his body into an elephant. He fell down and hit the ground with a clunk. He quickly changed back before anyone noticed the green, half-elephant boy in the store. Both of them still held the box.

"Give it up, BB, this box is mine."

"NEVER!!!!!" Neither of the boys noticed Raven walking quietly towards them so obviously they were both surprised when she suddenly snatched the box away from their gaping hands.

"Just what I wanted," Raven said looking at the box, "Syrupy Sugar Cinnamon Coco Chunky Cubes." Cyborg and Beast Boy stared at Raven in disbelief. Cyborg recovered from the shock first.

"But you don't even like that kind of food, Rae!!"

"Yah," Beast Boy added, "why would you want my box of Syrupy Sugar Cinnamon Coco Chunky Cubes?"

"YOUR BOX? I think you mean MY box, BB."

"No, tubby, I think I mean MY box." Beast Boy barely missed Cyborg's fist as it came plummeting towards his head.

"I like them now," she said looking at the boys expressionlessly. "So now they are mine, and you can both stop fighting over them."

"No Rae those are mine!"

"No mine!"

"No," Raven said casually while she began to form a ball of black magic in her hand that was not holding the cereal box, "This is mine now. Do either of you have a problem with that?" Cyborg backed up and nearly tripped over the cowering Beast Boy who was staring with fear in his eyes at Raven's hand.

"Nope, I'm fine with that."

"Yah, it's all yours Rae."

A nearly invisible smile played across Raven's lips for a moment as she walked back to her cart with the box of Syrupy Sugar Cinnamon Coco Chunky Cubes.

"Is this the edible substance that I was consuming this morning, Robin?"

"No, Star, this is a bag of marshmallows. You were eating cotton balls."

"Oh." Starfire began to put the bag back on the shelf, but Robin reached out his hand and gently took hold of the bag.

"Actually, Star, marshmallows taste much better than cotton balls."

"Really?" Starfire's face lit up. "Thank you for the help, Robin!" Robin handed the bag back to Starfire. She then put the bag of marshmallows into her shopping cart. Robin briefly glanced into her cart and saw an interesting assortment of items: a stick of butter, mint frosting (A/N: I couldn't resist ), sour cream, mustard, a 10 pound bag of pistachio peanuts, a box of tissues, a can of tuna, etc...

If only I had the idea to help her sooner, Robin thought to himself.

"I'll help you get the rest of your food with you, Star. I've already gotten everything I need," Robin said as he smiled at her.

"That would be extremely nice of you, Robin."

Starfire smiled at Robin and he smiled back at her. She blushed and turned away. To hide her emotions she reached up to grab a bag of flour off of a shelf. Robin reached up to help (it was a big bag). Their hands touched as they both tried to lift the bag off of the shelf. This time it was Robin's turn to blush and look away.

They all rolled their carts into the check out line. Beast Boy and Cyborg's were piled high with food products. Robin turned to Beast Boy.

"Beast Boy, will you go pick up a movie for tonight? Give me your money and I'll buy your food for you." He offered.

"Sure thing, Robin." Beast Boy shoved his hands into the pockets of the baggy pants he was wearing. After hopping from one foot to the other, moving his hands into every corner of each of his pockets, he turned to Robin with a big phony smile on his face,

"Uh... Can I give you an IOU?"

Robin rolled his eyes and looked at his watch. "Fine, but you owe me."

"Thanks, Robin, you rock!"

All of the Titans with the exception of Starfire were sitting in front of the TV. The boys were playing a video game while Raven sat in her usual place reading a book entitled Tales of the Dark Warrior.

"Oh Yah!" Cyborg yelled as he caused Beat Boy to lose his last life.

"Oh Man!!" Beast Boy groaned as he threw his controller onto the floor.

"Now it's just you and me, Robin!"

"You're going down, Big Man!"

Robin and Cyborg furiously pressed the buttons on their controllers as they fought each other in the electronic game system.

"BOOYAH!" Cyborg yelled as Robin was defeated. He looked at Beast Boy who made a face before handing Cyborg an IOU.

"I Told yah I'd win, BB." Cyborg said to Beast Boy as he put the IOU in his pocket (A/N: Don't ask me where his pocket is because I really don't know).

A sound like an earthquake came from Beast Boy's stomach. "Wow, I think it may be time for dinner," Beat Boy said as he rubbed his growling stomach.

"Hmm whose turn is it this week..." Cyborg glanced at the calendar on the wall. "Ah, Robin!

Robin groaned. "This whole "cooking" thing is a dumb idea, Cyborg."

"Hey, it's only once a week, and not even every week! Only every fifth week. Wait, make that every fourth week..." Cyborg glanced around to make sure Starfire wasn't in the room. "I don't think we should let Starfire cook again."

"Yah, she made me sick for the whole week!" Beast Boy moaned holding his stomach in his hands, "that stuff she made, I don't even know what it was (!), was the worst thing I ever tasted!"

"You actually ate it?!" Cyborg asked Beast Boy with a look of amazement on his face, "I just shoveled it into my napkin and then "excused" myself to the bathroom."

"You mean I didn't really have to eat it!!? Oh, man!"

"So," Raven said, closing her book and standing up from the couch, "what are you going to make for dinner?"

"Nothing." Robin answered sitting with his arms crossed on his chest.

"Oh come on!" Cyborg said exasperatedly (A/N: Great word, right?!), "If I had to make fettuccine Alfredo last week, you are definitely making something!"

Starfire walked into the room running her fingers through her shiny hair. Robin looked at Starfire almost as if he was in a daze, not able to take his eyes off of her.

"Are we going to participate in the Earth's festival of food, soon? I am extra-ordinarily hungry."

"All right..." Robin mumbled, quickly shifting his gaze to the floor. He slid off the couch and walked towards the kitchen, trying to think of something to make.

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